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One of the "brokers/consultants" is already afraid about his business
by Rudolf Faix Sunday, February 1, 2015 1:59 AM

A few days ago, I got at LinkedIn a comment from Richard T. at my post about making fair business between campaign brokers and call centers. Richard T. seems to be such a broker or consultant, which feels himself attacked by my posts. He seems to be afraid about losing his golden business. He calls himself to be a "Senior Accounts Executive at BlueStar Marketing".

He has written: "Fair Business" LOL,what planet are you from? Your evaluation of risk is shallowly determined.It only takes into consideration finance.The biggest risk I take in my dealings goes far beyond immediate financial risk.When brokering a deal I am risking reputation as well.My reputation is priceless.Whats fair is what ever you contractually agreed to.The word FAIR is very subjective Sir.When we negotiate a contract we are evaluating risk to reward and trying to find a settlement that works for both parties.Some times it just doesnt work.Trying to create a universal agreement based from your bias perspective is very cute but very naive in the real world.For what its worth,I do find your posts entertaining.I also think your proposal can be fair but you must remember that fair is subjective and unfortunately an oxymoron when placed besides business......."

It seems that he has a reason to hide himself in the anonymity of the internet. His domain is hidden by a proxy service and his toll free phone number 1-855-328-2317, written at the homepage cannot get found by a reverse lookup. says about the We don't have enough data to rank this website. gives a value of $102 for the domain
google gives for a pagerank: 0/10
Google lists only 12 links to the site All of this links are only about valuing the site ranking in a different way. There is not one relevant link, which can be used for a reputation.

I did not find one positive or negative comment about Richard T. and his website Only his comment at my post here at LinkedIn destroys his own reputation and makes him untrustworthy.

The only question is now: About which reputation is he writing in his post? I did not find any reputation about him. The one recommendation, which is listed in his profile, can be coming from a good friend too.

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Are not all scammer from "....." and "........"?
by Rudolf Faix Sunday, February 1, 2015 1:24 AM

Recently I got a message, where I got asked: "Are not all scammer from ..... and ........?"

My answer has been very simple: You’ll find in each country good and bad people. Each country has jails with prisoners in it. The only difference is that countries with bad economics have a higher criminal rate. Depending on the size, the population and the economic situation of the country, you’ll find more or less scammers in it. In every life, whether animal or human, the survival instinct is the strongest one. Only some are thinking that they have found an easy way to get what they need by being lazy. You find this kind in the world of humans and animals.

For this reason don’t bash against a country. Be respectful to each other and don’t let some religious differences stand between you. There are some many different rules for showing respect as countries or areas are at the world, that nobody can know them all. For an example are even the greeting procedures different. In Europe is it usable shaking hands. At the Philippines the younger one takes the hand of the older one and leads his hand to his own forehead. Such a behavior is in Thailand impossible, there each one put his palms with their fingers at chest level close to their body and bows slightly. As higher the hands are placed as higher as more respect is shown. To touch the head of another one is in Thailand the worst case. For the Thais is the head considered sacred and must be respected.

How to identify scammer by using free tools


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Fraud and Scam

“Don’t try to make business with spammers, you’ll get scammed“ is the golden rule at the Internet
by Rudolf Faix Saturday, January 31, 2015 3:21 PM

All this “genuine campaigns”, where the offer gets repeated here everyday (spam) are nothing else then spam. I have made the experience that the offers are made only for collecting email addresses. Since I have started for asking for more information, the spam filter from google and my own mail servers have more than the double of work. For me it looks like that the email data are getting sold.

What have all this spams together? All of them are hiding their own identity on the internet. They are not using their own picture, their domain is newly registered (less than 2 years), they are using to hide their domain by using anonymization services and they are hiding their website location by proxy/frame services.

Only criminals need to hide themselves. Real companies are proud of their products and brand. They are not hiding themselves because their name is their reputation.

The members of the group “Customer Service Champions” have already kicked my posts about scamming. The champions are thinking that they know already everything and have called me to be a spammer.

A spammer promotes only his own services or services where he can earn. I’m only a user of the posted links and have not more than work for forwarding my knowledge. The services are running somewhere at the internet. I even don’t promote my own services while I’m fighting against scammers. Maybe the group “Customer Service Champions” is the group of the scammers and for this they have kicked the posts.

How to identify scammer by using free tools


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The “genuine campaigns” from the brokers
by Rudolf Faix Saturday, January 31, 2015 3:12 PM

Since I’m bashing against spammers and scammers, I get a lot of messages, which are sounding similar. Today morning I got this message from India:

I am in process of setting up call center and has been discussing various business opportunities with the brokers. Everyone asked for upfront consultancy fees and their responsibility ends with the SLA signed up with the business client. I found it too much risky and when I questioned this process and suggested alternate business modes like you mentioned monthly royalty fees or consultancy fees after one month billing cycle or even asked for bank guarantee but none of these brokers has shown interest and were not ready to proceed further.

At the end I am happy that i didn't proceed as one of known contacts has wasted their time and money both with the broker.”

Brokers, I’m not your enemy, but if you are continuing like you have done it until now, you are destroying your own business! You need to do something against the black sheep’s (spammer, scammer and other criminals) in your branch. Even your best and largest customer can run into bankruptcy. How you will survive if you are getting rejected from other centers, because you are scamming the same way like others?

Call centers, I cannot help you with campaigns, because I’m not a campaign broker. A few days ago one contact from Spain has asked me, if I know a Spanish speaking call center. I have forwarded the contact data of the only Spanish speaking call center, which I have known at this time, which is based in Guatemala for free.  I even don’t know if they are making or have made a contract. I can only recommend you to speak and help each other. Together you’ll be strong and this kind of brokers, which like to draw only money from you. It is better to earn nothing than to pay for nothing. As soon they are not able to sell campaigns on the way they have done it until now, the real brokers will accept your rules in making business.


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Call Center | Defense

Beginners guide for Call Center
by Rudolf Faix Saturday, January 31, 2015 3:07 PM

Brokers and people, who are calling themselves to be “Consultants”, try to sell something to you. For this they are promoting their campaigns.

I think everybody knows already what promotion is and that promotion tries to make something better than it is and hiding the vulnerabilities. Good marketers are even able to make from the vulnerabilities of the product to an advantage for their victims (buyer).

If you are a newcomer, then think about my words and read the offers from campaigns with the critical eye of a consumer and think about it, that you are reading only a promotion. With the help of telemarketing mostly low quality products are getting sold for an exorbitant price. Good and usable products are getting sold inside of shops.

  • Campaigns which are sounding too good to be true are SCAM.
    Don’t look only at the money, which is promised. Think about it, that you cannot get more commission than a percentage of the sales price.

  • As higher the proposed winnings per sale are, as harder will it be to sell the product. Nobody pays more than it is seems to be necessary for him.

  • A serious company will give you all the necessary information and arguments, for selling their products. Compare their products with similar products for getting more information what are you selling and about the competitors.

  • A serious company will provide you data for calling. They are able to make a better selection for their future customers then you. Data from other call centers are already many times used and for this it will be harder to sell something.

  • Make a test drive by speaking with some people of the target customer base, if such a product is interesting for them and how high they would rate the proposed product.

  • If you after all this unsure about the product, than offer only an hourly billing to the broker or consultant.

  • Ask if you get a phone number provided by your customer, which you can use as caller id.

  • Don’t register a phone number by yourself, because in this case you are getting the fraud complains and the fines from the telecom regulatory, for which is your customer responsible. You are working only for him. Fees from the local telecom regulatory can get executed internationally.

  • If you shall make anonymous calls, then you would very seldom reach somebody. Very much people are not answering anonymous calls by suppressing even from ringing of their phones.

Don’t forget that you are doing the work and you should get paid for it. Don’t pay anything that you can get a contract. Contracts, which should be international valid, need to get signed in front of a notary and need to get legalized by the government of the involved countries. This procedure is not really cheap, but it is necessary in the case of a fail and one party likes to bring the other one in front of the law court. International contracts, without a confirmation of a notary and without legalizing them, have no value. The legalization process only confirms that the document has been signed in front of a legal and public notary. The last instance for legalizing a document is the ministry for foreign affairs. Your rights cannot get executed in another country without all the confirmation of the ministry for foreign affairs all involved countries.


How to identify scammer by using free tools


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