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High Risk getting Scammed: KS Advisors - Jasper Blunt -
by Rudolf Faix Monday, June 22, 2015 4:36 AM

For the case that the client exists tries KS Advisors - Jasper Blunt to play to be the man in the middle. I think we all know what happens during the Children's Chinese whispers game. Maybe he has already proven with the client his intelligence and for this the client does not need him. Now he tries it to stay in business over the center. This egghead does not know the work of a center and he does not know the products from the client. For what will you need him - only for unqualified messages? If he would know how center work is done, then he would have his own center. If he would know how sales is done, then he would not make such failures like in his email, which are even not done by absolutely beginners.

His biggest mistake is that he is promising inbound campaigns if the center is working already a few months on their outbound campaigns. This is a promise, which he cannot keep. This promise should lead you to accept his conditions. If you think about it you'll get it clearly: You don't get any access to the customer database of the client because this data are protected by law in the traditional outsourcing countries and the fines are very high - US$ 16,000 per customer record. What can you do with an inbound caller in this case? For offshore and onshore outsourcing are only outbound campaigns possible. Everything else are only dreams.

I have used a simple Google search as in the email is not more then the name KS Advisors and no other provable address. I have only found a company KS Advisors Inc., which is involved in a $10 million Hedge Fund Fraud. I cannot say it, if it is the same company or not. 

Here is the email where Jasper Blunt from KS Advisors confirms that the client did not find him useless for more than only searching a call center:

From: jasper blunt <>
Date: Sun, Jun 21, 2015 at 7:06 PM
Subject: IVA Packout Leads Required

Hello and a very warm greeting from KS Advisors  


We provide your company with superlative Business Advisory /Marketing Consultancy for a permanent solution to a long term issue faced by call centers that have tired taking process from middleman and in turn run into non-profitable campaigns or SCAM like Tech Support and henceforth aren’t generating the required revenues.


Please find the attachment for the criteria


This is how we work:

1.       We work on long-term retainer ship contract basis working as Business Advisor/ Marketing Consultant

2.       We will provide direct business to your center (as many as they can handle in contract duration)

3.       We can only talk about Inbound with a center working successfully for 6 months with proven track record having minimum 15+ seats and after working with me for minimum 3 months

4.       The Advisor would also guide center in implementing and successfully running those campaigns

5.       Center need to follow the advice given by the Business Advisor for successful execution of process and keeping the clients contented. The center needs to cooperate with the Business Advisor for mutual benefits. Centers who only need process and don't wish to seek support need not to contact

6.       Contract between us could be signed online

Please contact after reviewing the above mentioned terms


Please note we don't deal with broker, only business owners or financial decision makers of direct center


Please don't request for process details till you join us online to talk & know each other in detail


For any further queries please feel free to contact the undersigned




Skype: KS.Advisors  


KS Advisors




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Scammer Exposed

Scammer: Prabhat Goel is copying campaigns from Deep Blue Marketing
by Rudolf Faix Tuesday, June 16, 2015 4:57 AM

Prabhat GoelDeep Blue Marketing is offering campaigns for call centers without any upfront fees. This tries to use the scammer Prabhat Goel for reselling the campaigns from Deep Blue Marketing by asking for Consultancy Fees: 1 lakh – (50 k advance & rest on signup with client) as written in his word attachment.

As Deep Blue Marketing has an exclusive contract with the client and Prabhat Goel does not have any contract with Deep Blue Marketing, you’ll never get something for your upfront fee! In such a case you’ll only finance a scammer.

The email sent out by Prabhat Goel:

From: Prabhat Goel <
Subject: US Process - for Outsourcing
Date: Monday, June 15, 2015, 3:29 AM

Dear Linkedin Members,

I have seen you comment on my US Inbound Campaign that was over a year back.

If you are looking for genuine and profitable avenues, try the ongoing Solar Energy Campaign with direct signup. I have attached the process outline & ROI Sheet, and the process also has an ongoing revenue apart from sales commission.

You can contact me on 9560194979 or mail your profile on

Best wishes
Prabhat Goel
Skype: talkeindia

His reply to Lars Christiansen about the complaint for this campaign:

From: Prabhat Goel []
Sent: Monday, June 15, 2015 7:59 PM
Cc: Rudolf Faix
Subject: Re: FW: US Process - for Outsourcing (Taken from Deep Blue Marketing)

Hi Lars

I have no contact with Deep Blue Marketing but the campaign is provided by a fellow consultant from Mumbai and this is the consultancy charged by him.


It does not matter if he is promoting the campaign for himself or someone else. Fact is that he is promoting the campaign and for this is he responsible. In this case is it like in the proverb: “The devil takes the hindmost”.

If he has really the campaign from another consultant, then he has failed by making a background check about the credibility about his “fellow consultant”. Such a fail make him not trustworthy, responsible for the promotion and to a partner in crime with his “fellow consultant”. In my opinion is nothing else than a protection assertion. In any case it could the funny situation that one scammer is scamming his fellows.


Prabhat-Goel-LinkedIn.pdf (2.36 mb)


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Scammer Exposed

Why all these campaign offers from the low wage countries are SCAM?
by Rudolf Faix Wednesday, June 3, 2015 9:13 AM

Scam SchoolA company, which likes to outsource a campaign, is searching for a consultancy or outsourcing agency locally. The reason for this is that they like to feel save and have the same law situation for a contract. A local company can get easily verified. The hired consultancy agency gets paid from the outsourcer directly. It is normal that this one, which hires someone, pays the bill for it. For this are all these campaign offers with upfronts, royalty or however the fee is getting called nothing else then scam, because it shows that the broker or consultant does not have any contract with the client.

If a outsourcer is searching on the Internet abroad, then this one will not search for a consultancy agency or broker. Such a company is searching directly for a center, which can do the work. The contract structure and the verification process will be much more costly in time and workforce then to hire a consultant, which is doing all the work for them.

Additional has each one to respect the law in the destination country of the call. Consumer and customer data are in the traditional outsourcing countries (Australia, Canada, Europe Union, Ireland, New Zealand, USA, etc.) protected by law and are not allowed that others get access to them. Even if customer data are getting stolen this one, which has stored them, has to pay a fine. A nice example for this is the case from AT&T where 280,000 customer records got stolen from their own call center staff. AT&T had to pay a fine of US$ 25,000,000 for this case.  Do you really think that one of such companies give you access to their customer database when they are expecting such fines?

This shows already the reason why all the offered inbound and form filling campaigns are nothing else then scam.  You need only to think about it who is calling or which kind of forms should get filled. The most calls a company receive are coming from customers of the company. What can you do with such an incoming call if you have no access to the customer database? You are only able to forward the call to somebody, which has access to it. In such a case this one can pick up the call by himself too. The company will not save anything by outsourcing such a process. So why they shall outsource this kind of process?

Think now about the form filling process. Such campaigns have been available before the digital revolution has started. I started programming computer systems around 38 years ago. Since 30 years are already personal computer available. 1986 got the SQL (Structured Query Language) the first standardization. Since around 20 years are SQL databases in common use for storing data. That means all the data, which should get filled in forms, are already since more than 20 years digital available and the programs are able to fill forms automatically. There is no need to enter some data manually – the digital Stone Age is already a long time over! Why should you pay someone for a copy and paste work if there are programs are available which are doing the work within seconds?

Do you really think that any author is writing by hand or on a type writer? The first program I remember having used for writing letters has been Wordstar. The version 1 got sold already in the year 1978. It has been running on the CP/M System from Digital Research already and got later on ported to the system of MSDOS. Since 1983 is Microsoft Word available. Why should an author use a type writer or write his books by hand in this case? It is much easier to type it on a computer and forward it by email to the publisher, the editor can make easily his changes and forward it directly to the pressroom. With the export function is it easily to bring the book without typing into the eBook format. There is no manual interaction necessary. The books are getting stored for a reissue. Even old book got already digitalized during the past 30 years. So there is no need for eBook typing. Think about it, why should you pay an upfront fee for such a work? The answer is very simple: The scammer cannot get paid from any client for the invented process and the upfront fee is his only possible income in this case!

The next big scam is the tech support where the center should buy calls and charge the caller for the provided service.  In this case the center takes the risk about the way the calls are getting generated. A legal way to generate such calls is with advertising not possible. With advertisings at the best visited sites you can get one or two calls per day, because everybody knows someone, which can help by computer problems. The most common problems are network and driver problems. With network problems you have no access to the remote computer and cannot give any help. Driver installation from remote is very difficult too because in the most times you need exactly the model of the hardware part. An end user will not be able to tell it to you. In such a case are only the calls remaining, which are generated by scareware. Such scareware is illegal and the center can up in jail for making money generated by scareware, viruses, ransomware, etc. As the center is making money with the incoming calls is it reasonable that the center is the programmer or the distributor of the criminal software. The seller of the calls will be already trackless disappeared in such a case and the center owner will be alone in front of the law court. The devil takes the hindmost.


Which campaigns are remaining for offshore call centers in such a case?

The situation is very simple.  Campaigns other than lead generations from already heavy used data, which are getting traded between the centers, are not really available.

All the offered products from the real campaigns are on a pay per sale base and are well known from the spam emails. To sell such products by already heavy used calling data is not really easy and profitable. It is only profitable for the outsourcer because he is even saving the cost for the staff and has no risk about his product which is unsaleable on a normal way. For the center is it like fishing in troubled waters by taking all the risk.


Scammer: Fast Services 1, Inc - George Raul Franco
by Rudolf Faix Tuesday, May 19, 2015 5:43 AM

George Raul FrancoGeorge Raul Franco from Fast Services 1, Inc does not know who is responsible for his fees. It seems that he thinks that he need only to invent a call center campaign, post it at LinkedIn and he can earn money. Maybe he has been sleeping the last few months and did not get it, how scam is running and the most centers are already aware of it.

I know that it is not easy to get a genuine client. But with offers, everything is free for the client that is not selling, that is only gift giving. It is very simple: This one, which has hired him has to pay him. The call center makes the work why should the center pay for the work? The scammer proves with this kind of offer, that he does not have any contract with the client. If he likes to earn from the call center too, then he has to sell a setup fee to the client. This setup fee is normally the double high of the payment he likes to get, because the tax office like to get his part too and wire transfers are not free of charge. I don't think, that he will be able to sell this to his client, because his selling performance seems to be zero, especially if we take a look at his offer at LinkedIn Pulse:



  1. Ability to assess customers’ support needs when they call us, then provide solutions or refer them to other team members.
  2. Ability to retain customers from cancelling subscriptions.



1. $8.50 PER HOUR






  1. Contact your consultant - +1(317)469-9342
  2. Center Needs to Send Company Profile and LOI -






As scammer are lazy is the description of the job very short in compare to the condition, It shows only that he has no idea about the job. He has only an idea what he likes to get.

A customer service job need to have access to customer data. The customer data are protected by law and the fines for breaking the law are high. Maybe he has been too lazy to read the article Data of 280,000 customers stolen: AT&T lost over $ 25 million before he has been inventing his campaign. For the case that he has not invented the campaign by himself, he cannot call himself to be a consultant in the outsourcing industry, because he knows nothing about this industry and his working value is zero. In such a case he needs to pay that he can learn the job. This is shown in his LinkedIn profile too. The only job, which he has done until now is:

The project manager of a call center (now increasingly called a contact center) is responsible for the daily running and management of a call center through the effective use of resources with responsibility for meeting, and possibly setting, customer service targets as well as planning areas of improvement or development. Call center project manager ensure that calls are answered by staff within agreed time scales and in an appropriate manner.

I wonder myself why he did not learn something by doing his job during the 2 years and 4 months? Maybe he has been the most of the time in prison?

He is even so stupid and thinks that a training for a campaign of a client has a value for a call center, for what he can take money. It has only a value for the client, because the center is selling the clients product and the provided information cannot be used for another client. If the client itself cannot provide a training for his products, then the client has to provide all product information or hire a trainer and pay for it. That is the problem of the client, because he likes to outsource and the client is saving money by outsourcing,

The same is valid for the "outsourcing fee". If the consultant likes to get such a fee, then he has to get it from the client. The client likes to outsource and saving money by outsourcing,

A "professional fee"? That is a fee which the call center has to get, because that are the professionals. The "consultant" has already shown in his offer that he is nothing else than a bloody amateur and he does not understand something about his business.


That he is to lazy to learn something by doing is shown by his comments:

We have our own company policy, let us respect that besides we are not forcing anyone if they don't want our policy. Respect. Thanks

As the only way of income are his charges, the scammer is not able to change his "policy".

Charging a fee is a scam? C'mon wake up!!! There is nothing free in this world. We are running a business and we are not the client, we are working for our clients, we pay taxes, we pay our staffs and we are not a charity foundation. Thinking like that won't get you anything. So tell me now, is it a scam? You should be thankful being we are transparent here unlike people out there hiding the truth and at the end will charge you then that is a scam. Wake up Miguel, and you're not my friend by the way.

With this statement he proves that he has no contract with any client. A broker or consultant gets paid from the client which hired him. In the hiring contract is written that the broker/consultant has to search for the best center and not for the center where he can earn extra. If a friendship is working only about the wallet will it be better to have an enemy than a friend.

Is that for me or to yourself? Shout it loud so you can hear yourself. As far as we are concern we are very transparent in all our business. People like you should stop pirating clients. Stop pirating and reselling programs.

Where is any transparency in the offer found? Even the kind of the product is hidden, Invented campaigns need not get pirated, 

Try something different? What? Your style? Copying or I should say PIRATING and STEALING information then resell it? NO NO, we rather keep it this way. TRANSPARENT. By the way, how's being on the top 20 fraudster in this site? Beware you are on our black list here and we will do everything to put you and like you behind bars. WATCH OUT.

As the scammer sees, that he has no chance to sell his invented campaign, he is getting angry. That is the normal behavior of a scammer and I experience it nearly every day especially if a scammer likes to explain me that I'm wrong.

At Omics Group he is acting as the "Expert" Alexandro Franco Miranda from the Catholic University of Brasilia (take a look under the caption "Expert Presentations" on the right site):

Screenshot At Omics Group he is acting as the "Expert" Alexandro Franco Miranda from the Catholic University of Brasilia

The real LinkedIn profile of Alexandre Franco Miranda is found here.

George Raul Franco _ LinkedIn.pdf (7.99 mb)

https_www.linkedin.com_pulse_we-need-team-5-our-customer-serv.pdf (291.65 kb)


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Scammer Exposed

Scammer: Abacus Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd -
by Rudolf Faix Wednesday, May 13, 2015 7:21 AM

Abacus Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd - is scamming with campaigns, which are impossible in respect of the the data protection law from Australia, European Union and USA. Complaints on other sites like Complaintboard and Call Center Forum getting found too. As they seem to have some dubious methods to handle complaints should nobody do some business with them.

Like each scammer they are hiding their faces in their LinkedIn profiles and even their domain registry data are invalid (street address). The domain is registered by an private person and not by a company, which makes them more suspect.

Let us analyze their fraud in detail:

Abacus Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Abacus Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

IT services, BPO, Website development, Out sourcing

Company size: 201-500 Staff
Founded: 2013


Scamdaviser gives the following warnings about

Alert Result: New Site Without Feedback
Alert Result: Technical contact email address is a free one
Alert Result: Registered contact email address is a free one
Alert Result: Administrative contact email address is a free one

Additional we find at scamadviser a hint from tpalani2000 about a scam comlaint, which should get found at (.pdf (849.90 kb)) The complaint at consumercomplaints is marked as solved. The complaint has been from shethsneha on Jun 23, 2014. The same complaint is posted in the (.pdf (2.40 mb)) too:

Abacus Technosolutions & Stallion Infotech are fraud companies.

They are into Voice and Non-voice KPO.They give Non-voice projects then they shift you to another project with some other client. Other client which is Stallion Infotech. Ms. Gladys from Pune and Mr. Ryan Woods from USA who are fraud too. For some days they give work, do payment properly then they insist you to buy 10 seats. When you buy 10 seats they start telling you there are errors in files but they don't inform which files have errors. And stop giving work and payment. PLEASE REMEMBER ABACUS from AHMEDABAD & STALLION INFOTECH FROM PUNE ARE FRAUD.

Below mentioned are the people with Contact details :
Mr. Jaimin Parmar - CEO - 09033755591
Ms. Dhwani shah - BDM - 07778068903 -
Ms. Gladys alfred - 08698449619 -
Mr. Ryan Woods (USA) -

A member gtech has written in the (.pdf (546.13 kb)):
Abacus Technosolutions & Stallion Infotech Are Fraud (dhwani Shah)
Abacus Technosolutions & Stallion Infotech are fraud companies
I agree with Sneha. In our experience Abacus Technosolutions & Stallion Infotech are fraud companies . They never send workload or QC reports regularly . Even they are not ready to own payment terms mentioned in MOU . We took 5 seats from them , completed 500+ pages . When we raised the invoice , they told the payment terms in MOU is wrong and they can pay only @ half of the agreed rate . When we didn't agree with these terms , they stopped sending workload. They are not ready to return the 50K security deposit as well. Gladys Alfred is totally unprofessional and never respond to queries (she says she is overloaded and so cannot reply to mails ) .
These companies are 101% fraud . So please be careful while dealing with them.
[Note: the content is already with praises for Abacus overwritten. This shows only the criminal methods from Abacus Techno Solutions. We have a copy of it in this posting. The link (.pdf (358.29 kb)) confirms the previous information]

Abacus technosolution
I agree with sneha and this fraud circle is running.
Glady Alfred work as client and Jaimin parmar as consultant while both together running a fraud circle.
They don't provide QC or errors and just say it is terminated due to errors.

Acting as client and consultant together they are running circle.

Mr. Jaimin Parmar - CEO - 09033755591
Ms. Dhwani shah - BDM - 07778068903 -
Ms. Gladys alfred - 08698449619 -
Mr. Ryan Woods (USA) -

Abacus Technosolutions & Stallion Infotech are fraud companies.
They are into Voice and Non-voice KPO.They give Non-voice projects then they shift you to another project with some other client. Other client which is Stallion Infotech. Ms. Gladys from Pune and Mr. Ryan Woods from USA who are fraud too. For some days they give work, do payment properly then they insist you to buy 10 seats. When you buy 10 seats they start telling you there are errors in files but they dont inform which files have errors. And stop giving work and payment. PLEASE REMEMBER ABACUS from AHMEDABAD & STALLION INFOTECH FROM PUNE ARE FRAUD.

Below mentioned are the people with Contact details :
Mr. Jaimin Parmar - CEO - 09033755591
Ms. Dhwani shah - BDM - 07778068903 -
Ms. Gladys alfred - 08698449619 -
Mr. Ryan Woods (USA) -

Sneha (.pdf (849.90 kb)) (.pdf (2.40 mb))


sarrah khan

Business Development Executive at Abacus Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Indien - IT und Services
Aktuell: Abacus Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd


079-60505555 7778068903

We know that scammer are lazy. For this their offers are containing only of the caption and the phone number. According the US data protection law is the project "US HEALTH CARD PROJECT" impossible, because the social security number is protected against misusage. The Australian, European Union and US data protection law makes the project "FINANCIAL FORM FILLING PROJECT" impossible, because the necessary data are not allowed to get exported to countries with a lower data protection standard then in the origin country.

Conclusion: Abacus Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd - is nothing else than a scammer!!

Screenshot from the offers found at LinkedIn from Abacus Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd.



zainab rupawala

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Indien - Outsourcing & Offshoring
Aktuell: Selbständig


We even see here that scammer are lazy. Zainab Rupawala lists even only the the general campaigns and hopes that he finds a center, which is crazy enough and tries to take such a campaign.

LinkedIn campaign offers Zainab Rupawala


Domain registry data from

Registry Domain ID: 1807624081_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Update Date: 2014-04-14T11:48:37Z
Creation Date: 2013-06-11T05:53:24Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2015-06-11T05:53:24Z
Registrar:, LLC
Registrar IANA ID: 146
Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.4806242505
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Domain Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Domain Status: clientRenewProhibited
Domain Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Name: jaimin parmar
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: c.g. road
Registrant City: ahmedabad
Registrant State/Province: Gujarat
Registrant Postal Code: 380015
Registrant Country: India
Registrant Phone: 9033755591
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email:
Registry Admin ID:
Admin Name: jaimin parmar
Admin Organization:
Admin Street: c.g. road
Admin City: ahmedabad
Admin State/Province: Gujarat
Admin Postal Code: 380015
Admin Country: India
Admin Phone: 9033755591
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax:
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email:
Registry Tech ID:
Tech Name: jaimin parmar
Tech Organization:
Tech Street: c.g. road
Tech City: ahmedabad
Tech State/Province: Gujarat
Tech Postal Code: 380015
Tech Country: India
Tech Phone: 9033755591
Tech Phone Ext:
Tech Fax:
Tech Fax Ext:
Tech Email:
Name Server: NS1.WEBNX.IN
Name Server: NS2.WEBNX.IN
DNSSEC: unsigned
URL of the ICANN WHOIS Data Problem Reporting System:
Last update of WHOIS database: 2015-5-13T0:00:00Z

Updates from the social network on May 13, 2015: (.pdf (913.97 kb)):

Chaitanya Bhise Rudolf Faix: Rudi Abacus Technology is the same fraud company Smart Technologies, with a different. The people are the same and just keep on changing the name of the Company. located in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. (.pdf (1.03 mb)):

Alagiri srinivasan Yes its true i have an experience with them in one non voice project. Before payment they said 75% quality needed but after once i make payment they send me different SLA. So Pls dont take any process from them and another once scammer Gleam technologies also they will give work send agreement after two months u wont get proper response nothing totally waste dont go to them


Abacus Techno Solutions ...d_ Übersicht _ LinkedIn.pdf (1.00 mb)

Abacus Technosolutions &...Are Fraud (dhwani Shah).pdf (788.84 kb)

Abacus Technosolutions &...ion Infotech Complaints.pdf (499.85 kb)

http_www.callcentersforum.com_showthread.php_tid=22987&highli.pdf (546.13 kb)

MCA21  _ Company Master Details.pdf (319.21 kb)

sarrah khan _ LinkedIn.pdf (5.76 mb)

www_facebook_com_groups_CallCenterProcess_permalink_809770195783139.pdf (913.97 kb)

www_linkedin_com_nhome_updates_activity_6004095633445642240.pdf (1.03 mb)

zainab rupawala _ LinkedIn.pdf (8.16 mb)

Update Jan. 18, 2017:
Link to the Facebook profile Chaitanya Bhise ( removed as it returns error 404 - not found.


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