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Scammer: Peter Bragansa is overestimating himself

The scammer Peter Bragansa thinks, that everybody has nothing else to do as waiting that he gets a call from him. The first call I got today on my mobile phone, but for some technical reasons, connection problems or he has been using some suspicious VoIP provider, I could not hear him. He dialed immediately again, but the call dropped before I could pick it up.

Afterwards he tried to call my US number, but his problem has been that I have been out and the phone has been ringing at my home.

It does even not make any sense, that someone calls me in anger, because I'm not fighting using the phone. I'm even not discussing on the phone some serious facts. If someone likes to discuss something serious with me, he has to use email, because I prefer the written words, which can get used as a proof.

His LinkedIn invitation, which he has sent to me, says already enough about the character of Peter Bragansa:

He has written in this invitation shown above:

hey buddy why are you blocking me? don't you want to be friends?
you want some nasty surprises? you're a scammer, really and truly,
as google shows. and now i'm going to expose you. however, as a bonafide
sociopath, you have a habit of trying to make others seem like scammers. kisses .

For a first contact are the words not very friendly, but anyway I'll accept his request at LinkedIn, but I'm not a homosexual, who likes to get kisses from him.

Anyway I have accepted his invitation. He sent one message and before I could answer it, he blocked me at LinkedIn. Here is a screenshot:

Why he asks me "Ok, who are you and why are you going around badmouthing me?", if he does not like to get an answer?

Peter Bragansa is the one who is blocking, because he has sent me on Facebook the following message too:

where are you?
i need you.
don't u love me anymore?
i'm so horny for you.
don't hide from me.
i had a good laugh today with all your insanity

I even cannot send him an answer, because he is blocking me:

In such a case he can be, as he has written in his message "i'm so horny for you" as much as he likes, if he blocks it by himself, he would never be successful. What else can get expected from a scammer who is a janitor at a truck stop? Low level primitive language, endless stupidity, missing intelligence and much more negatives.

By commenting to my postings he shows additional his missing intelligence:

WARNING: RUDOLF FAIX OF WWPA IS A SCAMMER. check out his google results rap sheet. just type " rudolf faix scammer" in google. just the first page has ten results of people complaining about him. he has a blog where he libels people and doesn't allow comments. plus, he deletes the comments from the conversations where he calls you a scammer. we have never worked with him or have any dealings at all and he started posting libelous posts on his blog. He may be trying to extort money all around.He may not even be a real person but a fictitious profile. DO NOT WORK OR BELIEVE THIS “PERSON”.

Hi, first of all I don't know Mrs. Faix. However, after googling her name and the word "scammer" I have found numerous scam alerts on Google about her! Here is a list of the first ten results:

As far as her posts on her blog, since there is no way to answer or comment on there, I made these annotations, and If you want to have a good laugh, like I did in annotating them, take a look.

Now, this is serious however, since reputation must be guarded at all costs and since I am an honest person, if anyone wants to contact me directly at my email address (which I have had since April 2004) and receive copies of the $10 million receipts of wires I have to sent to India, please do so. to be clear: MY COMPANY AND I HAVE PAID OUT MORE THAN $10 MILLION TO INDIAN CALL CENTERS IN THE TECH SUPPORT INDUSTRY and we don't scam customers or vendors.

Yes, there have been times when banks closed accounts and centers lost money; but is less than 3 % of the total paid to centers. I am not the only person in the industry, banks are involved, payment processors etc. Thank you.

Does Peter Bragansa really think that someone, who is running such a site like me, where he is presenting the results of scams, is able to run any business?

Does he think that he is the first one, which has the idea of a revenge posting and hiding himself afterwards by blocking his opponent?

I think already this facts are enough proof of the missing intelligence from Peter Bragansa.

It does not matter how much money he has paid to someone in India. It is enough what it is written in the complaints found at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) about AllFixTech, where Peter Bragansa even did not have enough money available for refunding a customer the enormous sum of $50 in time. Such a person likes to brag with $10 Million dollars paid since 2004? Will even his sick grandmother believe him such a fairy tale?

Forwarding money, earned from a scam, is never a genuine business. It is only supporting scammers by participating at their criminal action. It is the same business like Peter Bragansa is doing with his partner Manuel Rubindecelis. Maybe Peter Bragansa is thinking the end justifies the means. By taking a look into the Internet archives, you'll see that the websites, and had all the same content and have been differing only by the pictures, phone numbers and addresses. Scammer are lazy. They are even too lazy to use their own brain. Aguard, Web Of Trust, Malwarebytes and hphosts are not warning of scammer sites for the reason they don't have nothing better to do than defaming serious sites. If one of these services is warning from some websites, then it is a real warning from some Computer Crime! Such facts are even idiots like Peter Bragansa able to discuss away!

The Better Business Bureau is not an invention from me. If someone likes to know more about the BBB organisation then I'll recommend him to read the short version of their history at WikiPedia.

Scam gets prosecuted in India too. For example there gets found an article at IndiaOnAir: Delhi Police arrested desperate cheater.

In such a case are even not helping some threats. People who are living in glass houses should not throw stones:

Peter Bragansa even don't know what he likes. At the following email he even likes to visit me and bring me milk and cookies. He even don't know, that the next farm is not far away from my place, only 2 minutes to walk. There you can get milk directly from the source:

Some people would understand these words in another way, but I think every time about the best possible interpretation. We even have in German language a proverb: "Dogs, that bark, don't bite".

Peter Bragansa is so stupid, that he thinks that some center from India have hired me for destroying his reputation. He even does not recognize it, that I'm writing about the scam where his hired centers are fixing problems, which don't exist (screenshot):

I have $10 million in wire receipts to India.
What do you have ? A blog. someone hired
you to bad mouth me; and there's MORE
complaints about you (and not from people that you've
tried to extort, just victims of your business ineptitude)
than there are of me or my company.

Some indian center didn't get paid; it's not my fault.
They got high chargebacks etc.

anyway, it's funny how presumptous you are,
that I can't make demands, really quite funny,
I will warn you again; you are going into a bad place
and when you go there, there's no turning back.

Turn back now because I have faced much bigger
enemies than you. I am having a laugh here
and your extortion won't work except to ruin
you. Be extremely careful, I am warning you again.
You are not safe on the internet or physically
if you choose to fuck with us.

I think you're in denial that you're just a corrupt
person and that your attitude of being the
"justice bringer" is just a cover for your
ineptitude in business and bad character.
But hey, I'm not a psychiatrist.

It is nice that Peter Bragansa admits in his own emails, that he is not only scamming computer users. He is scamming centers too. A professional fraudster makes no difference in the choice of his victims.

Again he is bragging with the 10 million dollars that he likes to have paid to centers since 2004 - in the last 13 years. If we divide the 10 million by 13 years, then we have in average $769,230/year, what he likes to have paid to centers. If we are looking at his offer, then we know that he is earning in average 25%. In this case the $769,230 are the 75% he has paid and 25% make in sum 256,410/year. Hardly to believe, but like it gets shown at the Better Business Bureau, he could not refund $50 to one of his victims just in time? Maybe the tax office will be very interested in his statement?

Intelligence is not commercially available.


Scammer: Dylan McMasters - - NEW IBO Birch Program for Safe Link......

A special deadbeat seems to be the scammer, who is presenting himself at LinkedIn with the name Dylan McMasters and is using a picture from the british Folk Rock singer Roy Harper for his profile. Before he has been using a picture from Anchorman 2. The stupid guy like thinks that he is a chameleon or others are more stupid than him. He likes to be the president at Lamb Consulting, a one person marketing company where the owner is Debbie Lamb. The company is based at Vallejo, California in Solano County. The self promoted president of this company provides at LinkedIn his location from Savannah, Georgia. The distance between these two points is only 6.5 hours by taking an airplane, because Savannah, Georgia is located at the east cost and Vallejo, California at the west coast.

Which company will use any free email address service, like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc. if they have an own domain and an own mail server?

Which impression makes a business man, who cannot show his own face at his profile picture?

Such an amateur, who is even too stupid to fake a believable profile, offers at LinkedIn Pulse and in email spam his scam campaign:

From: []
Sent: Sunday, February 05, 2017 11:23 PM
Subject: NEW IBO Birch Program for Safe Link......

Additionally there are some exciting developments with this Safe Link campaign:

  1. On-boarding is usually $35 per rep and is now free until the end of February 2017.
  2. Tablets which come with tech support and a free data plan have gone down from $150 to $90
  3. There is a Market Development fund of $3000-$5000 for an office and at least 5 reps on-boarded and productive.
  4. Production bonus of $1500 for reaching 300 orders in a week.

Please review this info and respond when you have the chance so we can set up a follow up call to get started with your contract etc.

Most Professional Regards,

Dylan McMasters

President of Lamb Consulting, LLC.

IBO Birch (Tempo) Campaign Summary.pdf (957.54 kb)

The criminal even fakes an online store, where he likes to get credit card information for his fraud. For this reason he has created at an online store, which should make the impression that it is a store from Immerge. His problem is only, that he has been even too lazy for testing the links at the front page and to think that a company like Immerge would use their own domain name for their online store.

The brainless scammer, who is calling himself Dylan McMasters, is even not able to show his own face and likes to verify someone others identity by using inappropriate methods:

IBO Onboarding

All IBOs must be vetted and approved by IMMERGE prior to being able to onboard agents. Birch does not have to approve IBO subcontractors. Here is the process:

  1. IBOs must complete:
    1. Agency/Subcontractor Information Form
    2. A vetting call to determine the launch date, agent headcount, training plan and past experience.
  2. IBO must provide and/or have:
    1. Physical office with a video
    2. Proof of good standing for entity
    3. Government issued ID for Principal
    4. W9
    5. Business bank account
    6. Business logo
    7. Website
  3. IBO Principal must complete background check

If a company likes to make a background check get done, then is it a problem of the company itself. The one who pays such a background check will have the possibility influence the result. So the possible client will have to hire an independent investigator, who is making the background check including collecting information from the local authorities of the suspect. In such a case is even the point 2 complete useless. Videos can get done from everywhere and are proving nothing. I think that the scammer Dylan McMasters will even not get it, if I create an "Government issued ID" by myself and send it to him as a scanned copy.

Another proof for the scam is, that the scammer Dylan McMasters even don't know that a W9 form is only issued in the US, but he sends the email all over the world. So he will even not recognize it, if someone will send him a similar form to the W9 from his own tax office.

The scammer seems even trying to use the submitted data for a future scams, like the same way he is doing now the scam by using the company names from Lamb Consulting, Birch Communications, Tempo Wireless, Immerge and T-Mobile in his scam.

The deceiver closes from himself to others, because he even likes to verify the agents from the company to get hired. He seems to be by himself a drug addict:

Agent Onboarding

IMMERGE works with Birch to facilitate the onboarding process for our IBOs. Below are the requirements for onboarding new sales representatives and the respective costs for the processes. The IBOs are responsible for covering these costs. Agents will not be onboarded without completing these steps. There will be no exceptions.

  1. National Criminal Check, Sex Offender Registry, SSN Trace, and Terrorist Watch List check - $3
  2. A five panel mouth swab drug test. A picture of the test will be uploaded to IMMERGE with the agent’s completed background consent form. IMMERGE will internally validate the results and approve the agent. Each drug test costs $5 and can be purchased in packs of 5 for $25 total from the IMMERGE store.
  3. IMMERGE will submit agents to Birch for approval once the agents complete the onboarding steps above AND they’ve completed all required training documents.
  4. IMMERGE will submit each agents that passes the onboarding process to Birch. Birch will assign them an agent ID and IMMERGE will then send them a temporary then hard badge upon approval. Agent IDs and badges will be issued 24 hours (business days only) after IMMERGE submits them to Birch.

In the above lines the scammer Dylan McMasters shows that he is missing any intelligence. He likes to make drug tests from agents, where the result needs to get uploaded somewhere. Who will check it, that the agent has done the test by himself?

The whole campaign offer from Dylan McMasters is nothing else than a fake. He likes to get as much information as possible and making money using his fake online store and selling fake articles to centers.

If someone likes to work for Birch Communications, than he can sign up at their company directly as Channel Partner, Platform Partner, Business Referral Partner or Birch Customer Referral. Nobody need to get in such a case in contact with such a scammer like Dylan McMasters, who is even not able show his own face.

The same way everybody can sign up at Tempo Wireless. They have an opportunity at their website to become an agent for them.

Update February 12, 2017: The scammer has not only changed his profile picture at LinkedIn, he has also a new scam offer:

From: []
Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2017 11:48 PM

If you have an existing energy sales company or you’re looking to get started as a new broker company in the energy industry, this is for you.

Are you tired of losing pricing battles or accepting minuscule margins just to win a customer? Are your monthly residual commissions too small to help you grow? Two of the biggest problems facing new energy brokers are a lack of suppliers to choose from and slow paying commissions.

We have the suppliers you need and we can help put money in your pocket sooner.

We are Lamb Consulting Group, LLC and we are part of the largest marketer of energy supply and related services in the U.S. We are a full service energy brokerage firm with over 40 of the top suppliers in the industry available to price your customers. Most of those suppliers offer upfront annualized payment opportunities. We are backed by over 13 years of experience and last year alone, we helped over 70,000 American business customers save money on their electricity costs. As a broker partner with Lamb Consulting Group, you can truly help your customers save money while increasing your own bottom line and expanding your own book of business.

We are not an MLM, so there are no start-up fees, no monthly dues and no down-line to hire or manage. Our broker partners receive:

  • Industry training materials
  • Market based info to keep you in the know
  • Residual Income
  • Customer retention assistance
  • Full support from the best admin team around

According to billionaire Warren Buffet, “the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of America will be due to the deregulation of energy.” You can add to your income by helping your current book of customers save money and use the available savings potential to increase your customer base.

Compensation is commission based with residuals and advance payment opportunities.......

Yours In Success,

Dylan McMasters
President Of Lamb Consulting Group, LLC.

The idiot is still not able to show his own face. For this reason you should put his offers where it needs to end up - into the recycle bin. His name and even his company is the same fake like his profile picture.


Scammer Syed Wasi Haider - - Shahhaider05 -

Syed Wasi Haider at LinkedInHow scammers are thinking how business can make them rich can get shown how they are trying to find victims. They are dreaming about registering a simple domain, hide their identity and use them as a lead generation system. It is a nice try, but as we can see it at the example of is it a big fail. Using the Internet as a lead generation machine, you need to know how you get traffic to your site. Simple making a website and wait that someone will find it, will not help. So you need to know a lot about Internet marketing if you like to try such a game. Anyway, Syed Wasi Haider is calling himself at his LinkedIn Profile to be a "Expert In Lead Generation & Best Quality B2B & B2C Data Provider" and already for this reason, to be an expert, he should know what he is doing. Let us take a look at the result he has generated with his website The domain got registered on December 9, 2015 and is now a little bit older than one year. So if we take a look at the Alexa traffic statistic, then it should show us at least a local ranking and a world wide ranking based on the generated traffic and visitors, especially for the reason that the site is getting promoted by an "Expert In Lead Generation". The result is very poor looking like the following screenshot shows us:

An "Expert In Lead Generation", who is using the Internet as source for his work, should know the fact that Alexa is capturing the generated traffic without any interaction done from the website. The poor result from the visitor statistics can get found at the Alexa website too - there is written:

We don't have enough data to rank this website.

The fake certificateAny way, nobody will enter his data at such a website, which even don't use the https protocol for protect their data during the transport. In such a case does it even not help to show the fake logo from the more suspicious "Secure Site Pass" at the website. The same logo got found at the websites from (Creation Date: 2016-07-28), (a free of charge domain) and While shows an empty site already are getting the DNS servers for the other two sites even not found. The search results are still available at Google.The original image with the logo

The original symbol, shown on the right, for "Secure Site Pass" got stolen and modified from the website This shows already the criminal energy from Syed Wasi Haider from Pakistan. He thinks that he need to show only some fakes and he can make the big business. I think that each scammer will need to wake up one time. Maybe he will wake up at the time he ended up in jail.

Such a deadbeat like Syed Wasi Haider is calling himself at LinkedIn to be a "Expert In Lead Generation & Best Quality B2B & B2C Data Provider" and promotes his sham business with the words:

We are data & leads providing company. We can supply you Best Quality data sets for Email Marketing, Tele Marketing & Sms Marketing. We have US, UK Australia & European Countries data. All data will be scrubbed before delivery. That’s mean you will get all Clean data. No Disconnected & DNC numbers will be found in any data set. However, 100% replacement will be provided to you If you found any.We are providing 3rd party opt in data & send the files to our clients after checking quality of data In-house. Most people think that the databases are 100% accurate. This is simply not possible. Residential come and go on a daily basis, so maintaining 100% accuracy is a myth. Our databases are not perfect, but they are the best and most accurate in the industry.Our lists are only one factor in the success of your marketing efforts. A lot depends on your Agents, Pitch, Product, Pricing etc. You won’t get rich overnight using our lists/Data – but if you use them properly, you will increase your sales and profits.

Syed Wasi Haider has an account at too. There he likes to be an U.S. resident and tries to sell the not generated leads with an offer too:

I have Million of USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia & Other European Countries email address with name. I can also provide you Scrub email address on request. These email address are generated by different Opt in verticals. i am also able to provide you filtered email address. I have email address for different verticals like insurance, Pharmacy, Loan, Mortgage, Diabetic & many others. Contact me for further discussion.

He is even so stupid not to tell in the offer, how many addresses you'll get for US$ 5. It does not matter how many you'll get for this amount of money, because you can be sure, that email addresses from such an marketing expert don't have any value.

As it seems, that he could not sell any of these address collections, he has scanned from the Internet he tries now to use it by himself. Everybody can be sure, that I did not have signed up somewhere or have given someone the permission to spam me, but my gmail address is also in his list, which he tried to sell. So I got the following email from him - found in my spam folder:

From: Wasi Haider []
Sent: Monday, January 09, 2017 10:35 PM
Subject: PP Process


Dear Rudolf Faix

Owner at WWPA - Rudolf Faix

This is Wasi Haider. We have started offering paypal payment process service. If you dont have Paypal Business account for mass payment then we can offer you this payment process service at reasonable percentage with 100% security and safety. and transfer your payments on your payoneer account.

Your business must be registered before Jan 2015.

Your must have business website.

And the payment you want us to receive must be from a paypal registered business.

Let us know if you are interested in our service.



Wasi Haider
Skype: Shahhaider05


LeadsUnion | 2215 mountain court, Colton, CA 92324

Even the offer does not make any sense. Everybody can open a PayPal account and every registered business is able to register for an business account with PayPal. Why someone shall pay any fees for something what he can do by himself and within a few minutes? Even the restriction to receive only payments from PayPal registered companies is stupid, because the most of the PayPal transactions are getting normally done from consumers to business and not business to business. For this reason is the offer already useless. If you enter in Google search the words LeadsUnion 2215 mountain court, Colton, CA 92324 then you'll get the error message no results found back. How can someone trust into such a sham business from a high risk country like Pakistan? The scammer Syed Wasi Haider likes to play man in the middle to enrich himself, but he seems even to stupid for hiding his real intentions.

Another profile from Syed Wasi Haider can get found at There he likes to sell his ring made from Sterling silver and Zircon. The offer is dated from June 4, 2016.

The price of such similar rings is in Europe less than € 25. It seems that the transport costs are in such case higher than the value of the ring.

Even here gets a big marketing mistake found. While in online shops is everywhere a price for a product written, is in his offer any price information missing. So nobody has a reason to call him. Why someone shall trust and try to make some bargains with someone from a high risk country? International calls to Pakistan are not free of charge. So why shall someone invest phone calls or shall install WhatsApp and waste his time for buying something, what he can get faster and possible cheaper from a trusted online shop or at the next jewelery shop?

In combination with his other fails is it very questionable how someone would even think about it to make any business with the highest risk for getting scammed by accepting such amateur offers. Trusted business offers and trusted persons are looking very different than this young boy, who thinks he can get rich fast and without doing some work. Only promoting himself as an expert for something is not enough. Everybody can write something at a website and/or into an advertisement. Only credulous people will fallen into such a trap. Real business owner with a little experience are already knowing by reading the offer that it is nothing than a scam.

Scammer are lazy people. Such people are even too lazy to use their own brain. Their own laziness is their largest problem. Maybe Syed Wasi Haider has tried first to build up a real business, but as he even don't have any idea how business is getting done, he has failed and tries now with all possible means to survive. He even does not get it, that nobody needs his offers. Even the other scammers, like the tech support scammers, can use his offer, because their victims are private people and not business owners with a PayPal account.

Not one business owner, who is clear in his head and has all senses together, will accept such an offer, where a stranger can play man in the middle. Even the risk to share his customer database with a private person and the risk to file cases in front of a foreign law court is simple too high. With other words the spam email from Syed Wasi Haider had really no sense and has shown that the sender even has enough brain to offer something useful.

Here is a screenshot from Wasi Haider's Facebook profile:

Syed Wasi Haider at Facebook

Wasi Haider's profile at fiverr:

Haider Shah at

Such scammer like Wasi Haider need to protect their privacy by using a privacy protection service. Here are the domain registry data from
Registry Domain ID: 1986525396_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2016-12-10T07:29:10Z
Creation Date: 2015-12-09T23:50:36Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2017-12-09T23:50:36Z
Registrar: Launchpad, Inc. (HostGator)
Registrar IANA ID: 955
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Registry Registrant ID: Not Available From Registry
Registrant Name: Domain Admin
Registrant Organization: Privacy Protection Service INC d/b/a
Registrant Street: C/O ID#10760, PO Box 16 Note - Visit to contact the domain owner/operator Note - Visit to contact the domain owner/operator
Registrant City: Nobby Beach
Registrant State/Province: Queensland
Registrant Postal Code: QLD 4218
Registrant Country: AU
Registrant Phone: +45.36946676
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email:
Registry Admin ID: Not Available From Registry
Admin Name: Domain Admin
Admin Organization: Privacy Protection Service INC d/b/a
Admin Street: C/O ID#10760, PO Box 16 Note - Visit to contact the domain owner/operator Note - Visit to contact the domain owner/operator
Admin City: Nobby Beach
Admin State/Province: Queensland
Admin Postal Code: QLD 4218
Admin Country: AU
Admin Phone: +45.36946676
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax:
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email:
Registry Tech ID: Not Available From Registry
Tech Name: Domain Admin
Tech Organization: Privacy Protection Service INC d/b/a
Tech Street: C/O ID#10760, PO Box 16 Note - Visit to contact the domain owner/operator Note - Visit to contact the domain owner/operator
Tech City: Nobby Beach
Tech State/Province: Queensland
Tech Postal Code: QLD 4218
Tech Country: AU
Tech Phone: +45.36946676
Tech Phone Ext:
Tech Fax:
Tech Fax Ext:
Tech Email:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.713-574-5287
URL of the ICANN WHOIS Data Problem Reporting System:
>>> Last update of WHOIS database: 2017-01-10T04:54:33Z <<<


Security Deposit Scammer: HiFlyer Outsourcing - Vikram Pratap Singh - KrunalKanth Solanki

HiFlyer OutsourcingThe well known serial scammer, Vikram Pratap Singh, is still dreaming about getting a security deposit for his sham campaigns.

Everybody is stupid, who thinks that he needs to pay anything for getting some work. If you do so, you are only filling the pockets of a scammer like Vikram Pratap Singh and his criminal staff with the name or scammer profile KrunalKanth Solanki.

HiFlyer is offering actually a video uploading process. If you see such offers you should answer the following questions for yourself to see if the offer can be a true and legit one. If you are ignoring these warning signs then you cannot call yourself to be a business man or woman. In such a case you are even not an amateur business person:

  • Which client is able to offer such a work?
  • Who pays you for a work only for the reason that others are able to view videos for free of charge?
  • Do you really think that one company is so stupid to pay for something where they are not able to generate any profit?
  • Are you really so stupid and think that any video portal lets someone spamming?
  • Why a company shall pay you for something what they can get free of charge?
  • There are getting a lot of free services and free software found at the Internet, which is able to do exact this work. Why someone shall pay in such a case for a manual handling?
  • What do you get and what is the real value of the goods for which security deposit gets requested?
    A security deposit can get only requested for a physical value which is given to you and you need to return it after the work is done. In such a case you'll get your money returned if you give back the thing you have gotten.
  • Are already getting found some negative reviews in the Internet about the company?
  • Is the person, who is offering the job or work in the social networks, showing his real face or does the person don't like to provide a man-hunt picture by himself?
  • Why shall search a client for a campaign broker in a low wage country like India?
  • Would it not be cheaper for the client to search directly for a center from a low wage country?

Vikram Pratap Singh is already a very long time with his sham companies and offers known:

Here is the scam offer from HiFlyer Outsourcing - KrunalKanth Solanki:

From: KrunalKanth Solanki []
Sent: Monday, November 07, 2016 2:44 PM
Subject: Multiple Video Upload Process


Hope you are in good health & Wealth, having great time!!!

We are one of the leading companies in Outsourcing Business since the last more than 6 years.

Currently, we have certain projects, in many of these projects, we are the direct client located in India and take complete responsibility for workload/payment, while in certain projects; we will introduce you to the client directly for signup.

Multiple Video Upload Process

This is kind of Awareness program and the Videos that are downloaded from clients CRM need to upload on the preapproved portals.

All the videos that will be upload is on the purpose of the branding, marketing & Promotions which will increase the ratings of the client on social media & internet.


Web Link Category of Videos: •Celebrities •Multinational companies (Advertisements) •Politician’s speech •Educational videos •Anything kind of ethical videos




Process Detail:

  • Payout per hour: $8 per agent login basis (up to 48 hour in week)
  • Shift: 1 shift of 8 working hours (12:00pm– 8:00pm | 8:00pm – 4:00am | 4:00am – 12:00pm)
  • Software/CRM: By client
  • Minimum seats: 10 systems
  • Advance billing: 4 Week
  • Server Setup cost: As actual
  • Working days: 6 (Mon-Sat)
  • Invoicing: Every Saturday
  • Payment Cycle: Weekly (Every Tuesday)
  • Payment mode: Bank wire
  • Contract: 18 months
  • Training: Online/Onsite




Security Deposit: INR 2,50,000.

Note: This amount shall be kept and paid to brokers, Consultancy firms and similar channels that source and acquire such projects for us. Shame shall be refunded ones the project goes Live within 7 working days.

Royalty: 5% from regular billing & 10% from advance billing.


Video Upload Process


  1. You need to Share your company profile & sign MOU with us.
  2. We will share your profile with client and client will arrange call after review profile
  3. Client will do Skype call (We will be arrange as per both party’s availability).
  4. Client will send questionnaire (If required).
  5. Client will send Technical questionnaire.
  6. Office visit online by client (On Skype).
  7. 3rd party Background verification will be done by client.
  8. SLA discussion call will be done by client.
  9. SLA Draft you will get to verify.
  10. SLA Soft copy you will get on mail & Hard copy you will get by courier.
  11. After SLA you can start hiring of the agent.
  12. Advance billing transfer.
  13. Client will provide training (ONLINE).
  14. You will get Actual workload (From next Monday)


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Tech Support Scam - German state attorney working together with Indian authorities

Tech Support ScamThe following press release shows that the Indian justice system is working together with foreign authorities for stopping Tech Support Scammers. For call centers has it coming more difficult to run such sham campaigns. On the one site they are getting scammed by buying he calls and on the other site the prosecutors are taking action against them. The case shows that victims of such a scam get at least the satisfaction that the scammers are ending up together with their landlords in jail.

Press release of the Prosecutor Osnabrück/Germany from September 5, 2016:

The Osnabrück Prosecutor's Office and the state criminal police in Hannover determine for some time against a group of online fraudsters who apparently operate from India.

The perpetrators explain in English that the user's computer is infected with a virus, the license expired, or the computer other problems having, and they provide the repair of the computer, the renewal of the license or the purchase of a security program to. Certain data from the computer are received from the callers, so that the victim believes that his PC was infected tat neuter. The perpetrators cause then the called one to download a remote control program that allows access to the computer. After allegedly made repairs, the alleged renewal of the license or the alleged uploading of a security program, the offender require a relatively small amount of money via online bank transfer. Once the called one has entered its financial data in a mask, increase the perpetrators the amount of money unnoticed. Victims are asked to pay before the repair amounts between € 180 and 250 by specifying the credit card number or bank transfer via Western Union. In a number of cases it is to get such payments.

In fact, the computer was never infected and in no case the license has been expired.

Refused the called one to pay at all or so much money, the perpetrators delete numerous data on the computer. In some cases, the computer got locked with a password.

The group opering this scam, the so-called Microsoft Technical Support calls, is a global player. In Niedersachsen, Germany, previously could 779 victims got determined. In whole of Germany at least 7647 people got scammed. This is however only to the so-called bright-field. The real figures will be much higher.

Very fast it became clear that the perpetrators are operating from call centers in India.  A international search order took place in May 2016 due to a search warrant of the District Court Osnabrück/Germany and Calcutta in India. At this search was attended by a prosecutor of the Prosecutor Osnabrück from the central office the fight against cybercrime three very experienced officers from the fields of investigation of the State Criminal Office Hannover, legal assistance and technology part. Cooperation with the police officers in India has been very successful. The Cybercrime special police in Calcutta and the Cybercrime nationality-violence in Calcutta supported the German colleagues intensively and competently through international legal assistance. In one of the searched during Operation Call Center 250 work places were found, from which the fraudulent calls got carried out.

According to the investigators fraudulent calls from all workplaces got carried out. The individual call centers were put out of service, all computers got seized. This had an impact on the number of noticeably cases: Immediately after the search, the criminal charges were very noticeably reduced and they have since not significantly risen since this time. According to the investigators, the call centers have been an important base of operations for the fraudulent calls.

7 accused are in India in prison. From these are 2 persons landlords of call centers and the other 5 are their operators. Prosecutors in Calcutta has opened a so-called mirror case and charged based on the information from the German authorities before an Indian court against the perpetrators.