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by Rudolf Faix Tuesday, July 14, 2015 5:20 AM

RejectedThis case shows exactly the scam what happens if a broker or consultant (Scammer) is offering some campaigns by asking for huge up-front fees. In this case the scammer Skope Outsourcing aka Inkeshkumar P Parmar s/o Shri Pravinkumar Mohanlal Parmar offered a campaign where the client did even not know that he is outsourcing something. With other words the scammer Skope Outsourcing tries to sell dreams.

eMatrix has been so stupid and agreed to pay the highest part of the up-front fee for the process by signing up the MOU and before having a contract with the client. The signing of the SLA got delayed from the scammer Skope Outsorcing. For this eMatrix called the supposed client American Apparels Inc. During the phone call they got the information that American Apparels Inc. DOES NOT OUTSOURCE ANY PROJECT TO OFFSHORE LOCATIONS.

With other words the scammer Skope Outsourcing aka Inkeshkumar P Parmar s/o Shri Pravinkumar Mohanlal Parmar offered a campaign, which does not exist. The campaign got freely invented and as the scammer has taken for a hudge up-front fee is Skope Outsourcing aka Inkeshkumar P Parmar s/o Shri Pravinkumar Mohanlal Parmar nothing else than a criminal which needa to get locked up in jail and the key should be thrown away.

American Apparels Inc. is manufacturing and trading clothing. If eMatrix would have informed themselves before then they would got it by themselves that a chat support process for a shop or a manufacturer would be impossible by the U.S. law because the client cannot give them access to the customer database and without access to the customer database will a support for customers impossible. Which kind of support does he like to give for the customers of a clothing manufacturer? That a blouse should not get used as a slip or that a swimsuit is not the correct dinner outfit?

All the process shows that the scammer Skope Outsourcing aka Inkeshkumar P Parmar s/o Shri Pravinkumar Mohanlal Parmar had never a contract with the client and his only income source is the up-front fee for the process. He only has found an egghead which has paid hm the up-front fee.

The scam is alread found in the offer email from Skope Outsourcing aka Inkeshkumar P Parmar s/o Shri Pravinkumar Mohanlal Parmar:

From: "Skope Outsourcing" <
Sent: 29 May 2015 23:09
Subject: Fwd: regarding chat process

Dear Apratim,


Urgent Center Require only 3 slot left

Chat Support Process (USA online

Garments Company) With Fix Payout

Nature Of work: - Answer all the queries of the USA based customer through

Chats .Center will get a admin portal where they can chat with customer.

PC Required: 10 Seats

Workload: Dependent on center capacity

Contract period: 11 Months

Working Day: 30 Days

Shift: 8 Hour as per USA time Zone

Submission: Daily

Pay Out: $6 / hour/Per Agent

Billing: - 6$ x 8 hours x 10 seat

Example:- If a US dollar Rate is 60.00 (INR) 6$

(360 Inr) x 8Hrs x 10 seats = 28800 Per day

If center runs 26 days in a month then - 28800*26 = 748800/- Approx

Payment: After Invoice within 10 working Days

Payment Cycle: 15 Day

PAY CHANNEL: Cheque or Bank Transfer

Sign up with: - End client based at USA and sign will be at vendor’s office in India

Vendorship Charges:2,50,000

Sign up Procedure:

1. Send your Company profile with Document.

2. After giving the amount the sign up.

3. Training

4. Go live.


1) Center sends Application Form with Complete Company Profile & LOI

2) Center submits following legal papers & certifications : Bank Statements

for last 6 months + IT Returns of last 1 year

3) Pictures of Existing Infra.

4) Pan card Snapshot Required.

5) Center has to ensure that all that is mentioned in the company profile

and other legal papers & certification is true and correct.

* Technical Specifications *


Higher Processors: Windows XP

Desktop Machine with Operating system

CPU: - Dual core 3GHz

Ram 2 GB DDR2/3

LCD 16” inch

HDD 160 GB

Mbps Internet

You Can Get ADVANCE PAYMENT but after 20 days live work.

If you are interested than you can free to call me otherwise sent me your company profile with sanpshots.

We find a big lie alread in the following email from Skope Outsourcing aka Inkeshkumar P Parmar s/o Shri Pravinkumar Mohanlal Parmar - that the client has reviewed the application from the center eMatrix:

From: "Skope Outsourcing" <>
Sent: 29 May 2015 12:46
Subject: Terms and Conditions Signup and Confirmation

Dear Apratim,
                As per the telephonic conversation we had this is inform you Mr Apratim Singh our client has reviewed the company profile and along with Office Snaps hence he is approved your company to move forward to start the campaign with 1 slot. Mr Chris Smith wants to check on with company's registration and DOT Licence certificate kindly send them all ASAP.
Signup Procedure -
1. Onsite Signup - Signup would be held in USA Client Office. All the expenses would be beard by company to USA along side me.
2. Online Onsite Signup- Signup would take place in your own office alongside me would arrange Video Call with client and get the signup Done . Company Needs to bear all traveling expenses from Mumbai to Delhi to and fro for 1 person.
Terms and Condition for Consulting Fees-
Signup Fees - 2,50,000/-
1. 1,50,000 /- is Payable at the time MOU with all Legal Registered agreement
2.    50,000/- is Payable at the time of SLA Signup with Client .
3.    50,000/- is Payable when center goes live on the project.
No Negotiations can be held its nominal fees
Contact Details
Mr. Inkesh
Mobile Number - +91-9860666270
Address - 2nd Floor, Flat No - 207, Virar Garden, Virar ( West ) , Mumbai-401404.

All this behaviour from Skope Outsourcing aka Inkeshkumar P Parmar s/o Shri Pravinkumar Mohanlal Parmar shows the scam. As scam is a crime eMatrix has now the only possibility bring Skope Outsourcing aka Inkeshkumar P Parmar s/o Shri Pravinkumar Mohanlal Parmar in front of the law court. He has a notary signed MOU (MOU with inkesh ematrix llp (pdf) (2.99 mb)) and the payment proves. To bring such scammer behind the bars will give eMatrix only some satisfaction and will not bring him the money back because you cannot reach into the pocket of a naked one!

In any case you should not get impressed from dream offers. Use your brain: as better the offer seems to be as higher is the risk to get scammed. Crying afterwards instead of thinking before is only the second best solution.

Facebook profile of Inkesh Parmar - there you can see that the scammer does not like to provide a man hunt picture by himself.


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