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Outbound sales - products and promised earnings

The most of these products, which are getting offered in the outbound campaigns, are well known products from the formerly email spam (Pharmacy, Weight Loss, Enhancers, Casino, etc.). Since email spam filter are coming better with the time the email spamming does already not make any sense. For this the formerly email spammers try to hire call centers. 

All this products are useless, completely overpriced and for this reason very bad to sell. As the spammers don’t like to lose money, they are only offering a commission based contract. A hourly based contract or a hourly based contract in combination with a commission is too expensive for them, because they know their sales rate already from the email spam.

For this the call center should provide even the data for the people, which are getting called and dialer for reaching very much people in a short time. The called people get it too and are giving wrong data (address, email address, credit card numbers, etc.) to the call center, if they know the products already. This data are getting rejected by the client and the call center does not get paid for this sales.

I recommend to all call centers: 

  • Take a look at the product and not only at the promised earning per sale

  • Turn on your brain and think about the product if you would buy it by yourself

  • Speak with your agents and ask them about their opinion of the product. Even good salespeople can only sell products from which they are convinced. 

  • As higher the proposed winnings per sale is as lower is the sales rate will be

  • Compare the price of the product with normal and comparable offers at the normal market.  You will be able to sell a product where you get a commission of $50 if a comparable product can bought in the shop for $10

  • Let your client provide data for calling. Your client knows better which customer group will buy the product. If you cannot sell the product, then your call center or your data are bad. In any case you’ll be guilty for not fulfilling the sales rate and you are working for free.

  • If you got data from the client and you cannot sell something then inform your client early about this and comment why you cannot sell something. You can even provide the recordings for it. For the case the provided data are not good, then let your client decide to continue with this data or not. He is responsible for the provided data in this case.

  • If you like to provide quality services, then not use dialer. As soon as a called person get it, that you are using an automated system, he will hang up and block the provided phone number.

  • Never make anonymous calls. Very much people are blocking anonymous calls already.

  • Provide a phone number, where someone can call you back. There are a lot of people outside there, which are curious who has called them in absence and are calling back.


A translation of a promoted call center campaign at LinkedIn

Recently I found a call center campaign at LinkedIn, which has been looking good at the first view:


5 year old Tech Support Company based in Texas looking for "experienced" call centers to outsource our outbound tech support sales. We have centers in India working for us from more then 4 years and generating good profits.

Pay-out from $50 to $185 for per sale.


Analyzing the product:

The product is not really a bad idea. As the company is based in in a small city, with a population of around 40000 people, called Hurst in Texas, the local possibility for offering a computer service has not really a big chance. Remote service and support can be a possible income.

Negative aspects:

  • A remote service works only if the computer is still running and has a connection to the internet

  • It can be only a software service for optimization of the performance, virus removal (as long the virus is not blocking the Internet connection), spyware scan and malware removal.

  • The service is limited to Windows and Office

  • The offered service "Setup a new system" cannot get done from remote. A transport of the computer can result that the computer does not work when it arrives back to the customer. The reason is very simple: From the vibrations during the transport a card or a plug can lose the correct contact. For this is it better for the customer to visit a computer repair center locally.

  • The company exists already nearly 5 years. They are offering 4 different plans for home users and 2 different plans for business use. The monthly rate is with $15.95 the same for all plans. The initial price for home users varies from $195.95 until $349.95 only the contract time is different. At the website is no reason written why someone should make a contract for 3 years for $349.95 initial with additional $15.95 per month instead of a contract for 6 months for $109.95 + $15.95 monthly. The only difference is the initial price. What the benefits of the higher price and the longer contract time are is missing. Maybe they don't know it by themselves. In this case the telemarketer has no arguments to sell a higher priced plan.

  • Compare at Amazon the price of a new computer in the USA with the maintenance plan what the telemarketer should sell: a complete computer set including monitor, keyboard, mouse and Windows 7 is actually at Amazon for $160 (Dell) available. The setup can get done with the help of the Dell Hotline. An argument for the price is in this case really missing.

In sum is the product not really a runner. In the USA is it normally that the monthly price is coming less as longer as the contract is running.


I try now to translate this advertisement for you:

You need to know that the average call center agent in the USA gets $27000/year ($2250/month or $15/hour)..I have simple divided the yearly salary by 12 and the monthly salary by 150 hours like it is in Europe usable. This company is located in Texas, There is the average income for a call center agent even lower. It is there $26000/year, which makes a hourly rate of $14.45

The offered pay out from $50 - $150 per sale is looking at the first view good, but only on the first view.

Let's take the lowest offered commission per sale, which is $50. A one is not really realistic, because for this the arguments for selling it are already missing.

The company would be positive in labor costs if she would sell each 3 hours and 33 minutes one product per agent by having own telemarketers. The company itself does not believe in their own sales possibilities at such a rate. For this they try to find a call center from a low wage country, which even takes the risk of the product. Maybe the call center should even provide the data for the sales.

My opinion is that very good and very experienced agents will be able to sell in average one product per day as long as the marketing of the product will not get improved. If the marketing will reduce the sales price, the pay out per sale will go down too or the company will not be able to survive and pay you.

So centers think about how long can you work for $50. Maybe you sell one product per 10 hours per agent in average. Are you able to survive with this income?

The sentence "We have centers in India working for us from more than 4 years and generating good profits" is only promotion and for this I can say only: "Never trust a statistic which you did not fake by yourself"


Source offer: LinkedIn offer

Source product:


The SCAM with the “Security deposit”

Call centers be aware from the “refundable” security deposit. All this offers are nothing else then SCAM. In the normal world a security deposit is given to this one, which gives a value, which cannot get retrieved fast (in leasing, rentals, etc.).

In the case of call center work the given value is the phone bill and the work of the agents, which cannot get retrieved. For this you are able to ask for a security deposit. Especially if the agreed billing period is longer than 1 week you should ask for a security deposit.

A security deposit should include the agreed counts of agents * hours of work during the agreed working time * hourly base + any payment for the broker! A security deposit can be done by an irrevocable bank guarantee, which needs to get accepted at your bank. Don’t start working if your bank does not accept the given bank guarantee. In this case you’ll never see your money.

Call center friends, don't get scammed, a contract should be only valid if you get your security deposit paid.


Definition of a security deposit from Wikipedia (

A security deposit is a sum of money held in trust either as an initial part-payment in a purchasing process (often used to prevent the seller selling an item to someone else during an agreed period of time while the buyer verifies the suitability of the item, or arranges finance) - also known as an earnest payment, or else, in the course of a rental agreement to ensure the cost of repair in relation to any damage explicitly specified in the lease and that did in fact occur.

In certain taxation regimes a deposit need not declared as part of the gross income of the receiving party (person or corporation) until either the depositing party or an arbitrator agrees the funds may be used for the intended purpose.

A 1990 United States of America ruling[1] provides that a deposit differs from an advance payment because the depositing party has dominion over the funds and retains the right to insist upon repayment in cash. On the other hand, the party making an advance payment retains no right to insist upon the return of the funds as long as the recipient fulfills the contractual agreement.

The rationale behind the court’s decision is that the recipient of the deposit does not enjoy - complete dominion - over the funds and is subject to an express obligation to repay so long as the customer fulfills his or her legal obligations. Additionally, both the timing and the method of refund are largely within the control of the depositing party, as he or she can choose to insist upon repayment in cash or apply the deposit to purchase services. The recipient’s right to retain the funds of the deposit is contingent upon events that are outside of his or her control.

An important note is that although the recipient may receive an economic benefit from the deposits - i.e. interest - the prospect that income will be generated provides no ground for taxing the principal. However, any income that the recipient may earn through the use of the deposit money is, of course, taxable.


In leasing

Security deposits are required most often by lessors of automobiles, apartments, and commercial real estate.

The security deposits required by many residential landlords of their tenants are the source of much dispute and litigation. Many states and municipalities have enacted laws that specifically regulate the landlord's ability to withhold tenant security deposits after a tenant moves out. Some states and cities require that interest be paid to the tenant as it is earned on the security deposit.

In some legal regimes the deposit has to be placed with an independent escrow agent or licensed deposit taker such as a bank so that the risk of fraud is reduced and the funds earn interest at a fair market rate.

In the United States of America, Washington DC, Alaska, Illinois, and Wisconsin have notably more tenant-friendly legislation in place than states like Indiana or Michigan, for example. The cities of Madison, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois have in place substantially greater protection of tenants' security deposit rights than the surrounding areas.


One of the "brokers/consultants" is already afraid about his business

A few days ago, I got at LinkedIn a comment from Richard T. at my post about making fair business between campaign brokers and call centers. Richard T. seems to be such a broker or consultant, which feels himself attacked by my posts. He seems to be afraid about losing his golden business. He calls himself to be a "Senior Accounts Executive at BlueStar Marketing".

He has written: "Fair Business" LOL,what planet are you from? Your evaluation of risk is shallowly determined.It only takes into consideration finance.The biggest risk I take in my dealings goes far beyond immediate financial risk.When brokering a deal I am risking reputation as well.My reputation is priceless.Whats fair is what ever you contractually agreed to.The word FAIR is very subjective Sir.When we negotiate a contract we are evaluating risk to reward and trying to find a settlement that works for both parties.Some times it just doesnt work.Trying to create a universal agreement based from your bias perspective is very cute but very naive in the real world.For what its worth,I do find your posts entertaining.I also think your proposal can be fair but you must remember that fair is subjective and unfortunately an oxymoron when placed besides business......."

It seems that he has a reason to hide himself in the anonymity of the internet. His domain is hidden by a proxy service and his toll free phone number 1-855-328-2317, written at the homepage cannot get found by a reverse lookup. says about the We don't have enough data to rank this website. gives a value of $102 for the domain
google gives for a pagerank: 0/10
Google lists only 12 links to the site All of this links are only about valuing the site ranking in a different way. There is not one relevant link, which can be used for a reputation.

I did not find one positive or negative comment about Richard T. and his website Only his comment at my post here at LinkedIn destroys his own reputation and makes him untrustworthy.

The only question is now: About which reputation is he writing in his post? I did not find any reputation about him. The one recommendation, which is listed in his profile, can be coming from a good friend too.

LinkedIn group posting


The “genuine campaigns” from the brokers

Since I’m bashing against spammers and scammers, I get a lot of messages, which are sounding similar. Today morning I got this message from India:

I am in process of setting up call center and has been discussing various business opportunities with the brokers. Everyone asked for upfront consultancy fees and their responsibility ends with the SLA signed up with the business client. I found it too much risky and when I questioned this process and suggested alternate business modes like you mentioned monthly royalty fees or consultancy fees after one month billing cycle or even asked for bank guarantee but none of these brokers has shown interest and were not ready to proceed further.

At the end I am happy that i didn't proceed as one of known contacts has wasted their time and money both with the broker.”

Brokers, I’m not your enemy, but if you are continuing like you have done it until now, you are destroying your own business! You need to do something against the black sheep’s (spammer, scammer and other criminals) in your branch. Even your best and largest customer can run into bankruptcy. How you will survive if you are getting rejected from other centers, because you are scamming the same way like others?

Call centers, I cannot help you with campaigns, because I’m not a campaign broker. A few days ago one contact from Spain has asked me, if I know a Spanish speaking call center. I have forwarded the contact data of the only Spanish speaking call center, which I have known at this time, which is based in Guatemala for free.  I even don’t know if they are making or have made a contract. I can only recommend you to speak and help each other. Together you’ll be strong and this kind of brokers, which like to draw only money from you. It is better to earn nothing than to pay for nothing. As soon they are not able to sell campaigns on the way they have done it until now, the real brokers will accept your rules in making business.