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Top Outsourcing Concerns
by Rudolf Faix Monday, March 2, 2015 1:30 AM

Hiring an offshore call center provider can make even the most seasoned executive a little bit nervous. In reality, there are many reasons to be nervous. An external company is being hired to speak directly with your customers on your behalf. However, these concerns can be overcome by hiring the right call center. 

Here are the top outsourcing concerns:

  1. Scam
    You'll find scam everywhere where business is done. Especially by doing business over the Internet. For this make a background check about your future business partner. Scammer are lazy, they are even to lazy that they are informing themselves about the business. For this are able to find out if you are talking with a real business partner by asking him specific questions about his work. A scammer will not be able to give you a suitable answer to your questions.

  2. Quality
    You know your product best. If you provide quality by a good presentation of your product, a good FAQ, the differences to your competitors and good sales arguments then it will be easy to get the telemarketers trained to sell your product.

    Don't choose cheap Internet offers for buying the data, which the telemarketer shall call. This data are already heavy used and for this is it difficult to sell something by calling. People, which are already angry at the time picking up their phone, will very seldom take an advantage of even a good offer. The most good data provider are only selling their data packages only inside the country. For this is it very hard for an offshore call center to get such quality data.
    You get what you pay for - nobody is able to work for free for you and a call center is not a data provider. Quality call centers will use your data only for your campaigns.

    So many outsourcing companies do not provide dialing data. Reason is they don't wanna mess with keeping the center up to date, because the company have their agents and other tons of center they work with. In many cases company pays huge amount to other companies in place of giving them data . That is exactly the wrong way for a successful outsourcing. 

    Choose a call center where the agent is immediately on the phone when he calls you. Playing a prerecorded message first will tell to the called one, that a call center is calling, which likes to sell something to him. The most of the dialer are working in a different way. There the agent picks up the phone only if the called one is already in the line.

  3. Loss of control
    Quality call centers are offering features, which are giving you the same possibilities like at an inhouse call center. You can can get:
    * actual status of the calls done for you
    * a spy connection where you can listen the actual call
    * recordings immediately after the hangup of the call
    * actual online call detail records after the call ended
    * a direct connection to the agents working for you
    Use all this possibilities for make the best out of your outsourcing process. The only difference to an inhouse call center is that you can communicate with "your" agents only over the phone or by using some messenger like Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, etc.

  4. Language
    The accent is not so important like the sales talent of the agent. Our best telemarketer in Austria is coming from Romania. If your mother tongue is German, than you hear that she is not a native German speaker, but it does not matter if she sell something to a customer coming from Austria, Germany or Switzerland. She has in any case success. So don't overweight the language barrier. The sale can be even be easier for such people than for native speakers.

  5. Price
    Offshore outsourcing is cheaper than to run your own call center, but don't expect that the big savings are already during the first month. You have to invest some time into the training of "your" agents and you have to listen to the recordings and tell them where they are making failures and give them some information how they can improve their performance. It is the same work like you need to do by hiring a new staff. The savings are coming with the time. Mostly they are starting during the second month.



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Would you buy something in a shop, where the salesman is hiding himself behind a mask?
by Rudolf Faix Saturday, February 21, 2015 8:09 AM

Guys with Mask

I think you would leave the shop immediately, because you would be afraid to get betrayed or robbed. Even I think you would try to leave the shop as quickly you can.

Why do you try in this case to make business with people on the Internet, which are not showing their real face? 

Someone, which hides himself, has a reason for it. The reason is mostly that he/she cannot show her face in public, because of their own intentions or because they have already someone betrayed and they are afraid that this one will find them again. 

Signs for a planned scam are:

  • A profile without a picture

  • A profile with a picture which does not show a person

  • A profile with a picture, which can get found by Google image search for a lot of different people.
    Be aware: Google lists the picture in the search result where ever it has been listed. For this the search result will list even the picture at connected friends from the social network pages.

  • A contact with the seller is only over Skype or a phone number possible

  • You have to pay an upfront fee (however this fee is called)

  • Every day or every few hours the same offer gets repeated

  • A provided domain name is registered by using an anonymization service or with incomplete address data
    An example of incomplete address data is:
    Registrant Name: Faisal Ansari
    Registrant Organization: Spectrum Outsourcing
    Registrant Street: Ahmedabad
    Registrant City: Ahmedabad
    Registrant State/Province: Gujarat
    Registrant Postal Code: 000000
    Registrant Country: IN
    Registrant Phone: +91.0000000
    Registrant Phone Ext:
    Registrant Fax:
    Registrant Fax Ext:
    Registry Admin ID:

As more of this possibilities are combined as higher is the risk to run into a scam. People, which are hiding themselves in anonymity have a reason for it. It is already hard to protect your laws by passing borders. It seems impossible if you have nothing than a graphic and a not existing address.



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There are companies in North of India who are spamming and collecting upfront
by Rudolf Faix Thursday, February 19, 2015 4:42 AM
I have been thinking about that something is wrong, when I have seen so many outsourcing offers from India. Now I got it confirmed. A few friends from India have confirmed this information. It seems that this is the reason why I have found real outsourcing companies without any upfront only in Spain, UK and US .
The content of the Mail is:
Hi Rudolf
Hope this finds you well.
Very impressed with your work against spammers.We face this issue daily in our contact center here in India. These guys come up to us offering campaigns.
In fact we have had many friends who have paid these guys money before getting these imaginary projects on board and lost a load of money.There are companies up in the North of India who run big organisations which only do this.They have 100-200 agents just spamming and trying to collect upfront money and a lot of guys end up paying.
We should take a stand against this and come up with a clean platform where honest centers are able to pick up some good work.
Regards[I have only removed the name and the city for protecting my informer]

If you followed the other posts abut brokers and scammer, then you know already that each upfront is SCAM and the scammer are coming mostly from low wage countries. In this case you should be very careful by taking a business partner, which hides himself behind pictures of celebrities, symbols, animals etc. As long as you are not able to make a background check of your new business partner you shall not make business with him. The risk for getting scammed in this case is 99.99%.

Don't forget: Everything, which seems to be too good to be true is not true - it is only SCAM!!!
A comment from another person, living in India:
I Think, Rudolf Now a days it is almost a Universal Problem .In India also it is working & growing. Trained cheaters are enjoying by cheating others ,For some it is their Bread & Butter, some have base of this act in their Blood & DNA .Thief/cheaters work is successful only, till the owner is not aware or is in sleep .This Problem may grow, People are finding short cuts, boss style work. Due to low salaries, Unemployment, very high expectations,Media, Political leaders & Parties, So many things are contributing for this social evil . Wishers of Society welfare are always present in society by God grace. I wish/I want to see their success in all the Way. 
One more comment from a center owner in India:
I have heard few incidents
i know few centers in delhi (north india) who does have 15-20 odd people who call people for high flying projects
i told u right about my first exp where i lost almost 15000 euros
Step1 E Businesses Pvt Ltd is a big scam


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Can you suggest me some how should i proceed with outsourcing my processes?
by Rudolf Faix Wednesday, February 18, 2015 6:08 AM

Today Abdul Rab Rawani asked me at LinkedIn: "Can you suggest me some how should i proceed with outsourcing my processes?"

Someone, which likes to offer or sell something over the Internet need to build up trust. In such a case where it shall come to a business relationship the parties need to trust each other. For this purpose both parties need to show that they are trustful. This cannot be done, if one or both are hiding themselves in anonymity. 

For this my answer has been:

Hi Abdul 

You are in a better condition, because a lot of centers are searching for work and don't find a real one. 

The best way for finding a real center: 

  • Describe your project a good as possible 
  • Describe the kind of product 
  • Describe the time frame of the work 
  • Describe the center size you need 
  • Describe what you provide (data, training, script,etc) 
  • Describe the payment for the center (per hour, per sale, a combination of both, weekly payment, monthly payment, etc.) and if you have experience already in selling the product over the phone the average selling per agent 
  • Show that you are a true person. Don't hide yourself in the anonymity of the internet, because you need to build up trust. The same is valid for centers too. Don't give the work to centers, which are hiding themselves. You need to have trust in the work of the center too. 
  • Don't make a long time contract. Listen to the provided recordings. Tell to the center where you think that they made something wrong, that they are able to change it. 


I hope that I have nothing forgotten. 

Best regards 



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The Business Advisor Kaushik Ganguly, with "16 years experience", does not know for whom he is working
by Rudolf Faix Friday, February 13, 2015 1:23 AM

In the night I got a LinkedIn message from Kaushik Ganguly, Business Advisor and Management Consultant for ITES - Call Center industry with 16 years experience A part of this email is:

"what if center fails to perform? what if center fails to retain campaign? what if center do not work seriously? what if center do not have financial strength to run center? what if center close down for other reasons? AND most importantly ... what if center choose not to pay consultant/broker after getting payment from client?? Those all happened in real life with many people

If center talks about giving monthly payment to consultant ... why they can't pay the way they pay to Chartered Accountant, VOIP provider, Dialer company, Lead provider and many others? Why always they make a big issue of paying to consultant ... when they know getting a good profitable campaign is 500% more important then getting audit, voip, dialer or leads!! "

It seems that this "Business Advisor" does not know for whom he is working and who is paying the bill! He did not learn in "16 years" of experience how business is done. That is the same way like you pay for an attorney to bring you into jail.

If he get's paid from the outsourcing company, then he is in need to verify the center to which he suggest to outsource. This cannot only be done by verifying the business register and the credit-worthiness of the center. That has nothing to do with any upfront fee or any other similar fee, however it would get called. As soon as he takes from the chosen center some money he is running into a conflict of his and his customers interest.

If he get's paid from the center, which takes the outsourcing contract, then he is responsible for the credit-worthiness of the outsourcing company and that this company is a real company. Here he has to do the same inspections and researches about the outsourcing company.

If his client, there is no difference if his client is the outsourcing company or the center which is doing the outsourced work, is a fake, he is in a very bad situation, because he is liable to his client and has to compensate his clients damage, because it his fault if he did his research not in full. In this case the "broker" or however he likes to get called, has to show his identity too. Hiding themselves in the anonymity of the internet show only that the is not real and nobody shall do any business with him. Everybody should know that you cannot reach into pocket of a naked one.

What he has written is true, but the word "center" need to get replaced with the phrase "all participating parties".

In any case his explanations are showing only that he is promoting not existing services or campaigns to get new centers, because he stated in his email that he is starting his work for a center not before he gets the order. This is called betraying and is a criminal action, which will get prosecuted.

Even his company iNanoSoft Outsourcing has no domain. The only result found in Googles history is It has be a software company from Germany, which is already closed.

The LinkedIn Mail communication:

RE:The “genuine campaigns” from the brokers

Kaushik Ganguly Business Advisor and Management Consultant for ITES - Call Center industry with 16 years experience


12. Februar 2015, 17:10 Uhr


Sie und Kaushik Ganguly sind beide in einem Netzwerk oder einer Gruppe.

There are many misunderstanding and misconceptions around about call center business development ... as well as too much hypocrisy and foolishness. Let's analyse one by one - 

1) someone is making a call center ... without knowledge and experience about this industry? If they have experience ... then why they can't arrange business on their own? If they don't have experience ... then how they expect to get on their terms? 

2) It is demand and supply. If getting business is very easy ... no one will ask for a penny! If very tough ... you have to pay to get. It again depends on center's profile ... if they are big ... all will come to them ... if small center ... they have to try a lot and experiment 

3) People talking about consultant's role should not end with client SLA. Fine, then give him a proper role. Make him your advisor! Don't expect that you will treat someone as broker and he will give A-Z service ... don't demand like a kid! 

4) People expect that consultant (or broker ... whatever you call them) should give a direct client, give unlimited support and should not ask for money ... till center makes money!! Great .... but few questions ... what if center fails to perform? what if center fails to retain campaign? what if center do not work seriously? what if center do not have financial strength to run center? what if center close down for other reasons? AND most importantly ... what if center choose not to pay consultant/ broker after getting payment from client?? Those all happened in real life with many people 

5) If center talks about giving monthly payment to consultant ... why they can't pay the way they pay to Chartered Accountant, VOIP provider, Dialer company, Lead provider and many others? Why always they make a big issue of paying to consultant ... when they know getting a good profitable campaign is 500% more important then getting audit, voip, dialer or leads!! 

Only solution is to build a long term relationship between genuine center and genuine consultant ... based on mutual trust and confidence. Else one can go on bashing consultants/ brokers and end up being cry baby with no progress at all


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