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Why all these campaign offers from the low wage countries are SCAM?
by Rudolf Faix Wednesday, June 3, 2015 9:13 AM

Scam SchoolA company, which likes to outsource a campaign, is searching for a consultancy or outsourcing agency locally. The reason for this is that they like to feel save and have the same law situation for a contract. A local company can get easily verified. The hired consultancy agency gets paid from the outsourcer directly. It is normal that this one, which hires someone, pays the bill for it. For this are all these campaign offers with upfronts, royalty or however the fee is getting called nothing else then scam, because it shows that the broker or consultant does not have any contract with the client.

If a outsourcer is searching on the Internet abroad, then this one will not search for a consultancy agency or broker. Such a company is searching directly for a center, which can do the work. The contract structure and the verification process will be much more costly in time and workforce then to hire a consultant, which is doing all the work for them.

Additional has each one to respect the law in the destination country of the call. Consumer and customer data are in the traditional outsourcing countries (Australia, Canada, Europe Union, Ireland, New Zealand, USA, etc.) protected by law and are not allowed that others get access to them. Even if customer data are getting stolen this one, which has stored them, has to pay a fine. A nice example for this is the case from AT&T where 280,000 customer records got stolen from their own call center staff. AT&T had to pay a fine of US$ 25,000,000 for this case.  Do you really think that one of such companies give you access to their customer database when they are expecting such fines?

This shows already the reason why all the offered inbound and form filling campaigns are nothing else then scam.  You need only to think about it who is calling or which kind of forms should get filled. The most calls a company receive are coming from customers of the company. What can you do with such an incoming call if you have no access to the customer database? You are only able to forward the call to somebody, which has access to it. In such a case this one can pick up the call by himself too. The company will not save anything by outsourcing such a process. So why they shall outsource this kind of process?

Think now about the form filling process. Such campaigns have been available before the digital revolution has started. I started programming computer systems around 38 years ago. Since 30 years are already personal computer available. 1986 got the SQL (Structured Query Language) the first standardization. Since around 20 years are SQL databases in common use for storing data. That means all the data, which should get filled in forms, are already since more than 20 years digital available and the programs are able to fill forms automatically. There is no need to enter some data manually – the digital Stone Age is already a long time over! Why should you pay someone for a copy and paste work if there are programs are available which are doing the work within seconds?

Do you really think that any author is writing by hand or on a type writer? The first program I remember having used for writing letters has been Wordstar. The version 1 got sold already in the year 1978. It has been running on the CP/M System from Digital Research already and got later on ported to the system of MSDOS. Since 1983 is Microsoft Word available. Why should an author use a type writer or write his books by hand in this case? It is much easier to type it on a computer and forward it by email to the publisher, the editor can make easily his changes and forward it directly to the pressroom. With the export function is it easily to bring the book without typing into the eBook format. There is no manual interaction necessary. The books are getting stored for a reissue. Even old book got already digitalized during the past 30 years. So there is no need for eBook typing. Think about it, why should you pay an upfront fee for such a work? The answer is very simple: The scammer cannot get paid from any client for the invented process and the upfront fee is his only possible income in this case!

The next big scam is the tech support where the center should buy calls and charge the caller for the provided service.  In this case the center takes the risk about the way the calls are getting generated. A legal way to generate such calls is with advertising not possible. With advertisings at the best visited sites you can get one or two calls per day, because everybody knows someone, which can help by computer problems. The most common problems are network and driver problems. With network problems you have no access to the remote computer and cannot give any help. Driver installation from remote is very difficult too because in the most times you need exactly the model of the hardware part. An end user will not be able to tell it to you. In such a case are only the calls remaining, which are generated by scareware. Such scareware is illegal and the center can up in jail for making money generated by scareware, viruses, ransomware, etc. As the center is making money with the incoming calls is it reasonable that the center is the programmer or the distributor of the criminal software. The seller of the calls will be already trackless disappeared in such a case and the center owner will be alone in front of the law court. The devil takes the hindmost.


Which campaigns are remaining for offshore call centers in such a case?

The situation is very simple.  Campaigns other than lead generations from already heavy used data, which are getting traded between the centers, are not really available.

All the offered products from the real campaigns are on a pay per sale base and are well known from the spam emails. To sell such products by already heavy used calling data is not really easy and profitable. It is only profitable for the outsourcer because he is even saving the cost for the staff and has no risk about his product which is unsaleable on a normal way. For the center is it like fishing in troubled waters by taking all the risk.


Scammer are lazy - they are even too lazy to describe their campaign offers
by Rudolf Faix Tuesday, May 26, 2015 6:08 AM

Scammer are too lazy for a normal work, They like to get rich quick without moving themselves. They are even too lazy to write a complete campaign offer with conditions. For this they are only writing a few words as caption and their phone number or email address from a free mailer like gmail. In the case they are writing their phone number they are even too lazy to add the country code.

Screenshot: Scammer offers at LinkedIn

Such an offer can get easily changed to a requested campaign of a center. The phone numbers are mostly prepaid phone numbers, which makes it much more easy for the scammer to disappear after he got some payments. The center has nothing to locate the scammer.

Conclusion: Don't try to make some business with someone, which is too lazy to provide all the campaign descriptions in their posting or on a separate website. Make a background check of your future business partner. If a background check is negative or not possible then forget the offer!

As more campaigns of one person or company are offered as higher is the risk to get scammed.

Forget offers, which are hosted on a free website like weebly or webstarts. Such offers are only for private people to make their family site. A real company will take the afford of a own domain and will not hide themselves behind a proxy service.


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Fraud and Scam

Published Sexual Preference of millions of people
by Rudolf Faix Saturday, May 23, 2015 6:03 AM

Adult Friend FinderSexual orientation or the wish for an affair: Millions extremely piquant data from customer contact platform Adult Friend Finder have surfaced in the Tor network.

Hackers have access to internal databases provides the contact platform Adult Friend Finder is published in the hidden services of the Tor network. This is not just about payment information, but also very personal information, including possible sexual preferences and customer requests for affairs. It affects 3.9 million of claims to have 63 million customers of the company.

Get connection, get sex or someone Hot acquainted, so applying the platform based in California Contact Adult Friend Finder their services. Anyone who registers there must be equal to a few juicy details revealed about himself: homosexuality, sexual preferences and even the nature of this relationship. The stolen data should therefore also reveal who will be unfaithful.

Data of former customers will not be deleted

And apparently, the data will not be erased even by those who have logged on the platform. At least one former client found his data in the published record again. He had soon realized that the contact platform was not for him, because he was looking for a long-term relationship, he said. He had deleted his account there.

Data thieves use once their prey to ship via the tapped email addresses Spam. Former customer reports a true e-mail flood with partly virus-infected attachments.

Much more men than women

The company has now been published on its website the usual tight-lipped note, the incident will be taken seriously and investigated. In addition, the law enforcement agencies had been informed.

Analysis of the data by a British TV broadcaster, however, revealed another interesting observation: At least in the UK, far more men than women have registered on the contact platform - in the ratio 16: 1.


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Fraud and Scam

You have not won the "Microsoft Lottery"
by Rudolf Faix Monday, May 4, 2015 4:00 AM

MicrosoftMicrosoft customers are often targets of a scam that uses email messages to falsely promise money. Victims receive messages claiming "You have won the Microsoft Lottery!" There is no Microsoft Lottery. Delete the message.

If you have lost money to this scam, report it. You can also send the police report to Microsoft and we will use it to help law enforcement catch the criminals who send out these e-mail messages.

To help protect yourself from these e-mail hoaxes, you can use the same general guidance that you use to protect yourself from phishing scams.


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Fraud and Scam

Microsoft does not request credit card information to validate your copy of Windows
by Rudolf Faix Sunday, May 3, 2015 4:17 AM

Visa, MastercardMicrosoft requires that your copy of Windows is legitimate before you can obtain programs from the Microsoft Download Center or receive software updates from Microsoft Update. Microsoft's online process that performs this validation is called the Genuine Advantage Program. At no time during the validation process Microsoft is requesting your credit card information.

In fact, Microsoft does not collect information that can be used to identify you such as your name, email address, or other personal details.

To learn more, read the Genuine Microsoft software program privacy statement.

To learn more about the program in general, see Genuine Windows: frequently asked questions.

(you need to switch your country setting to US/English for following this link)


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Fraud and Scam

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