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The best way for NOT making business at LinkedIn
by Rudolf Faix Wednesday, February 4, 2015 3:48 AM

In each business you need to build up trust. Show yourself and your talents and not others. You are marketing yourself. For this you are at LinkedIn.  A real company even need not to read this, they know how to promote their products and services, but here at LinkedIn are so many amateurs in selling which need a lot of help.

Trust cannot get build up, when you

  • are hiding yourself in the anonymity of the Internet
    Do you have something to hide? In such a case you should not open a business. People, which hide something are not trustful

  • are you not showing your real face
    it does not matter if you are young, old, pretty or ugly. It only matters if you are making a bad impression by having no picture, a logo, a picture of someone else, a landscape shot, a graphic, a cartoon or something else, which is not showing your real face

  • are thinking that LinkedIn is the same like Facebook
    If you are proud that you have something produced, which has hand, legs and seems to be functioning, then present your baby at Facebook.
    If you like to present your pet, than post it's picture on Facebook.
    If you are a fan of a movie star or some other celebrity, then post it on Facebook.
    Nobody makes business with a baby or an animal. You like to make business, so post your own picture.

  • are spamming
    There is a golden rule at the Internet: "Don’t buy from spammer, you’ll get scammed". Spammer getting easily identified. They are posting every day or every (few) hour(s)  the same content, have not enough money for buying a full functionally keyboard (mostly they have no keyboard, which has normal letters for typing - the capslock cannot get turned off) or some keys are repeated many times

  • not describe your product or service, which you like to sell, in full
    As better you are describing your product or service as easier it will be to find customers for it. A "genuine" description and a message "contact me for more information" is not really something, what makes your posting interesting

  • promote any fantasy earnings for your reseller
    If you promote what others can earn by selling your product, than you show only that your product or service is not able to sell at the market. Pyramid systems are at the most European countries forbidden by the law already. If someone has a good product, where he can earn a lot, then he will not share it at the Internet, because as more are selling this product as more the price and the earnings are going down

  • only can get contacted by using Skype
    The world is divided into 24 time zones. Don’t waste the time of others, nobody will wait until he can reach you. You like to sell, for this you have to take care that buyers can contact you in a normal way and during you are sleeping too. You are the seller and not the buyer! You need to find a customer, which like to buy from you. The buyer is the king, not you!

  • links and email addresses, which are written at your profile, are not working
    In such a case interested people cannot contact you and are thinking that you even cannot pay the domain and/or hosting fees

Real companies need not hide themselves, they are proud about their name and success. Their name is their trademark and they are not hiding themselves in the crowd.


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An repeated question from call center owners: How we can find business opportunities?
by Rudolf Faix Tuesday, February 3, 2015 5:17 AM

From time to time, I get the question: "How we can find business opportunities?" or "Do you have a genuine campaign for me?".

My answer is every time the same:

I'm not a campaign broker. It is easy to wait for a campaign broker rings you up and ask if you like to make some work for one of his customers. This is the way, where you get scammed too.

You own a call center and you have agents, which are only partly busy with work. Why do you not use your agents, which are not busy, for selling and promoting your own center? In such a case you need not pay a high broker fee, because your own agents are cheaper working.

Use the Internet and search at the job platforms like craigslist, elance, indeed, etc. Sell your own services by calling such companies, which are searching for telemarketers. Promote your own services by putting advertisments at such platforms. All that is called marketing. You are doing this for your customers too, do you not trust your own services? Don't wait until the brokers are knocking at your door. is one of the oldest Internet platforms for advertising Hire great frelancers Click here to find millions of jobs from thousands of company web sites, job boards and newspapers. one search. all jobs.

You can find a lot more at Google.


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One of the "brokers/consultants" is already afraid about his business
by Rudolf Faix Sunday, February 1, 2015 1:59 AM

A few days ago, I got at LinkedIn a comment from Richard T. at my post about making fair business between campaign brokers and call centers. Richard T. seems to be such a broker or consultant, which feels himself attacked by my posts. He seems to be afraid about losing his golden business. He calls himself to be a "Senior Accounts Executive at BlueStar Marketing".

He has written: "Fair Business" LOL,what planet are you from? Your evaluation of risk is shallowly determined.It only takes into consideration finance.The biggest risk I take in my dealings goes far beyond immediate financial risk.When brokering a deal I am risking reputation as well.My reputation is priceless.Whats fair is what ever you contractually agreed to.The word FAIR is very subjective Sir.When we negotiate a contract we are evaluating risk to reward and trying to find a settlement that works for both parties.Some times it just doesnt work.Trying to create a universal agreement based from your bias perspective is very cute but very naive in the real world.For what its worth,I do find your posts entertaining.I also think your proposal can be fair but you must remember that fair is subjective and unfortunately an oxymoron when placed besides business......."

It seems that he has a reason to hide himself in the anonymity of the internet. His domain is hidden by a proxy service and his toll free phone number 1-855-328-2317, written at the homepage cannot get found by a reverse lookup. says about the We don't have enough data to rank this website. gives a value of $102 for the domain
google gives for a pagerank: 0/10
Google lists only 12 links to the site All of this links are only about valuing the site ranking in a different way. There is not one relevant link, which can be used for a reputation.

I did not find one positive or negative comment about Richard T. and his website Only his comment at my post here at LinkedIn destroys his own reputation and makes him untrustworthy.

The only question is now: About which reputation is he writing in his post? I did not find any reputation about him. The one recommendation, which is listed in his profile, can be coming from a good friend too.

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