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Don’t make business with Rohit Khatri and Navdeep Bhagia - both are liars
by Rudolf Faix Sunday, April 5, 2015 6:12 AM

Someone, who is posting fake messages about others and wrong proves for destroying the reputation of others, is a criminal and not trustworthy for making any business. It seems it is a fight between scammers. For this all involved parties are very suspect. I'll suggest to Ashish Chettri to start legal actions against Rohit Khatri and Navdeep Bhagia. Character assassination is a crime. Maybe the prosecutor has the opinion that there is an organized crime, as several people were involved.

It got proven that the posting of Rohit Khatri has been a big lie, because he needed to remove it yesterday. Nobody removes a posting if the content is without any harm for him or the content has expired.

Rohit Khatri posted yesterday in Facebook in the group Inbound Tech Support at Cheap Price (the posting is already removed):

Rohit Khatri

Rohit Khatri - Inbound Tech Support Calls at Cheap Price
Guys once again i have blasted the scammer plan. This guy named Ashish Chettri basically from Rana Ghat West Bengal involved in many online scam like western union blocking and pop up calls. He never route any call to anyone neither transfer any cash after blocking the payment. See his bad luck ye mere hatthe chad gaya. "WARNING FOR ALL SCAMMERS I AM AFTER YOU" Seriously yahi haal karunga sabka jo scam karega. If this guy has scamm anyone do let me know this guy is in custody till monday then he will appear at court.




Navdeep Bhagla



Navdeep Bhagia added the video from YouTube, published August 13, 2014, for proving their allegations:




@Ashish Chettri: I'm sorry, that I believed to the posting from yesterday and that I shared the the posting of this big liars. What seems too good to be true is mostly not true.

Facebook Navdeep Bhagla.pdf (960.81 kb)

Facebook Rohit Khatri.pdf (1.39 mb)

Update Jan. 18, 2017:
Link to the Facebook profiles of Rohit Khatri ( and Navdeep Bhagia ( removed as they are returning error 404 - not found.


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Scammer Exposed

Christine Wisner tries to save what can still be saved
by Rudolf Faix Saturday, March 21, 2015 1:30 AM

For the case you have not read the start of the scam, then you should start reading at: Presumptive scammer Christine Wisner to get the content of the full case.

Christine Wisner even expected, that everybody will be available at 2:35am Philippines time or 0:05am Indian time. Normal people, like me are already sleeping at this time. For this I have seen the conference in the morning after I waked up. Already this shows the egoism from Christine Wisner.

Like every scammer, she thinks that she need to write something and that is the only truth. Any document, which can prove her allegations are still missing or simple not available. As she lies already in her profiles, why should someone believe what she is writing now?

The facts that I see in this discussion is only the fake "Transfer Summary Xoom form". That is proven, because Willpower Infotech Limited submitted it and Christine Wisner ignored it completely. If she did not send it to Willpower Infotech, then she would reject immediately the existence of the document.

For the case that Wendy Fischer and Chad Saddoris are even existing (their messages got sent by Christine Wisner - you can prove it at the Skype screen shots at the end of this article), then it seems to be that they are partner in crime with Christine Wisner. It is really not possible that from 154 transmitted leads is not one valid. The three scammer Christine Wisner, Wendy Fischer and Chad Saddoris are even to lazy to document for each reject the reason.

I'm not involved in this case and for this I see the case different than Christine Wisner. For me is it logical that Christine Wisner is a SCAMMER. She could nothing prove during the full conference. My recommendation is to bring her in front of the law court.

As I still have the Austrian Timezone installed at my laptop the time is the Austrian one and not the Philippine time. You have to add 7 hours to the written time.

Christine Wisner

Skype conference with Christine Wisner (screenshots are attached to this article):

[20.03.2015 19:35:25] *** Christine Wisner hat Willpower Infotech Limited, Rudolf Faix hinzugefügt ***

[20.03.2015 19:37:34 | Bearbeitet 19:37:48] Christine Wisner: please reply gentelmens

[20.03.2015 19:45:47] Christine Wisner: i am waiting for you

[20.03.2015 19:45:55] Christine Wisner: please reply

[20.03.2015 19:47:11] Willpower Infotech Limited: yes

[20.03.2015 19:47:13] Willpower Infotech Limited: miss

[20.03.2015 19:47:17] Willpower Infotech Limited: tell me

[20.03.2015 19:47:27] Christine Wisner: see the leds submitted from monday 9th march , a

[3/13/2015 1:51:31 AM] Wendy Fischer: it seems it is a waste of your time as well

[3/13/2015 1:51:56 AM] Wendy Fischer: you have submitted 154 leads this week

[3/13/2015 1:52:04 AM] Wendy Fischer: 113 Automated Rejections

[3/13/2015 1:52:10 AM] Wendy Fischer: 28 have been evaluated

[3/13/2015 1:52:12 AM] Wendy Fischer: 0 are billable

[3/13/2015 1:52:29 AM] Christine Wisner: can you see ths weeks submittion

[3/13/2015 1:52:56 AM] Christine Wisner: till yesterday

[3/13/2015 1:54:29 AM] Chad Saddoris: those are this weeks leads

[3/13/2015 1:54:42 AM] Chad Saddoris: you have submitted 154 leads this week

113 Automated Rejections

28 have been evaluated

0 are billable

[3/13/2015 1:54:48 AM] Chad Saddoris: so not good at all

[3/13/2015 1:55:03 AM] Christine Wisner: from 9th mrch

[3/13/2015 1:55:07 AM] Chad Saddoris: yep

[3/13/2015 1:55:28 AM] Wendy Fischer: from Monday, march 9th thru right now

[3/13/2015 1:55:43 AM] Wendy Fischer: so we need to pause you at end of business day

[20.03.2015 19:47:28] Willpower Infotech Limited: Mr mohith here

[20.03.2015 19:47:57] Christine Wisner: CHAD and Wendy is the buyer for your Quality leads

[20.03.2015 19:48:26] *** Christine Wisner hat chatwin.caberte hinzugefügt ***

[20.03.2015 19:48:55] Christine Wisner: [12:12:58 AM] Chad Saddoris: we gave you the reports our client provides

[12:13:06 AM] Chad Saddoris: and your leads were the worst I've ever seen

[12:13:14 AM] Christine Wisner: i just want you to come and give the report in the group once

[12:13:39 AM] Chad Saddoris: what dates did your run

[12:13:48 AM] Chad Saddoris: I send you a report for the entire date range

[12:14:01 AM] Christine Wisner: thank you , chad

[12:14:08 AM] Chad Saddoris: what dates?

[12:14:15 AM] Chad Saddoris: and tell them their leads were horrible

[12:16:15 AM] Chad Saddoris: when did you start?

[12:16:31 AM] Christine Wisner: yes

[12:17:05 AM] Christine Wisner: i also said them , that due to them i lost your campaign , where you have paid me in the past also

[12:17:29 AM] Chad Saddoris: so what date do you want the report from?

[20.03.2015 19:49:00] *** Willpower Infotech Limited hat Dialhub Info Solutions hinzugefügt ***

[20.03.2015 19:49:58] Christine Wisner: WILLPOWER , your leads are all horrible quality , and due your quality ,i lost my campaign , that was paying me all the time

[20.03.2015 19:50:31] Christine Wisner: please say your part ??

[20.03.2015 19:52:09] Christine Wisner: say ?

[20.03.2015 19:52:33] Christine Wisner: you dont belive me

[20.03.2015 19:53:03] Christine Wisner: send all your leads submitted in a exel file , here in this group

[20.03.2015 19:53:23] Christine Wisner: and the buyer will directly report you here in this group

[20.03.2015 19:55:38] Willpower Infotech Limited: if my quality were not good, u shud have stopped me then and there only

[20.03.2015 19:56:20] Willpower Infotech Limited:

no feedback from u. u need to work along with us for the quality

[20.03.2015 19:56:36] Willpower Infotech Limited: many time i tred to contact u

[20.03.2015 19:56:47] Willpower Infotech Limited: but no reply from u

[20.03.2015 19:57:32] Christine Wisner: the day i got the report , the next day i asked your partner dailhub to stop dailing from that day and asked him to inform you

[20.03.2015 19:57:35] Willpower Infotech Limited: what u think do our emplyess are working as free of cost

[20.03.2015 19:57:39] Christine Wisner: and he did informed you

[20.03.2015 19:58:16] Christine Wisner: you think your old leads will be billed by MSM ?

[20.03.2015 19:58:25] Willpower Infotech Limited: hello

[20.03.2015 19:58:34] Christine Wisner: yes

[20.03.2015 19:58:42] Willpower Infotech Limited: we buy new DATAS

[20.03.2015 19:59:01] Christine Wisner: either your vendor is fraud

[20.03.2015 19:59:08] Willpower Infotech Limited: its cost of 30k

[20.03.2015 19:59:19] Christine Wisner: or you are giving me old data

[20.03.2015 19:59:33] Christine Wisner: and its not only according to me

Willpower Infotech Limited
Xoom India

[20.03.2015 19:59:50] Christine Wisner: MSM also is reporting that

Willpower Infotech Limited

Dhiraj Kumar


[20.03.2015 20:00:28] Willpower Infotech Limited: see he that person always say with everyone

[20.03.2015 20:00:34] Willpower Infotech Limited: buy datas

[20.03.2015 20:00:48] Willpower Infotech Limited: from me ill give u frish leads

[20.03.2015 20:00:57] Willpower Infotech Limited: Bla ba bla

[20.03.2015 20:01:37] Willpower Infotech Limited: dialhub has informed us to stop the dialing and later u also informed us to stop and was asked to speak to u on march 9

[20.03.2015 20:02:39] Christine Wisner: listen , i dont have any grudge against you! you got me mad as you re saing this without knowing. MSM , the buyer is not going to pay for the laeds. but the same time he is clearing payout for other centers !

[20.03.2015 20:02:59] Christine Wisner: so i cant pont finger at them

[20.03.2015 20:03:26] Christine Wisner: [3/13/2015 1:54:29 AM] Chad Saddoris: those are this weeks leads

[3/13/2015 1:54:42 AM] Chad Saddoris: you have submitted 154 leads this week

113 Automated Rejections

28 have been evaluated

0 are billable

[3/13/2015 1:54:48 AM] Chad Saddoris: so not good at all

[3/13/2015 1:55:03 AM] Christine Wisner: from 9th mrch

[3/13/2015 1:55:07 AM] Chad Saddoris: yep

[3/13/2015 1:55:28 AM] Wendy Fischer: from Monday, march 9th thru right now

[3/13/2015 1:55:43 AM] Wendy Fischer: so we need to pause you at end of business day

now say how will i pay them ?

[20.03.2015 20:05:33] Willpower Infotech Limited:

but u have not answered me when i tried to reach u from that day

Dialhub Info Solutions: what else could be done

[20.03.2015 20:06:07] Christine Wisner: i was not online for 2-3 days

[20.03.2015 20:06:13] Willpower Infotech Limited: oh

[20.03.2015 20:06:15] Willpower Infotech Limited: cool

[20.03.2015 20:06:18] Willpower Infotech Limited: miss

[20.03.2015 20:06:38] Willpower Infotech Limited: ur replying to other center

[20.03.2015 20:06:50] Willpower Infotech Limited: but u dnt have time to reply us

[20.03.2015 20:07:05] Christine Wisner: to some centers who are submitting leads or just joined

[20.03.2015 20:07:12] Willpower Infotech Limited: shall i give chat histry???

[20.03.2015 20:07:34] Willpower Infotech Limited: do u think i dnt have any other center contact

[20.03.2015 20:08:36] Christine Wisner: i am adding you to chad and wendy

[20.03.2015 20:08:56] Christine Wisner: give your 3 weeks report in the group

[20.03.2015 20:09:22] Christine Wisner: and ask them directly

[20.03.2015 20:12:27] Willpower Infotech Limited: finally what is the end for this issue, we have dialed for 3 weeks and let us know what is billable and when will i get the payouts?? that's it

[20.03.2015 20:14:31] Christine Wisner: your quality is a direct issue for the buyers

[20.03.2015 20:14:42] Christine Wisner: but not for other centers

[20.03.2015 20:14:57] Christine Wisner: the buyer is ready to release the billable for others

[20.03.2015 20:15:27] Willpower Infotech Limited: u have to pay many center

[20.03.2015 20:15:37] Willpower Infotech Limited: i knw very well

[20.03.2015 20:15:52] Willpower Infotech Limited: am nt talking abt myself only

[20.03.2015 20:16:04] Willpower Infotech Limited: am fighting for others also

[20.03.2015 20:16:27] Christine Wisner: i have paid centers from you city , today itself

[20.03.2015 20:16:33] Willpower Infotech Limited: i request the other people in the group participate in the discussion

[20.03.2015 20:16:40] Christine Wisner: sure

[20.03.2015 20:18:27] Willpower Infotech Limited:

if quality is the issue, u shud have stopped me. u never gave me any feedback for the transfers made

then y u didnt pay my partner center Dialhub, he is also begging behind you

he is also in my city

[20.03.2015 20:19:25] Willpower Infotech Limited: we sent daily report and we never got any feedback, now tell me whose mistake it is???

answer me for this???

[20.03.2015 20:19:51] Christine Wisner: the moment , i got the report , i paused you the next day

[20.03.2015 20:21:25] Willpower Infotech Limited: can u share the mail in which u have sent the report

[20.03.2015 20:22:25] Willpower Infotech Limited: i got only one report for the last week of february

and what hap to 1st & 2nd week of march

[20.03.2015 20:22:52] Willpower Infotech Limited:

and moreover u have not officially informed me to stop dialing for EDU

[20.03.2015 20:24:37] Christine Wisner: i am shareing the report that i got directly from the buyers end Chad and wendy !

[20.03.2015 22:48:01] Christine Wisner: DO YOU NEED TO SAY ANY THING RUDOLF FAIX ??

[20.03.2015 23:29:11] Dialhub Info Solutions: hello

[20.03.2015 23:30:04] Dialhub Info Solutions: ms. christine, first of u try to respond to the centers, if u don't do it, then name goes in tasks

[20.03.2015 23:37:01] Dialhub Info Solutions: mrs. christine - pls respond to me when i ask u something

Update: The case continues - Christine Wisner - she tries to explain me that I'm wrong


Christine Wisner Skype ConferenceChristine Wisner Skype ConferenceChristine Wisner Skype ConferenceChristine Wisner Skype ConferenceChristine Wisner Skype ConferenceChristine Wisner Skype ConferenceChristine Wisner Skype ConferenceChristine Wisner Skype ConferenceChristine Wisner Skype ConferenceChristine Wisner Skype ConferenceChristine Wisner Skype ConferenceChristine Wisner Skype ConferenceChristine Wisner Skype Conference

Christine Wisner Skype Conference


Update: The case continues - Christine Wisner - she tries to explain me that I'm wrong


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Scammer Exposed - Thomas Tryon - is hiding his identity - this seems to be a scam
by Rudolf Faix Friday, March 13, 2015 1:05 AM

Thomas Tryon is using the identity (name and picture) of the author Thomas Tryon, which died already Sep 4, 1991. 

The risk to get scammed from such people is 99%. He even did not like to understand the warnings written in my comments under his postings. A "Director of Database Management" is reacting in another way than he. It seems that he is not mature enough to make serious business. So it looks like the full content of his profile is only a fake or a big lie.


Source: Wikipedia

Picture from Thomas Tryon:


LinkedIn profile of Thomas Tryon -

Thomas Tryon

Thomas Tryon

Director of Database Management PCM Capital Partners:

  1. PCM Capital Partners
  1. Assent/ Sungard
  2. Greenwich Equity Partners
  1. Trinity College-Hartford




LinkedIn offer from Thomas Tryon - in the group Call Centre search:

Thomas Tryon - Tri-care full forms avai...rsion rates. _ LinkedIn.pdf (3.98 mb)

Thomas Tryon _ LinkedIn 2015-03-11.pdf (5.36 mb)

Thomas Tryon _ LinkedIn 2015-03-12.pdf (5.64 mb)


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Scammer Exposed

Aldiablos Infotech Pvt. Ltd. – aldiablos com proves that they are scammer
by Rudolf Faix Thursday, March 5, 2015 3:08 AM

The scammer Aldiablos Infotech Pvt. Ltd. likes now to continue by sending out emails.  Instead of showing that they are real people and are making real business they try to go another way.

Their only problem has been that scamadviser reports about

Alert Result: The owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity
Alert Result: The website expected life (365 days) is relatively short.

Others have made some more investigations and have found at

Feb 26, 2015

Aldiablos Infotech Pvt Ltd big fraud company

Aldiablos infotech pvt ltd is totally Fraud Company based in Ahmedabad. We charge money from people and give projects from fake company like AZEE Group which is also based in Ahmedabad. They charged 4lac from us and azee group gave us project which we completed in given time after which they terminated the contract as saying sum fake clauses and also made the stopped payment of the cheque of Rs1320000. When contacted Azee group they said that Azee did not get any money from Aldiablos company and said they will help us to get the money back from them. Tiksha Patel is big liar and before taking the project her words were different and now she is not bother to pick up the calls also.

Please dont contact Aldiablos and Azee Group for any BPO projects as they only cheat people by taking money and such people must be arrested and company should be closed by taking off their domains.
Feb 23, 2015

cyber crime

The cyber police should pleassestop such domains getting hosted, block them from social networking sites like linkedin, give a warning before arresting them - thanks

Mobile: (Gauri) +91 9227591114

Why a simple typing training should cost Rs 40,000.- It is worth Rs 50 or Rs 100.
Feb 21, 2015



have u filed any case on them yet?

If not yet then, contact me on 9717775624.
I am also about to do business with them, i need to be very cautious then.

Sep 26, 2014

fraud company

hii Sugandhraj

you can do the case on this compnay.
you can send the notice by a lawyer.
Sep 8, 2014

Aldiablos Infotech Pvt Ltd

Aldiablos infotech pvt and ltd and smart consultancy India is totally Fraud Company

This company is continue to bpo, kpo,seo,bdm.etc department. but this company is working on totally in legal and in-house project.
This company's director Mr. vikrampratap shinh, Mrs priya golani, Mr. abhisek dube , Mr. faruque shaikh, Mr raja are not given a services propely and not return the money. And not do the job in this company. besause you are not growth youre future in this compnay.

They are taking to us like sweetly and not give the project after you paid the money.

This is truly Fruad Company and Aldiablos infotech pvt and ltd and smart consultancy India is same company
Aug 20, 2014


Respected Sir , 

My name is Sugandhraj , few days before i saw an advertisement posting on Linked In , It was about business outsourcing project . Please see below link -

As per on above link , i contacted them . I went to ahmedabad i met them, everything was ok . They said before signing contract i need to give 3,20,000 Rs. I agreed and given them 1 Lac and 2 Lac 20 Thousand Rs. cheque . Two days before my 1 lac cheque got cleared and amount credited to their account . When i searched on google then i came to know that this co. is fraud and cheat people . They just take money and do not give any process or project . Immediately i asked my money back but now they are saying they will not return my money . In start they said they will return my money back if i do not want to work with them . but now they are saying they will not return.

I have taken money on interest basis , I invested in office setup also , I am already into loss . Please help me to take my money back . I have my account statment , their call recordings their messages . 

Waiting for your valuable reply
I normally don't believe everything what is written on other sites. Especially at complaintboard the information are not getting proved. Calumnies are the inevitable result. But in this case the poster has written his phone number into the post and the scam is matching the business.
Let's take a look about them at another site -

I had given a check of 0000 to Aldiablos BPO LTD, to procure the business. But the information that was given to me before giving the check was different and after giving the check they turned back on their words. They were supposed to give me the reference centers but they did not provide me with the reference centers. When asked about it they were not able to provide me the same with no explanations. It was then when i came to know that Aldiablos BPO Ltd is the same company as Smart Consultancy. Both the companies are running in the same office. when questioned the Director Abhishek Dubey, he told me that Aldiablos BPO Ltd is no longer associated with Smart Consultancy. But the security check that i was given had Vikram Pratap Singh's signature on it. When confronted with the same, Dubey had no answers and he walked out. This is a complete fraud. Later on i receive an email from Bhoomi Jani. She sent an email to me with the details of the same process and the email was sent under Smart Consultancy's name but when spoke to her on the phone she said she was with Aldiablos BPO Ltd. They operate under various names, namely, Smart Consultancy, Smart Human Resources, Euphoria Technologies, Aldiablos BPO Pvt Ltd. They keep on cheating people of the money and do not deliver the promised project. They do not have any work with them and they create their own project to fool people. People like Vikram Singh, Sonal Chauhan, Abhishek Dubey, Imran Mallik, Siddharth Sharma, Bhoomi Jani are the once flooding the professional network sites with their useless projects and try to prey on to innocent center owners. Even the new employees for their company do not know the exact work. They show of their premises and plush offices to the people and con them. The reason i am writing this is so that others who are planning to work with Smart Consultancy, Smart Human Resources, Euphoria Technologies, Aldiablos BPO Pvt Ltd, do not get duped and are saved.

Rohan Mathews

Please call - Sanjay - 8108552492.

Abraham Joseph

@Rohan: Who is sanjay? Give a back ground so that I can call him.

Pravin Manjarekar

Hello please share your details or call me as I have invested my money in aldiablos infotech pvt ltd. I am having a terrible time after reading your comments. Request you to call me on 8087509154. Thanka

Pravin Manjarekar

Myself pravin manjarekar from Mumbai. I had paid certain amount to Aldiablos Infotech for a project. Unfortunately even as they were about to give me the project i asked for refund as I needed the money due to my financial crisis. So they have politely as a company should paid me my half amount without any hesitation. And they would be paying me my balance amount in some time.

I dont have any grievances with Aldiablos. my contact no is 8087509154. Thanks

Pravin Manjarekar

Hie guys..they are a fraud company.. and they have not returned my money... dot do business with them.. theynwill just take ur money and never give you any project.. call me on 8087509154 for further info

Paresh Sojitra

Hello Chaitanya


You have also mentioned about Euphoria Technologies involved in this?

Anyone has any fraud experience with Euphoria Technologies as well?

Chaitanya Bhise

Hi Paresh

I had mentioned Euphoria Technologies purely based on hearsay but after investigation and a lot of research Euphoria Technologies is not a part of the Smart Consultancy Group and is a entirely different company.

Chaitanya Bhise

Hi Everyone I have not been in touch with these complaints as i was travelling so did not get time to update the status. As per my last comment i have already mailed the Grahak Seva to remove the name for Euphoria Technologies and hence request anyone and everyone to disregard the complaint against Euphoria Technologies as I have been satisfied with my investigation and research that Euphoria Technologies is a fair company. Thanks

Hitendra Patil

Chaitanya can you give me your contact number?

Bobby George


Komal Shrivastav

yes this is tottaly fruad company

smart consaltany and aldiablos infotech pvt ltd both are same company.

this company's all member are fraud not given a services

Praksah Chatterjee

Need help regarding Aldiablos Infotech Pvt Ltd... i got a call from Prachi Sharma from Aldiablos Infotech Pvt Ltd and she offered me a business outsource (IT Support). The total investment is of 15 Lacks ... please guide if i should go for it or not

Priya Agarwal


I would suggest do not go for the same as the previous comments which are written are totally correct and the people here are been cheated and create multiple Id's and than call for the projects and all

Abraham Chacko



Can someone let me know if these companies are geunuine .1) Wizards Technologies 2) Euphoria Technoloiges Surat. Need to know about these companies before i sign a deal with them.



Harshad Jagtap

Now they have started same business with new name sci solutions go through link

Amarnath Goli


This people wasting the time with delaying the updates after signing up!!

My opinion about the site is the same like about the complaintboard. Only the different complaints make it more believable.
Together with this information the complaints against Smart Consultancy, Smart Human Resources, Euphoria Technologies, Aldiablos BPO Pvt Ltd, etc. are making sense and are showing that all this is an organized fraud.


Analyzing the SCAM – avoid to get scammed this way
by Rudolf Faix Saturday, February 28, 2015 8:04 AM

Yesterday I got an email with the content that or staff from them is scamming center owners. As Sage is a big software company from UK I did not believe it. Why should a big company be in need to take a few thousands or Pounds from center owners?

The content of the email has been:

I got Cheated by person called Sameer Ahuja , Ranveer swamy and Leisa Dorcherty , In the name of Business they took $ 490  Fraudulently and Now they are not receiving call and not replying mail also I filed a complaint in Near by Police station , 
sameer Ahuja  Skype id : sameer.sage-inc  , Mobile Number (Office ) - 00447509754621 , (personnel) - 00447509756623

Ranveer Swamy skype id : ranveer.sage-inc
Leisa Dorcherty skype id : leisa.sage-inc
Account number which they have given
Bank Name : State Bank of India
Name: Ranveer Swami
Account no.- 20176913465
IFSC code: SBIN0001161
Branch- IIT Kanpur

Let us verify the data, which seem to be true of this scam.

If someone calls you and he is transmitting his caller id, then it is possible to call him back. If the same person picks up the call than you have at least a phone number, which can get verified. In our case it is a little bit difficult, because the UK data protection act don’t let you make a reverse phone lookup.

Under the UK's data protection act, reverse phone number lookups are against the law. There are however a couple of options, depending on your situation.

If you are receiving nuisance calls, then you should contact your phone provider and lodge a complaint. Should the problem persist, then contacting the police is an option.

Only the area can get located where the call comes from. In our case is it a mobile phone from the area of Jersey.

By having the phone number and the location we find the first reason why the scam is not from Sage. Jersey is in an Island in front of the coast of France. It belongs to the UK territory. Sage is located in Newcastle upon Tyne. If we use Google maps and let us calculate a route, than we see that the shortest route is 781 km and it takes around 11 hours to drive the route without respecting the possible traffic and resulting traffic jam. Nobody will drive to his workplace this distance. On the other side nobody will use a mobile phone from an area, which is around 800km away from his home or workplace and where he needs to use even a ferry going to the island.

The office and the private phone numbers are mobile phone numbers.  A big company like Sage has a land line phone number for their office. They are not using mobile phones for their office.  Manager from a company with the size of Sage will not give you their private phone number. Leisa Docherty is a manager from Sage.

Additional to the reason that you need not pay in Europe for getting some work you can easily verify such offers, which are coming from such companies. Sage has published some phone numbers at their website the offer can get easily verified if you are calling one of their phone numbers. If you have really a contact with one of the manager, then you will be able to pass the gatekeeper.

The next information which seems to be true is the bank account number, because the scammer likes to get the money. The name can be already a fake. It is the age of electronic transactions. For this the name will not get verified during a transaction from the bank as long as the account number is correct.

A company like Sage will every time use their real bank account and not a private account from someone in India. The reason for this is the strict tax law in Europe. Each company need to have a correct financial bookkeeping, which gets verified from time to time from tax officers of the government.

The only possible way to catch the scammer is over their phone number and their bank account.  In our case it the scammer located in India, because the bank account is there. The phone number gets simple forwarded by Voice over IP to any place in the world. Don’t let yourself get fooled bank accounts are normally in the same area where the company is registered. With the usage of electronic banking you have access to your bank account all over the world. For this there is no reason to have a bank account abroad if you have not an affiliate in the country abroad.

All other information cannot get verified. The LinkedIn accounts could got hacked and everybody can chose his Skype ID how he likes to name it. There is no verification for company names by creating an account. Each free combination can get chosen.

Companies are using for their contracts their own registered domain names for sending and receiving emails. Only people, which have something to hide, are hiding themselves by using freemail accounts. Companies, which are using official such freemail accounts have listed them on their homepage too.

The only criticism that can be made is that they do not respond to emails. Apparently they do not care that criminals are using the name of SAGE. A company that not even not care about the crime, where her name is used, will not take care of the interests of their clients. This is the sign of today's society. Everyone cares only about their personal profits and the profit of their shareholders.

The scammer are speculating with the greed of the people. So don't see the proposed winning - take a look if you are not pay for get nothing!!! A good name in the offer does not guarantee something. Use your brain and make in each case a background check!!!


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