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A typical product, which is unsaleable: Timesharing
by Rudolf Faix Monday, February 23, 2015 9:11 AM

I got during the weekend the following email:

I’m one of your followers here in LinkedIn. We are a new call center here at the Philippines. We are currently dialing 2 outbound campaigns. But i think our current campaigns are not fitted for us. Our clients have positive feedbacks with our agents. But I think our income is not enough to cover our expenses.
We are currently dialing timeshare. For the month of January of the current year we had 60 confirmed appointments but only 14 showed up. Our expenses range for270k-300k. Income is not enough for us to grow. 

The problem is:

  • You’ll not find for this kind of vacations a lot of people.

  • Why should the people limit their self by making for the rest of their life their vacations at the same place?

  • Would you buy something what you use once a year?

  • If you rent a hotel room and have problem with the service, then you’ll change the hotel. With timeshare is this not possible.

  • If there is nature catastrophe or an accident, which makes the beach unusable, then you would not make in such an area vacations. If you have timeshare, you have to pay in any case.

  • If you like to make vacations at another place of the world, you’ll not save anything. Who knows what will happen the next minute. Why you shall make a decision now for the rest of your life?

  • What happens, if the timeshare company runs into bankruptcy? You lose your money or your value too.


Such a product will get bought only from some stupid people. Especially if they have time after saying yes on the phone until going there, they can inform themselves about the system. In such a case they will not show up for making the contract.

I can only say the call center owner is guilty by himself. Maybe he has seen only the amount of the commission and not the product.




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