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RSSBlog Rudolf Faix (34)

Date Title Comments Rating
2016-09-11 Scammer Umar Ashfaq - from Pakistan Comments 5
2016-09-06 Indian LinkedIn Scammer: Diya Mehta likes to be Business Development Manager at MNC Comments None
2016-09-05 Scammer: - Vikram Pratap Singh - Priya Sajnani Comments 3.7
2016-06-10 An UK company needs to hide themselves: LEADCO LIMITED - Comments 3
2016-05-31 Farukh Shah - NIFTEL COMMUNICATION LTD - the lies are continuing ... Comments 5
2016-05-27 Fake News from India: Email Was Invented By A 14 Year Old Indian Boy 32 Years Ago..... Comments 1
2016-03-11 Scam free campaigns - only 3 brokers got found during the last year Comments 5
2016-01-22 Chandra Gupta - Kreation Next - - likes to make money from scammers Comments None
2015-09-18 Christopher Caudle likes to get more publicity for Ma Eliza Reyes Reburiano Comments None
2015-09-12 The red herring and/or deception around Wesley Jon Pollard Comments 1
2015-09-10 Is Christopher Caudle more than just a friend of the alleged scammer Wesley Jon Pollard? Comments 1
2015-09-05 FTC Statement Virtual Voice Technology - CallAssistant - from Vance Vogel Comments None
2015-09-01 Is the use of the Avatar technology in the U.S. illegal (Robocalls)? Comments None
2015-08-31 U.S. FTC - The Federal Trade Commission - Illegal Robocalls Comments None
2015-05-29 Does SEO - Search Engine Optimization bring traffic to your site? Comments None
2015-05-12 Windows 10 Software as a Service Comments 1
2015-04-27 Fake Scam Alerts - Is it only a revenge? Comments None
2015-04-24 Scammer: Castle Pension Solutions - - Paul Rowe - Nick Danks Comments None
2015-04-21 Internet without promotion: Adguard AdBlocker browser extension Comments None
2015-04-10 Austrian trial: Facebook reproaches Schrems “pseudo-class action” Comments None
2015-04-06 Why Google denies us real end-to-end encryption? Comments None
2015-04-06 Operator of revenge porn site sentence for a long time in prison Comments None
2015-04-02 Offset uncomfortable official for the 45th time Comments None
2015-04-02 SPAM from an anti email spammer tool: Comments None
2015-03-30 Jailbreak via e-mail Scams Comments None
2015-03-15 The truth about insurances Comments None
2015-03-08 Buy & Sell - financial instruments Comments None
2015-02-28 What can happen if you are using a picture from the Internet for your profile - FUNNY Comments None
2015-02-14 Ex-Mesa mortgage company employee gets prison in fraud case Comments None
2015-02-14 US Government builds "Memex Deep Web Search Engine" to Track Criminals Comments None
2015-02-14 WakeUpNow Retail Sales Comments None
2015-02-09 Spamming at LinkedIn and similar websites Comments None
2015-02-04 The best way for NOT making business at LinkedIn Comments None
2015-02-03 The end of AdBlock Plus - Free Services don't have a long lifetime Comments None

RSSCall Center (19)

Date Title Comments Rating
2015-05-18 Fraud or Fact: Infinite Business Connection, LLC - IBC LLC - - Ron Guzman Comments None
2015-04-27 Do you like to know why the offshore call center industry is going down? Comments None
2015-04-01 Dubious "award winning free cloud based software for contact centers" Comments 1
2015-03-28 Sperian Engergy - How call center marketing can go into the wrong direction Comments None
2015-03-14 Open Source Call Center Software: GOautodial - easy and FREE OF CHARGE Comments None
2015-02-23 A typical product, which is unsaleable: Timesharing Comments None
2015-02-22 Analyzing the offers for offshore call centers Comments None
2015-02-21 Would you buy something in a shop, where the salesman is hiding himself behind a mask? Comments None
2015-02-18 Can you suggest me some how should i proceed with outsourcing my processes? Comments None
2015-02-13 The Business Advisor Kaushik Ganguly, with "16 years experience", does not know for whom he is working Comments None
2015-02-09 Outbound sales - products and promised earnings Comments None
2015-02-07 A translation of a promoted call center campaign at LinkedIn Comments None
2015-02-03 An repeated question from call center owners: How we can find business opportunities? Comments None
2015-02-02 Offshore outsourcing - You get what you pay for Comments None
2015-02-01 CALL CENTERS, DON'T GET CAUGHT! Comments None
2015-02-01 Not really a new and good idea - playing prerecorded messages Comments None
2015-02-01 One of the "brokers/consultants" is already afraid about his business Comments None
2015-01-31 The “genuine campaigns” from the brokers Comments None
2015-01-31 Beginners guide for Call Center Comments None

RSSCall Center Quality Guidelines (7)

Date Title Comments Rating
2015-03-02 Top Outsourcing Concerns Comments None
2015-03-01 Different kinds of dialer for call centers Comments None
2015-02-27 Centers go into direction quality – learn first to say “NO” to offers Comments None
2015-02-16 Outsourcer decide which quality level you need Comments None
2015-02-16 Call center owners go quality instead of quantity Comments None
2015-02-14 Handling difficult and angry people on the phone Comments None
2015-02-14 Recommendations for Call Center Agents Comments None

RSSCall Center Slavery Offers (5)

Date Title Comments Rating
2015-09-07 The Marketing Source - Robbie Middleton - sent a bad joke instead of a proof Comments 5
2015-09-03 Slavery offer: CCL VVT none Voice or Semi-Voice campaign - The Marketing Source Comments 5
2015-04-28 A Scammer likes to reinvent the Slavery: Samad Gour - CEO at CS Live Solution Pvt.Ltd Comments None
2015-03-22 Slavery offer: Virtual Voice Technologies (VVT) Cruise campaign Comments None
2015-02-15 A LinkedIn offer where the broker likes to reinvent the slavery - David Goodstein Comments None

RSSFree VoIP numbers (3)

Date Title Comments Rating
2015-06-26 Scammer: Anil Sharma - International Premium Numbers - Comments None
2015-03-17 Free UK phone number Comments None
2015-03-16 Free New York State phone number Comments None

RSSFraud and Scam (29)

Date Title Comments Rating
2017-09-09 SPRL Portalinks - - from Belgium a scammer who likes to be a VoIP provider Comments None
2017-08-28 Farukh Shah - Niftel Communication LTD - one year after the last report - compulsory strike-off Comments None
2016-09-12 Tech Support Scam - German state attorney working together with Indian authorities Comments 5
2016-05-18 A marketing deadbeat like to generate traffic to his site - Comments 5
2016-05-17 High risk for getting scammed: Larry Halili - Comments 5
2016-01-11 Tech Support Scam - Scamming the Scammers Comments 5
2015-11-29 Important information about non-voice processes (form filling, backoffice, etc.) and inbound campaigns Comments 5
2015-08-31 U.S. FTC - The Federal Trade Commission - Illegal Robocalls Comments None
2015-08-16 The scam with premium phone numbers Comments None
2015-07-02 Email Job Scam: JOB OPENING AT TOTAL OIL AND GAS (USA) Comments None
2015-06-03 Why all these campaign offers from the low wage countries are SCAM? Comments None
2015-05-26 Scammer are lazy - they are even too lazy to describe their campaign offers Comments None
2015-05-23 Published Sexual Preference of millions of people Comments None
2015-05-04 You have not won the "Microsoft Lottery" Comments None
2015-05-03 Microsoft does not request credit card information to validate your copy of Windows Comments None
2015-04-29 Microsoft does not make unsolicited phone calls to help you fix your computer Comments None
2015-04-29 Microsoft does not send unsolicited communication about security updates Comments None
2015-04-20 Scamwarning: Book Typing, Proof Reading, All types of Form Filling, HTML Tagging Comments None
2015-04-14 Over 50 fake call centres in Delhi-NCR duping job seekers Comments None
2015-04-07 SCAM: Windows pop up calls - the best way to end up in jail Comments 5
2015-03-15 UK: PPI – Payment Protection Insurance – the big mis-selling scandal Comments None
2015-02-19 Facebook group "USA Business Opportunity Marketing" the group of the SCAMMERS Comments None
2015-02-19 There are companies in North of India who are spamming and collecting upfront Comments None
2015-02-06 The SCAM with the “Security deposit” Comments None
2015-02-05 Spam and scam with "FREE" eBooks Comments None
2015-02-01 Are not all scammer from "....." and "........"? Comments None
2015-01-31 The SCAM with the consultant fee Comments None
2015-01-31 Business and scammer Comments None
2015-01-31 Spammer, scammer and the anonymity of the Internet Comments None

RSSDefense (15)

Date Title Comments Rating
2015-05-15 Scammer are inventing outsourcing campaigns - Outsourcing Logic...Missing!!!! Comments None
2015-05-05 Why all these offered offshore outsourcing campaigns where customer data are involved are nothing else then SCAM? Comments None
2015-03-29 Scam and Scammer - how to identify them Comments 3
2015-03-25 Skype: Locate your Chat Partner Comments None
2015-03-09 How to identify scam and bad selling products without making a background check – a translation between promotion and reality Comments None
2015-02-24 A new idea from a broker or a scammer - only $250 for a security deposit (refundable) Comments None
2015-02-15 Open Source Advertisement Blocker: Adblock Plus Comments None
2015-02-13 Fraud warning sites Comments None
2015-02-11 Documents and contracts confirmed by a notary (powers-of-attorney) Comments None
2015-02-08 Avoiding getting scammed - make a background check Comments None
2015-02-02 Using Google for making a background check of your business partner Comments None
2015-01-31 “Don’t try to make business with spammers, you’ll get scammed“ is the golden rule at the Internet Comments None
2015-01-31 The “genuine campaigns” from the brokers Comments None
2015-01-31 Avoiding to get scammed Comments None
2015-01-30 How to identify scammer by using free tools from the Internet Comments None

RSSScammer Exposed (168)

Date Title Comments Rating
2017-10-16 Scammer: - WORLDLINE COMMUNICATION - Stéphane Haddad Comments None
2017-09-09 SPRL Portalinks - - from Belgium a scammer who likes to be a VoIP provider Comments None
2017-04-20 Venu Gophal - a scammer tries to survive with a revenge posting Comments 1.8
2017-04-18 Scammer Pete Bragansa dismantles himself in his defense Comments 5
2017-04-18 Scammer: Peter Bragansa aka David Gordon - - Tech Support Payment Gateway Comments 5
2017-03-03 Scammer: Peter Bragansa is overestimating himself Comments 5
2017-03-02 Scammer: Manuel Rubindecelis - - Comments None
2017-03-01 Scammer: Peter Bragansa - Yenda Liboon - All Fix Tech - Comments None
2017-02-27 Tech Support Scammer: Seven Monies Services Ltd. - Geetika Dawer - Arora Ashish - Canada and UK Comments 3
2017-02-26 Tech Support Scammer - ADS O CLICK LIMITED - UK Company Number 10219203 Comments None
2017-02-24 Scammer: Peter Bragansa - - Tech Support Payment Gateway Comments 1
2017-02-08 Scammer: Dylan McMasters - - NEW IBO Birch Program for Safe Link...... Comments None
2017-01-20 Scammer: HiFlyer Soft Bags Private Limited - Vikram Pratap Singh - Priya Sajnani Comments 5
2017-01-14 Scammer: Alpine BPO Services - Vikram Gupta - - Anil Aghori - Jitender Kumar Comments 5
2017-01-11 Scammer Syed Wasi Haider - - Shahhaider05 - Comments 5
2016-11-10 Scammer: Ascent Bpo Services Pvt. Ltd - - Manoranjan Kumar - Davinder Sharma Comments 5
2016-11-09 Security Deposit Scammer: HiFlyer Outsourcing - Vikram Pratap Singh - KrunalKanth Solanki Comments None
2016-10-14 Scammer YMR-BPO - Andy Cooper - I do not know what drugs he takes, but they must act devilishly Comments 5
2016-09-14 Investment Scammer: Jörg M. Pohlig - WWFN - World Wide Funding Comments 5
2016-09-11 Scammer Umar Ashfaq - from Pakistan Comments 5
2016-09-06 Indian LinkedIn Scammer: Diya Mehta likes to be Business Development Manager at MNC Comments None
2016-09-05 Scammer: - Vikram Pratap Singh - Priya Sajnani Comments 3.7
2016-07-22 Funny - one scammer likes to verify other scammers - Comments None
2016-06-30 Scammer: Anjali Sharma - Triology Managament Service Comments None
2016-06-29 Scammer from Pakistan: MJ Technologies - Comments 5
2016-06-27 Scammer: Syphar Technosoft Pvt Ltd - Amit Yog - Deepali Sharma - unable to pay their staff Comments 5
2016-06-22 An example about some people are thinking that offshore outsourcing is working Comments 5
2016-06-19 Ravi Jagasia or the devil fears holy water Comments None
2016-06-15 Scammer: - Kshitij Tripathi - Gaurav Sharma Comments 5
2016-06-12 Scammer: Govindaraj Hariharan - Manickam Tamilselvan - Comments 5
2016-06-02 Scammer: - Jason Macosme - likes to get campaigns with lies Comments 5
2016-05-30 Warning: Prachi Solutions - - Vasudev Bhat - Farukh Shah Comments None
2016-05-16 Scammer: Ayush Baruwal - Rakesh Shendge Dwarkanath - Cybersygns Network Private Limited Comments 5
2016-05-16 Scammer: Ayush Baruwal - Cybersygns Network Private Limited - Genuine Auto Spares - Edata Vendors Comments None
2016-05-15 - Mr. Patel - Vishal Raval - A cartoon likes to scam Comments None
2016-04-23 Scammer: Nisha choubey declares himself and the Mantra Group to be a scammer Comments 5
2016-03-22 Scammer: Arexo BPO Solutions - Aman Kumar - Raj Kumar - likes to have a copyright on his scam Comments 4.7
2016-03-14 The scammer Mel Puleo thinks that the sun is shining 24 hours a day Comments 5
2016-03-13 The scammer Mel Puleo shows what he understands as a proof Comments 3.7
2016-03-12 Scammer from U.S. - Mel Puleo - Comments 5
2016-03-03 Scammer: Asif Iqbal Ahmed - Skype: asifiahmed - +919903326185 - Comments 5
2016-03-02 Scammer: Sebastien Serret - SeptConsult Limited - is running out of arguments Comments 5
2016-02-29 Scammer: Sept Consult - Sebastien Serret - Restaurant booking at the Seychelles Comments 5
2016-02-26 Scammer: Deepankar Sharma - - - - Comments 5
2016-02-23 Scammer: Sandeep Yadav - ACE Infosys - Comments 5
2016-02-21 Scammer - Jainam Shah - SHR Solutions - - Vikram Pratap Singh Comments None
2016-02-20 Yop Services - a reaction of a scammer - Seebee Singh Dailwar Comments None
2016-02-19 Scammer: SHR Solution - Kashyap Bhatt - DAILYMOTION VIDEO UPLOADING PROCESS Comments 5
2016-02-16 A seldom stupid Scammer: Yop Services - - Madhya Pradesh - Pushpam Singh Comments None
2016-02-12 Scammer: ACE Infosys - - Viral Pithadiya - - Niraj Shah Comments 5
2016-02-10 Anatomy of a scam - Sun Edison Inc. - Richard Doyen - Emmanuel Salamat (Logan) - Reginald Alexandre Comments None
2016-02-06 Scammer - Vikram Pratap Singh - needs urgently some money Comments 4.5
2016-01-31 Tech Support Scammer - Pashin Infotech Pvt. Ltd. - Pintu Singh - likes to get rich quick by scamming Comments 5
2016-01-25 Scammer Svend Kleh - not paying the centers Comments 5
2016-01-23 Scammer: Reggie Alexandre - centers and others are not getting paid Comments 3.7
2016-01-13 Advance Billing, Advance Payment and Payout US$ 10/Agent/Hour Comments 5
2016-01-06 Advance Fee Scammer: - Earoal Technologies - has even not enough money for a privacy protection service Comments 5
2015-12-24 Scammer: - BISWA BIJAYEE RAY - does not know how payroll data are getting handled Comments 5
2015-12-19 Scammer: Sandeep Yadav - Viral Pithadiya - - does even not know what legal services are Comments 5
2015-12-12 Scammer: Alia Khan - - Global Era Infotech - Bhavesh Dholakiya Comments 4.5
2015-12-12 A new idea from the scammer - Phani Indra - Malladi Phanindra Comments None
2015-12-09 Scammer Himesh Rajput Comments None
2015-12-08 Scammer: Angel Kashyap - - angel.kashyap2 - angel ztechsolutins Comments None
2015-11-25 Scammer Rajib Singh - BDM Eastedge promotes campaigns without any advance fee and contradicts himself in the offer Comments None
2015-11-24 A funny chat with a scammer Comments None
2015-11-23 Scammer: 9FRAMES INFO SERVICES LLP - - Comments 5
2015-11-20 Tech Support Scammer: G. P. Singh - Comments None
2015-11-19 An unbelievable offer from SYNTEL Pvt. Ltd. Australia - or to rent is more expensive than to buy Comments None
2015-11-17 Scammer: Phani Indra - Malladi Phanindra - - with unbelievable offers Comments None
2015-11-11 Scammer: Virat Singh - +91-8154002711 Comments None
2015-11-08 Scammer: Whitewave Outsourcing - Rajeev Lamba - Comments None
2015-10-31 Scammer - Manoj Kumar Devisetty - - Comments None
2015-10-23 Scammer: BA Communications Inc. - Edward Baptist - tries to get your hard earned money with lies Comments 5
2015-10-16 Scammer WeyBee Solutions - - Sangini Mishra - likes to get rich quick Comments 5
2015-10-06 Are the bpo center owners the stupidest people of the world? Comments None
2015-09-19 LinkedIn Scammer: munna shaikh - confirms that he has no contract with any client Comments 5
2015-09-08 Scammer: SHR Solution - - Vikram Pratap Singh Comments None
2015-09-02 Scammer: Omer Ali - Oceanspace Innovative service pvt Ltd - wants to become self-credible by attacking me and my blog Comments None
2015-08-29 Blackmailer: Krishna Varma - Hyderabad - Comments None
2015-08-27 Scammer: TechSai Solutions - - Comments None
2015-08-26 Scammer: Greevio Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - G. PRADEEP KUMAR - Comments 5
2015-08-25 Scammer Wesley Jon Pollard - - - Comments None
2015-08-24 Scammer: Deepak Parmar is misusing the company documents from INFOCL Technologies Pvt Ltd. Comments None
2015-08-23 A seldom stupid scammer: Sagar Gupta - Webourney Consulting Services Comments 5
2015-08-19 Scammer: Pritesh Pradeep Saitwal - Ganesh Dhananjay Godse - Bankruptcy ARIMA APP STORE Comments None
2015-08-15 Scammer: - Prince Technology - India Comments None
2015-08-12 A very stupid scammer: Sun Step Infotech Pvt Ltd - Parikshit Nayak Comments 5
2015-08-11 Scammer: Aditi Rao - likes to get rich by copying campaigns Comments 5
2015-08-09 Scammer: Miracle Consultancy India Private Limited - Aman Gupta & Puneet Wadhwa Comments None
2015-08-08 Richa Software Solutions - Payment Proof? Comments 5
2015-08-05 Scammer: Richa Jain - invented campaigns without any knowledge Comments 5
2015-08-05 One more SCAM campaign from Richa Software Solutions - Image to Notepad conversion Comments 5
2015-07-22 Scammer: Ravi Bhojane - data extraction from resumes Comments 5
2015-07-21 Fake emails which seems to be from Rudolf Faix - - Comments 5
2015-07-17 A Scammer tries to bark: Ambuj Sahoo - Richa Software Solutions - Comments 5
2015-07-14 Scammer: INKESHKUMAR P PARMAR S/O SHRI PRAVINKUMAR MOHANLAL PARMAR - Skope Outsourcing Comments None
2015-07-09 Scammer: Richa Software Solutions - - Ambuj Sahoo - Priti Das Comments 5
2015-07-07 Scammer: Star Technologies - Form Filling Comments None
2015-07-05 Scammer: - Syphar Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. - Janvi Pathak Comments None
2015-07-04 Scammer & Liar: M Hamza Alvi Comments None
2015-06-30 Scammer: - Innovative Tech Solutions - Nikhil Zope - Sushma Gyani Comments 1
2015-06-26 Scammer: BlessMantra Infotech Pvt. Ltd. - - Ambuj Mehta Comments None
2015-06-26 Scammer: Anil Sharma - International Premium Numbers - Comments None
2015-06-26 Form Filling Scammer: SurfaceBPO - Purushottam Maheshwari - Comments None
2015-06-25 Scammer: Wizard Technologies - Kruti Thakkar - Comments 5
2015-06-25 Scammer: Vrogem Global Solutions - Gourav Jain Comments None
2015-06-24 Scammer: Avantika Nair - copying campaigns from others to get huge upfronts Comments None
2015-06-22 High Risk getting Scammed: KS Advisors - Jasper Blunt - Comments None
2015-06-21 Scammer: Mohan Raj - Bangalore - phone: 8971727049 - skype: ivr.mohanraj Comments None
2015-06-16 Scammer: Prabhat Goel is copying campaigns from Deep Blue Marketing Comments 5
2015-06-09 Scammer: - - Hitesh Bulde Comments None
2015-06-08 Very Suspicious: - MIyan Shafeeq - Jhagvi Limited - JPL International Comments None
2015-06-05 Scammer & Identity Theft: Thomas Tryon - Comments None
2015-05-30 Scammer: - Smart Human Resource Solution Pvt. Ltd. - Vikram Pratap Singh Comments 5
2015-05-27 Scam Alert: Raylon Technologies - - Offline Telecom (Mobile) Insurance Form Filling Comments None
2015-05-25 Email Scammer: - - Update Comments None
2015-05-25 Scammer: - Priyesh Rao - iPhone & iPad Tech Inbound Calls Comments None
2015-05-24 Scammer: Castle Pension Solutions - - Paul Rowe - Nick Danks - follow up Comments 5
2015-05-22 Scammer: Gaby Anderson - Comments None
2015-05-21 Spammer & Scammer: - Comments None
2015-05-21 Email Scammer: from China Comments None
2015-05-19 Scammer: Fast Services 1, Inc - George Raul Franco Comments None
2015-05-17 Scammer: Matrix Infotech - Farhan Khan - Comments None
2015-05-16 Scammer: Richa Jain from Facebook and BPO Friends Comments None
2015-05-15 Scammer: Syphar Technosoft Pvt Ltd - - Suhani Jain - Rashmi Patel Comments 5
2015-05-13 Scammer: - - - Latest Mailing Database - e-Market Guruz Comments 5
2015-05-13 Scammer: Abacus Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd - Comments 5
2015-05-11 Skype Scammer: azishio1126 - Jubril Mirza (ESQ) - - Comments None
2015-05-08 Tech Support Scammer: Mani Miller on Facebook Comments None
2015-05-08 Email Scammer: Pigeon It Solution Pvt Ltd - - Comments None
2015-05-07 Skype Scammer: katsunori1207 - Edward Armah Mensah - from Accra, Ghana Comments None
2015-05-07 Scammer: Rohit Malhotra - Accent Technologies - USA Airlines Customer Care INBOUND Process Comments 4
2015-05-02 Scam campaign from Comments None
2015-05-02 E-Mail Scammer: Balasubramaniam calcsoft - balasubramaniam.calcsoft - CALC SOFT PVT LTD - - AMAZE SOFTWARE Comments None
2015-05-01 Scammer: Mohamed Elsayed - Kevin Steve - Kareem Sallam from Egypt is searching for new victims Comments None
2015-04-30 Scammer: SaiEsario Technologies - - Comments None
2015-04-28 A Scammer likes to reinvent the Slavery: Samad Gour - CEO at CS Live Solution Pvt.Ltd Comments None
2015-04-24 Scammer: Castle Pension Solutions - - Paul Rowe - Nick Danks Comments None
2015-04-24 Scammer Global Technology and Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd. - - J K Rana Comments None
2015-04-23 Presumptive scammer Josoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd - Comments None
2015-04-22 a fraudster with Microsoft Gold Partner certification Comments None
2015-04-16 SCAMMER: and Comments None
2015-04-15 Scammer: Rajesh Bishambar Agarwal aka Rakesh Goel Comments None
2015-04-11 Scammer: Vikram Pratap Singh - SCISOLUTIONS.US, ALDIABLOS.US, ALDIABLOS.COM and SHRSOLUTION.ORG Comments 1
2015-04-10 Scammer: Alacris Infotech – Satish Satz Comments None
2015-04-05 Don’t make business with Rohit Khatri and Navdeep Bhagia - both are liars Comments None
2015-03-29 Scammer: ASTRAL LEGAL SOLUTIONS LLC - Eryka Johnson from Atlanta, Georgia, USA Comments 5
2015-03-27 Scammer: Rohit Malhotra - Accent Technologies with missing geography knowledge Comments None
2015-03-21 Christine Wisner - she tries to explain me that I'm wrong Comments None
2015-03-21 Christine Wisner tries to save what can still be saved Comments None
2015-03-20 Presumptive scammer Christine Wisner Comments None
2015-03-19 Lexicon Technologies - Kavitha Kavi - a scammer, which cannot show her/his face Comments None
2015-03-18 Call centers read the given scripts and conditions very carefully Comments None
2015-03-18 Another kind of identity theft - - Comments None
2015-03-17 Fraud with Windows Pop Up calls - euroanswerllc com Comments None
2015-03-13 - Thomas Tryon - is hiding his identity - this seems to be a scam Comments None
2015-03-10 SCAM about died bank customers with millions on their accounts Comments None
2015-03-07 Meldy Brett - a typical Facebook dating scammer Comments None
2015-03-07 The Gold Dust SCAM Comments None
2015-03-05 Aldiablos Infotech Pvt. Ltd. – aldiablos com proves that they are scammer Comments None
2015-02-28 Analyzing the SCAM – avoid to get scammed this way Comments None
2015-02-24 Who scammed whom? I recommend to all: Do NOT pay any upfront! Comments None
2015-02-19 Facebook group "USA Business Opportunity Marketing" the group of the SCAMMERS Comments None
2015-02-19 There are companies in North of India who are spamming and collecting upfront Comments None
2015-02-13 The Business Advisor Kaushik Ganguly, with "16 years experience", does not know for whom he is working Comments None
2015-02-12 What they could do wrong, they did wrong: Ishita Choudhary - Comments None
2015-02-05 Is esperanzaconsultancy com a scammer or not? Comments None
2015-02-03 Kevin Steve aka Kareem Sallam from Egypt Comments None

RSSSecurity (15)

Date Title Comments Rating
2015-06-12 Caught WhatsApp messages leaded to Belgian terrorist captures Comments None
2015-06-04 Android Ransomware - Porn Droid Comments 4
2015-06-04 Malware application for non-jailbroken iPhones Comments None
2015-05-31 UNCERTAIN APPS: millions of customer data at risk Comments None
2015-05-31 Be careful with the instant message that crashes iPhones and iWatch Comments None
2015-05-30 Earnings of Thieves Selling Your Personal Data Online Comments None
2015-05-06 Rombertik: Malware deletes itself during discovery - together with the hard drive content Comments None
2015-04-09 Data of 280,000 customers stolen: AT&T lost over $ 25 million Comments None
2015-04-05 Phishing e-mails with instructions of the boss often successfully Comments None
2015-04-05 Facebook profiles in danger: Beware of fake warnings Comments None
2015-03-31 360 Total Security - powerful and free of charge Comments None
2015-03-24 Bios vulnerabilities: Researchers see millions of computers at risk Comments None
2015-03-24 Apple kicks anti-virus apps from the app store Comments None
2015-02-27 Tor Browser 4.0.4 Released Comments None
2015-02-18 NSA Planted Stuxnet-Type Malware Deep Within Hard Drive Firmware Comments None


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