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Published Sexual Preference of millions of people
by Rudolf Faix Saturday, May 23, 2015 6:03 AM

Adult Friend FinderSexual orientation or the wish for an affair: Millions extremely piquant data from customer contact platform Adult Friend Finder have surfaced in the Tor network.

Hackers have access to internal databases provides the contact platform Adult Friend Finder is published in the hidden services of the Tor network. This is not just about payment information, but also very personal information, including possible sexual preferences and customer requests for affairs. It affects 3.9 million of claims to have 63 million customers of the company.

Get connection, get sex or someone Hot acquainted, so applying the platform based in California Contact Adult Friend Finder their services. Anyone who registers there must be equal to a few juicy details revealed about himself: homosexuality, sexual preferences and even the nature of this relationship. The stolen data should therefore also reveal who will be unfaithful.

Data of former customers will not be deleted

And apparently, the data will not be erased even by those who have logged on the platform. At least one former client found his data in the published record again. He had soon realized that the contact platform was not for him, because he was looking for a long-term relationship, he said. He had deleted his account there.

Data thieves use once their prey to ship via the tapped email addresses Spam. Former customer reports a true e-mail flood with partly virus-infected attachments.

Much more men than women

The company has now been published on its website the usual tight-lipped note, the incident will be taken seriously and investigated. In addition, the law enforcement agencies had been informed.

Analysis of the data by a British TV broadcaster, however, revealed another interesting observation: At least in the UK, far more men than women have registered on the contact platform - in the ratio 16: 1.


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Fraud and Scam

Spammer & Scammer: -
by Rudolf Faix Thursday, May 21, 2015 6:49 AM

Theft - man in front of a computerAs most the scammer escaped they are trying now to get in contact with centers by sending out mass emails. I can only warn from making business on this way. Let us take the example from

  • is hosting the site for free.
    For this you see their promotion on the website of on the bottom line: Create A Free Website With

  • is only a subdomain from webstarts,com and does not require an own registration as an domain

  • has no address written on their website

  • has only a free address

  • Another contact possibility is only their Skype ID: contactstartechnologies

If you try to make business with them then you have nothing to find them physically. They have done everything to hide themselves in the anonymity of the Internet. They are only using free services, because they have not enough money available to register their own domain and present themselves. Such subdomains and free services are normally used only from private people for their hobby websites. In business are they only an alert of scam.

Here is their spam email:

From: Star Technologies [] 
Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 2015 4:38 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Seats Available for Form Filling Process Without Accuracy
Greetings Center,
We Star Technologies have a Great news for Centers looking for a Process to run at their Center.
Slots available.
Centers interested can contact us to book a Slot.
Our professional team will handle every detail of your needs and provide the required help and assistance whenever required.
The seats / slots available are for a Non-Voice Process.

So if you are looking to make a move & are a highly motivated professional who welcomes new processes, Contact us .We have your next GREAT OPPORTUNITY!

Questions concerning this process like further information can be discussed further via Skype as well as Emails.

Do add us on Skype at your earliest convenience or you can schedule an appointment. We are look forward for the same.

We take great pleasure in bringing these available seats to your attention and are delighted to offer you the opportunity to run the process at your Center. We hope you share our excitement about this availability and will join us.

If there is anything we can help you with, please let us know. We will give you the attention and service you would expect.

Star Technologies
Website :
Skype : contactstartechnologies
Email :

I don't know which forms should get filled and from where the data should come. You can only be sure that the date are not coming from the traditional outsourcing countries, because there are the consumer data protected by law and are not allowed to get exported. The low wage countries will not outsource some of their work. For this the offer is nothing else then SCAM!!!

Update May 25, 2015: Email Scammer: - - Update


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Scammer Exposed

Rombertik: Malware deletes itself during discovery - together with the hard drive content
by Rudolf Faix Wednesday, May 6, 2015 1:43 PM

Rombertik VirusOne tricky and complex programmed malicious software collects data from Internet users. if she gets discovered she swallows a digital cyanide pill.

Security researchers of the Talos Group, a division of the network equipment supplier Cisco Systems have discovered a Windows malware that has taken great care to cover up traces of their activities. "Rombertik", as the malware gets called from the experts, captures everything a user is doing with his computer on the Internet. If the malware believes that she got discovered, she makes the hard drive of the affected computer unusable and destroyed so herself.

Another feature of the digital pest is that it's not only searching for user name / password combinations of bank accounts. The malware is recording characterized obviously completely unfiltered everything what the respective users is doing with the infected computers on the Internet.

The distribution channel is not new: Rombertik gets distributed as an e-mail attachment from spam or phishing mails. According to the Talos Group, this emails are especially clever constructed and fooling the users easily. The infected emails mimics the sender "Windows Corporation" as shown by one example of the report

Camouflage by deleting

Noticeable is the elaborate camouflage with which the pest trying to protect themselves from detection. It works on several levels: If a user installs unconsciously the pest, Rombertik analyzes first the environment and checks if it is running in a "Sandbox" environment, an isolated area or the PC, which has no impact to the rest of the computer. Antivirus software uses such a sandbox to analyze suspicious software.

Only when this is excluded, the malware continues her installation. Before the malware starts her work, she is testing if she gets watched by a virus scanner. If so, she attempts to delete the so-called master boot record on the hard disk of the computer to make it unusable. If that does not work, Rombertik encrypts all user data on the boot hard drive of the computer for making them useless and brings the PC to fall into an endless loop of reboots.

Fogging by deflecting

Even if it does not come so far, Rombertik makes the work analysis software difficult: In order not to attract attention, the malware hides itself. Is the 28 kB small installation package gets unpacked, it is 1264 kilobytes long and leads to believe of 8000 program features. Although these are not getting used but makes the analysis extremely complex.

To ensure that the program does not get discovered or it is supposed to run in a sandbox, it uses another perfidious trick: Rombertik writes a file from one byte in a memory sector - 960 million times. Only by logging these processes would result in a log file of 100 gigabyte size explains Talos.

The report of the Talos group says nothing about the spread of Rombertik. User should follow the common recommendations:

Don’t click on links or attachments in emails from unknown senders and use an up to date security software.


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Why all these offered offshore outsourcing campaigns where customer data are involved are nothing else then SCAM?
by Rudolf Faix Tuesday, May 5, 2015 3:08 AM

toys phone cellsLet us take a look first at the data protection law from Australia, European Union and the USA. All this directives and orders have in common that the consumer data are protected by law and this one which has collected them is responsible for the proper use of the collected data. If the data are getting used wrong, then this one, which has collected the data, is responsible in front of the law court for the misusage of the data. The fines are very high. It is not allowed to make data accessible in countries, where this data don’t have at least the same protection like in the country they got collected in respect of the law. Even if consumer data are getting stolen, the company will get prosecuted.

The fines for breaking the law are very high. You can see an example how high the fines are in the article “Data of 280,000 customers stolen: AT & T lost over $ 25 million”. Why companies shall take the risk for paying high fines for making their data accessible to offshore centers? Especially if they find out how the data are getting traded in the call center industry. The following screenshot from Facebook is showing how protected data are getting offered:

Facebook offers  Amit Girje

The above screenshot is only one example from many. Such data are not getting offered only on Facebook. You can find such offers at LinkedIn and a lot of sites.

As long as in your country is not the same or a better data protection rule guaranteed by law you are only able to use the already heavy used data, which are traded between the centers. This called one will not be really in the mood to buy something.

Even companies which are transferring consumer data between the USA and the European Union need to be certified by the international U.S.-EU Save Harbor Framework. The certification need to get renewed yearly. You can read about a judgment at "FTC Settles with Two Companies Falsely Claiming to Comply with International Safe Harbor Privacy Framework".

The next problem for call centers is the “Do Not Call List” where you have to scrub up your data against the list. You are declaring by signing up to the Don’t Call List that you are telemarketer and you’ll respect the local law. In this case you make yourself prosecutable to the local law and this law can get executed because you have accepted it before. Ignoring the Don’t Call List can result in high fines. The fines can get international prosecuted.

The next problem for call centers is the “Do Not Call List” where you have to scrub up your data against the list. You are declaring by signing up to the Don’t Call List that you are telemarketer and you’ll respect the local law. In this case you make yourself prosecutable to the local law and this law can get executed because you have accepted it before. Ignoring the Don’t Call List can result in high fines. The fines can get international prosecuted. An example of such a judgment can get read at "Court Grants Partial Summary Judgment in FTC Case Against Dish Network, Finding the Company Liable for Tens of Millions of Telemarketing Violations". That such judgments can get international prosecuted if proven by "Federal Court Orders Tech Support Scammers to Pay More Than $5.1 Million". All the Indian companies, which have been involved in this case, have been running into bankruptcy.

Centers you are searching for inbound campaigns? Think about who will be calling a company. What can you do with an inbound caller if you don’t have access to the consumer data because they are protected by law? For this are all inbound campaigns nothing else then SCAM.

Centers you are searching for form filling processes? Think about which data you need to put into a form. Since years all the consumer data are getting collected at the point of sales. In the USA even the signature get collected from digitizer pad. For copy and paste nobody will pay your agents. There are enough programs for automatize the process available. They are even cheaper than the salary of one agent for a month. For this reason all form filling processes are only scam.

If you think now logically, then you know why all this inbound campaigns and form filling processes are only getting offered with a huge upfront payment. Even the scammer has no other chance to get some money if he does not get it from you. He has no chance to get such a process and cheat you after you have done the work.

Even the client tries to burden all the legal risks to the centers by hiring them on a pay per sale base. For this they can say in front of the law court that they have only bought some leads from you and you have been working on your own risk.

A serious client will support you with phone numbers based on his selection. This phone numbers will be already scrubbed against the Do Not Call list. He will also provide you with an extension to his own phone system because he likes that the called ones are coming back to him for the case they have some questions or need some help.

A serious client will hire a marketing agency in his own country or living area and not a suspicious campaign broker from a low wage country, which try to make money with his campaign. The hired agency has the order to search for the best center for the client and gets paid from the client directly.

All other kinds of clients will burden you up the legal risk and they will provide you with products, which are already well-known from the email spam. For the case that you’ll not make enough sales to survive they even will tell you that you should buy some better data and to provide a better work. They even will lie you by telling that other centers are making sales with each call.


E-Mail Scammer: Balasubramaniam calcsoft - balasubramaniam.calcsoft - CALC SOFT PVT LTD - - AMAZE SOFTWARE
by Rudolf Faix Saturday, May 2, 2015 6:26 AM

hand with money coming out of the monitorYesterday I got a spam email from the scammer Balasubramaniam calcsoft. Until now this scammer does not know that high sensitive personal data cannot get outsourced into a country where the protection of the data is not guaranteed. The client would make himself punishable if the personal data are coming into the public. There are already enough judgements from US courts available where clients have broken the data protection act. Similar is it in Europe.

The scammer does even not know that there is software available, which makes the copy & paste form filling process obsolete. So why shall pay a client for months or years more then US$ 1000 per agent, when he can get a better work without failures faster done by buying a software for less then US$ 500.

All the offered processes have something in common. The upfront fee is INR 100000 for each process. This already qualifies the scam because it shows that the scammer has no contract with the client. For this he cannot guarantee you something for your payment.

All offered campaigns are containing sensitive data, which are protected by the data protection act. You can take a look at a short overview about the data protection law in the different countries at Even some of the rules there are already outdated, because with the time the rules are coming more restrictive. For this you should follow the links there to get the actual information about the data protection law.

On the other side, there are everywhere at the point of sales computer placed. Customer data for all purposes are getting collected at the point of sales places. The get entered immediately. Afterwards the salesperson prints out the contract and the customer has to sign it. In the USA the customers are even signing on a touch pad for confirming the document. If you think that you have to fill forms for insurances, health care, loans, telecoms, etc. then you are wrong. A customer will not come a second time to the office for signing the form. He will go there, where his wish will get fulfilled immediately. Today nobody will wait until his form will get prepared after weeks!

For all this reasons all the form filling processes are nothing else than SCAM.


Von: Balasubramaniam calcsoft <>
bcc: an Sie
Datum: 1. Mai 2015 um 21:31
Gesendet von:
Signiert durch:

Hello Sir/Mam
Please find the attachements 
As per your requirement on the projects pls go through the below details :
Step 1 : Need to select the process you want to start from the  provided details
Step 2 : If required to verify the SLA,  need to sign the NDA and we will provide the draft SLA for your reference.
Step 3 : After all the verification if you are interested to go ahead for the signup forward your Company profile
representative (in case of offline process).
Step 4 : Consultancy charge should be paid 
Step 4 : Based upon the above we will take a prior appointment with the client for the signup purpose and also  the agreement documents will be prepared.
Step 5 : On the fixed appointment we will make you meet the client,  you can discuss anything and everything with the client regarding the process.
Step 6 : Do the Signup 
Once the signup is done your online training and demo work will start.
Captions of the Projects given below 
Interested centers please revert back asap with their company Profiles.
New centers will be also excepted, no need of experience.
Thanks & Regards
Skype id :balasubramaniam.calcsoft
Contact no:+917358203023


<pstyle="font-size: 12.8000001907349px;"="">Domain Name: CALCSOFT.NET
Registry Domain ID: 1724289207_DOMAIN_NET-VRSN
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Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2015-06-01T03:03:52Z
Registrar:, LLC
Registrar IANA ID: 146
Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.480-624-2505
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DNSSEC: unsigned
URL of the ICANN WHOIS Data Problem Reporting System:
Last update of WHOIS database: 2015-5-2T1:00:00Z


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