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Richa Software Solutions - Payment Proof?
by Rudolf Faix Saturday, August 8, 2015 5:44 AM

Richa Software SolutionsRicha Software Solutions tries to impress by sending out payment proves. The problem is only that the attached copies of checks are not a proof and even the amount shows that it is never a payment for a call center.

A copy of a check never guarantees that the recipient got the check and that the bank accepted the check.

More interesting is the amount of the issued checks at the first page: INR 25,000 (~US$ 392) and INR 4,500 (~US$ 70.55). The check numbers are not corresponding with the issued date. The highest issued check included in the Word document is about INR 40,000 (~US$ 627) and the lowest one about INR 1,955 (US$ 30.73). I would be shy to offer someone a payment for a bill by issuing a check with a value under US$ 500.

In any case are the checks not a payment for call centers, because the amount is even for a weekly payment too less. I don't know what Richa Software Solution like to prove with these checks. For me are the amounts more looking that they have been out for lunch or dinner and have paid with checks. Here the collection from the checks of the attached Word file. Only one check is not included because it is from another bank:

Sum   298,993.00 4,699.62
Average   9,060.39 142.41
Check # Date Rupies US$
734333 2013-12-23 7,000.00 110.03
734358 2014-02-06 14,400.00 226.34
734363 2014-02-12 7,000.00 110.03
734367 2014-02-24 7,000.00 110.03
734369 2014-02-24 4,800.00 75.45
747724 2014-03-07 7,000.00 110.03
747727 2014-03-21 7,000.00 110.03
747767 2014-06-26 3,000.00 47.15
747781 2014-07-30 7,000.00 110.03
747788 2014-08-25 14,000.00 220.05
747790 2014-08-27 8,000.00 125.75
747798 2014-09-29 19,200.00 301.79
747805 2014-10-14 9,600.00 150.89
747806 2014-10-21 11,330.00 178.09
747818 2014-11-25 4,000.00 62.87
779923 2014-11-26 11,691.00 183.76
779925 2014-11-26 1,955.00 30.73
779929 2014-12-05 3,000.00 47.15
779930 2014-12-06 9,600.00 150.89
779931 2014-12-06 4,000.00 62.87
779932 2014-12-06 5,000.00 78.59
779944 2014-12-27 6,317.00 99.29
779952 2015-01-21 16,000.00 251.49
779954 2015-01-30 16,000.00 251.49
779955 2015-01-30 9,600.00 150.89
779956 2015-01-30 5,000.00 78.59
779971 2015-03-14 6,000.00 94.31
779975 2015-04-07 5,000.00 78.59
779977 2015-04-09 20,000.00 314.36
779978 2015-05-23 10,000.00 157.18
779993 2015-05-23 10,000.00 157.18
779996 2015-06-05 4,500.00 70.73
780000 2015-06-22 25,000.00 392.95

If this should be used as a payment proof, than is it a very poor proof. During 18 months only US$ 4,699.62 paid? Checks issued with an average value of US$ 142.41? That can be only payments for restaurant bills but never for call center service. Even for a daily payment are the values to low! I think more that Richa Software Solution tried to fake some payment proofs but as they don't know any call center work they even don't know the hight the payments for call centers are. With this they have only proven that they don't know from what they are speaking or writing.

A screen shot of the first page from the attachment of the email: Screenshot checks

The email from Richa Software Solutions with the payment proof: 

From: Priti Das <>
Date: Wed, Aug 5, 2015 at 11:29 AM
To: name removed on request

Dear Sir,


Greeting for the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for your earlier mail.


As per your recent mail you have been forwarded the Payment proof of our recent clients. Kindly just see the attachment & do the needful.

Note:-Our all Invoice payments has been done through NEFT TRANSFER to the concern company accounts from our A/c department.Those clients are having any current account issues or does not have company account,we are making the payments to their corresponding personal account.So we are attached those payment proofs for your references.

Further any assistance free to contact us..

Thanks & Regards
Priti Das.
(Richa Software Solutions)


India Tel-(+91) 9040014055
[M-S- 10.00 am to 6.00 pm IST]

Pyment Proof.docx (5.61 mb)

In any case is a list with checks not a prove. Here are missing the proves that the receipient has received the check, the check got accepted from the bank and did not get revoked. Even the sum on the checks is more a bad joke than a proof for a call center payment. With these proves Richa Software Solutions only proves that they have no idea from any business.

Ambuj Sahoo and Priti Das are thinking all others are more stupid than themselves. For this they are trying to impress others with self issued checks. The problem is only that both have been to stupid to use correct values at the checks to make them believable!


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