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Ex-Mesa mortgage company employee gets prison in fraud case

A former Mesa mortgage company employee has been sentenced to a year in federal prison for helping his older brother commit mortgage loan origination fraud.

Prosecutors say 35-year-old Kevin Grant Lee also was sentenced to five years of supervised release.

Last year, 46-year-old Scott Thomas Lee received a five-year prison term followed by five years of supervised release.

The brothers previously pleaded guilty to conspiring together and with others to commit mortgage fraud involving high-end residential loans and custom-home construction loans leading up to the real estate crash of 2008.

Both men also were ordered to pay millions of dollars in restitution to lenders.

Prosecutors say Scott Lee formerly owned Summit Capital Mortgage. They say he and the company received nearly $1.5 million in commissions based on the bogus loans.



Recommendations for Call Center Agents

Call center agents can be the first and only contact point for customers and are therefore often the face of a company.

Every positive interaction a customer has with a company can turn them into a loyal customer and evangelist. Thus, positive interactions with well-trained agent will increase customer lifetime value and brand awareness.

Below are tips for call center etiquette excellence agents and managers should always be aware of when interacting with customers.

  • Be courteous
    Agents should always treat each caller with courtesy. Ask how they prefer to be addressed, make every attempt to pronounce their name correctly and use this name consistently. Talk with a smile, remain calm and speak clearly. Wait for the person to finish speaking before speaking. These simple tips will go a long way in interacting with the caller in a positive and professional manner.

  • Be professional
    Agents should maintain a level of professionalism throughout the entire conversation. They are the face of the company, so they should have adequate training and should be monitored for adherence to quality standards. All conversations should be in line with corporate values and goals.

  • Be respectful
    All customers should be treated with respect. Throughout each interaction, agents should remain calm, act rationally and treat the caller as if they were the most valued customer. Respect also involves understanding the caller’s needs and making an effort to accommodate them. Agents should attempt to understand the causes of the customer’s problem, realize how their problem affects their behavior and respond with compassion.

  • Be honest
    Agents should always be honest with their customers and with themselves. Agents should never lie, guess or make up an answer. If the customer’s problem is beyond their competence level, the agent should politely explain that they will transfer the customer to an employee who can better address their needs.

  • Be trustworthy
    Building trust is essential, not only for the interaction to progress smoothly, but also to build positive brand awareness for the company. Trust is based on ethical principles such as character and competence. It requires truthfulness, honesty, reliability, loyalty and integrity. In order to ensure that your staff is trustworthy, monitor for their adherence to these character traits and the values of your company.

  • Be confident
    Confidence is critical for any productive interaction. Ensure that your staff is well trained, well managed and properly equipped to handle difficult situations. This will instill confidence, interactions will be more effective and the image of the company will be more positive.

  • Be competent
    Agent must demonstrate a certain level of competence to adequately address the customer’s needs. When the customer’s demands are too high, they must refer them to someone with more experience who can effectively handle their issue or concern.

  • Be interested
    Agents must take a genuine interest in the customer’s question or concerns. This will make the process more enjoyable for both the agent and the caller. Call center work can be very monotonous. Agents should keep it fresh by taking a genuine interest in each caller’s unique situation, asking personal questions and attempting to make a quick connection.

  • Be neutral
    Agents should not offer opinions or introduce their own biases into the conversation. They should always take a neutral stance on issues, but empathize with the caller’s needs. Taking a neutral stance will allow agents to more effectively solve problems in an efficient manner.

  • Be flexible
    Agents should anticipate the unexpected and be prepared to change course when necessary. Sometimes pertinent information will be obtained that can change the course of the problem solving efforts. Agents should always be flexible, welcome the change and keep the customer informed of the reasons for the change.

Providing quality service to each customer should be a priority of every call center. Managers and decision makers should define call center etiquette guidelines, allocate sufficient funds for proper training and monitor for adherence to the guidelines. When all agents adhere to etiquette guidelines, companies will gain an image of trustworthiness, honesty and effectiveness. This positive brand awareness is critical to any company’s success.


US Government builds "Memex Deep Web Search Engine" to Track Criminals

A year ago, the U.S. government's Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA) announced a project to create a powerful new search engine that could find things on the deep web that isn't indexed by Google and other commercial search engines.

The project, dubbed Memex Deep Web Search Engine , is well underway, and for the first time on Sunday night, we got an early look at Memex search engine - the crime-fighting search engine in action. The Pentagon's research agency gave Scientific American a preview of the software and 60 Minutes exclusive looks at the technology.

The Deep Web is a heap of illegal activity, pervade with child pornography, drug deals, Cyber crime and human trafficking. But because the dark web is 'buried' so deeply that it is out of the reach of mainstream search engines and law enforcement agencies, however, that’s until now.

Memex Search Engine attempts to secure the Internet from hackers, human traffickers and other criminals. The deep web search engine was designed to overcome the above challenges by extending 'the reach of current search capabilities and quickly and thoroughly organize subsets of information based on individual interests.'

The inventor of Memex search engine, Chris White, sat down with Lesley Stahl and producer Shachar Bar-On and explained how this new Dark Net Search Engine works and how it could revolutionize law enforcement investigations.

"The internet is much, much bigger than people think," White said. "By some estimates Google, Microsoft Bing, and Yahoo only give us access to around 5% of the content on the Web." That leaves a lot of room for bad actors to operate freely in the shadows.

The 60 Minutes segment about the Memex search engine also featured DARPA innovation head Dan Kaufman, who says, "the easiest way to think about Memex is: How can I make the unseen seen?"

"Most people on the internet are doing benign and good things," Kaufman said. "But there are parasites that live on there, and we take away their ability to use the internet against us-- and make the world a better place."

Memex is currently being beta tested by two district attorneys' offices, a law enforcement agency, and a nongovernmental organization. Now, the next level of testing will be done by a broader group of beta testers in a few weeks.

"One of the main objectives of this round is to test new image search capabilities that can analyze photos even when portions that might aid investigators-including traffickers' faces or a television screen in the background - are obfuscated," Scientific American reports. "Another goal is to try out different user interfaces and to experiment with streaming architectures that assess time-sensitive data."

This means with the help of Memex Search Engine, DARPA would catch criminals by looking at reflections in TV screens, in the same way like happens in Hollywood movies. The Memex highlighted the DARPA efforts to stop human traffickers before they hurt more people.



WakeUpNow Retail Sales

WakeUpNow fail to address retail elephant in the room

Retail sales are the lifeblood of any MLM company. Without a steady flow of revenue from people outside of the opportunity purchasing your products, you’re only putting off an inevitable collapse.

A complete lack of retail sales saw WakeUpNow rack up $3.3 million dollars in losses for 2012. This trend continued and in 2013 the company recorded another loss of $4.5 million.

No doubt seeing the writing on the wall, WakeUpNow management introduced mandatory retail quotas in late 2013. Forced onto an affiliate-base that had previously been solely focused on affiliate recruitment, these changes were met with mixed reactions.

Affiliates who had focused on signing up, paying the minimum volume-spend themselves and then recruiting others to do the same were rather unhappy.

The loss figures above are quoted from WakeUpNow’s own 2013 Disclosure statement, which was the focus of a recent BehindMLM article. Titled "WakeUpNow blows through almost $8 million in two years", the article looked at the current situation, what WakeUpNow focused on in the statement and what that likely meant for the business going forward.

In summary, WakeUpNow looked to be pushing more of the same - which I suggested would in turn result in more of the same. That being the ongoing loss of millions of dollars from year to year.

That evidently didn’t go over too well with WakeUpNow corporate, who were quick to deploy their PR agency.

The first response came in less than 24 hours by way of a spammy press-release. Written for no other reason than to be linked back to by over-zealous WakeUpNow affiliates, who for some reason can’t quite seem to grasp WakeUpNow themselves author (or at the very least solicit) such works, declares "WakeUpNow passes 100,000 customer milestone".

Sounds impressive, until you consider there’s no mention of how many of those customers are retail.

Furthermore, the maths doesn’t add up either. How does a company with 100,000 customers still manage to lose $8 million over two years? Even the smallest of spends ($10), translates into millions of dollars in revenue.

Some things need to be considered here. In addition to no mention of retail ratios, WakeUpNow also don’t clarify whether these 100,000 customers are currently active (having made any recent orders), or whether it’s a cumulative number.

Anyway, it is what it is - a bunch of spam that’s both misleading and ultimately irrelevant.

WakeUpNow followed up this response with an email sent to me via BehindMLM’s contact form. Well, not from them per say but from Mike Scerbo of Rose Moser Allyn Public Relations, who appear to be working for them.

Scerbo’s email was anything but personal, containing seemingly recently written spammy press-release that asked me to "consider" the following "key points":


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Fraud warning sites

As I working every time transparent and don't hide any information, I have made a link collection of anti fraud information systems for your comfort. There you can find descriptions about the actual published scams. In any case you have to use your brain for not getting scammed. Everything, which sounds too good to be true is normally only a scam.

Internet Crime Fighters Organization
Internet Crime Fighters Organization Internet Crime Fighters Organization - Harnessing the Power of Internet Connectivity to Combat Internet Crime; Security Threats, Scams, Fraud

A scam warning site from the Australian Government

Scam shield
Scam Shield is a non-profit organization protecting citizens from scams and fraud schemes with advocacy and knowledge. Volunteers provide the fraud victims with helpful information and assistance.

ScamXposer | Make Money Online Business and Income Opportunity Scams & Reviews
Message board for posting various scams. Powered by VBulletin. Don't get scammed at

WOT - Web Of Trust
WOT is a free website reputation, rating and review tool that helps find trustworthy websites and protects against online scams, untrustworthy links, and unreliable web stores. Free add-on for Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera and Safari browsers.

Stay informed about the latest email hoaxes and scams by subscribing to the Hoax-Slayer Newsletter.

Federal Bureau of Investigation - Internet Fraud

Avoid getting scammed - make a background check
Description of free tools helping to identify scammer.

VOIP Fraud List
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