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Scammer: SaiEsario Technologies - -

SaiEsario TechnologiesA typical offer from a scammer, which saves already money by using the free hosting service, got forwarded by email to me.

The following offer is nothing else then same for the following reasons:

  • The scammer likes to get an upfront calling it consultancy fee

  • The scammer shows with the consultancy fee, that he has no contract with the client. For this reason he cannot guarantee anything to the center

  • The scammer hides his identity by using a free service from

  • A LinkedIn profile (pdf) exists, but it is only a personal profile with a graphic instead of a picture. The profile has the purpose to give the impression of a company profile.

  • Google finds by a search for "SaiEsario" 36 results. 34 links from other LinkedIn profiles and 2 results for the website That is a very poor result set for a company

  • The offer sounds too good to be true, because it is a form filling project where the agent has to fill out 4 forms per hour and gets paid $1100/month.

  • Customer data are protected by law in Europe and USA. Violation against the secrecy are fined against the company - in this case the outsourcing client. This client will not take the risk that he gets fined for outsourcing.

  • Customer data are not allowed to get stored longer then absolutely necessary.

  • Since years are getting customer data collected at the point of sales. The customer gets a printed form for signing already. So is for customer purpose no form filling campaign necessary.

  • Which form can it be if a form filling agent needs 15 minutes for a form? I have not seen such a form during my life as business man and I have a lot experience during the last 37 years.


The email from the scammer:

From: SaiEsario Technologies [
Sent: Monday, April 27, 2015 4:49 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Non-Voice From Filling Process Without Accuracy


Greetings for the day,


We at SaiEsario Technologies are looking for Centers interested in working on a Data Form Filling Process with a Fixed Payout.


For the process mentioned above, the Client will provide an Online Portal and the Agents need to fill the data which would be provided from the Client end on daily basis. The agents need to achieve a Target of 20 forms / agent / day. 


In order to estimate, approximately 15 minutes are taken on an average by an agent to fill 1 form; if the Calculation is taken further the agents can approximately Fill 25 – 30 Forms very easily on each day basis.


The requirements which needs to be fulfilled by the Center for the Client:


Working Hours : 08 Hours / day


Working Days : Monday – Friday


Working Timings: 07:00 Am – 03:00 Pm ( IST)



Target : 20 Forms / per agent / per day


Training: Demo Training provided from Client End.

                05 Days Training.

                Training provided would be a Dummy Training.

                Training period not counted in Billing.


The process is a Fixed Payout Process. Client would be paying $1100 USD for each employee per month. The Fixed pay would be payable by the Client to the Center until the ongoing Contract is Valid as per the Time Period mentioned.

Also the Contract can be further renewed for following 3 Years, depending on the quality and productivity of the Agents and the renegotiation.

The Client will be providing a Bank Guarantee of $10500 USD from their Respective Bank and would be confirmed payable at any Nationalized Bank. The Bank Guarantee is provided for Security.

Where-as the Monthly Payout payment would be carried via Wire Transfer. There would be No Deduction or Hold of any payment.

One-Time Consultancy Fees

Royalty Not Charged



Below is the Procedure for signup to be followed:–


Firstly Send in your Company Profile for Client Approval.


Sign-up with The Direct Client in USA and take training.


Mode of Project: Non Voice


Nature of job provided is of Online Form Filling.


Work Type is to: Fill the form in online portal given in URL of client.


Timing : 07:00am to 03:00 pm (IST) Day Shift


Target: 20 forms per day per Employee of the center.


Payout decided is of $1100 per month fix per Employee.


Seats that can be allotted per Slot is Minimum of 10 seats.



SaiEsario Technologies

Skype ID SaiEsarioTech

My opinion: The offer is not coming from a trustful source. The owner of the website cannot get verified. Everything is prepared to disappear after receiving the consulting fee. It seems that the scammer need urgently money and has even no money available for registering an own domain and take a paid hosting service.

SaiEsario Technologies _ LinkedIn.pdf (510.66 kb)