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Christine Wisner - she tries to explain me that I'm wrong

For the case you did not read the start of the scam, then you should start reading at: Presumptive scammer Christine Wisner to get the content of the full case.

As Christine Wisner has not been reachable by any other possibility, I have sent here at 5pm Philippines time a Skype request. Please observe that she is available at her office from 10am until 6pm Philippines time. She accepted the invitation 7 hours and 20 minutes later (0:30am). Normal people, which are working from 10am until 6pm are already sleeping. Only some times they are up at this time.

It even seems that Christine Wisner is not located at the Philippines, because I think that she even don't know the time here. Nobody will make on Skype a conference after midnight. I think that she is located in the German speaking part of Europe or in the USA. The name Wisner and the name Reinhardt, which she tried to use as a reference in the chat, are German names. Only the first name Wendy is not German. There is one more German sounding name involved: Wendy Fischer. The time she has been online is the normal day time in the USA or the evening in Europe.

Christine Wisner is located in India. Her IP address or the proxy, which she is using, is (March 22, 2015 01:18am GMT). This IP has the following information:

General IP Information

Organization: Sistemos Information Technology Private Limited
Type: Broadband
Assignment: Static IP

Geolocation Information for IP:

Country: India
State/Region: West Bengal
City: Kolkata
Postal Code: 700136
Latitude: 22.5697  (22° 34' 10.92? N)
Longitude: 88.3697  (88° 22' 10.92? E)

The given phone numbers in her profile seems to be from a free phone forwarding service, which has been running into bankruptcy or got canceled without prior notice, like it is written in the terms and conditions of such services.

With all here argumentation have been about the comment from Willpower Infotech Limited, which are only an unproven comment to the real facts:

  • The phone numbers +63-2-371 1478 (phone) and +63-2-371 1479 (fax), written in her profile, don't exists and there are no phone directory entries for this phone numbers at the Philippines. A company with land lines will be listed in the public phone directory.

  • The companies,written at her profiles, with the name Western Wood Co., Wildwood Co., Westwood Co. and West Wood Pvt. Ltd. are not existing at the Philippines.

  • The different information about her education at her both profiles

  • The same picture, which is only mirrored and has another cut from the same original

Even the given time has passed for sending me some proves about the above facts. The only result has been that she went in Skype from busy to offline.

As I still have the Austrian Timezone installed at my laptop the time is the Austrian one and not the Philippine time. You have to add 7 hours to the written time.

She could even not give any explanation about this facts in the following Skype chat with me (the screen shots of the chat are attached at the end of this article):

Cristine Wisner


[20.03.2015 10:08:11] *** Rudolf Faix möchte Sie auf Skype hinzufügen



Hallo christine.wisner, ich möchte Sie als Kontakt aufnehmen. ***

[20.03.2015 17:30:13] *** Christine Wisner hat Kontaktdetails mit Rudolf Faix ausgetauscht. ***

[20.03.2015 19:34:55] Christine Wisner: Hi

[20.03.2015 20:04:34] Christine Wisner: what happened , mr. judgemental !!

[20.03.2015 20:04:55] Christine Wisner: please give your comment and replys ?

[20.03.2015 22:46:01] *** Verpasster Anruf von Christine Wisner. ***

[20.03.2015 22:46:28] Christine Wisner: you should not be pocking nose in others business without knowing things properly !

[20.03.2015 22:48:57] Christine Wisner: I AM WAITIMG TO HEAR FROM YOU MR. JUDGEMENTAL  !!

[20.03.2015 23:27:52] Rudolf Faix: I have been waiting to hear from you yesterday too because I liked to get a statement from you. I have seen that you have even blocked me on LinkedIn. The most of the scammer are doing that, but it does not help them and it makes them only more suspicious!

[20.03.2015 23:29:42] Christine Wisner: Can you come on a call?

[20.03.2015 23:30:12] Rudolf Faix: No, the written word is counting higher than the spoken one.

[20.03.2015 23:31:19] Christine Wisner: that means you should'nt be poking your nose in others business when you don't know the truth

[20.03.2015 23:32:02] Rudolf Faix: I did not hide myself. i have been only sleeping like each normal person.

[20.03.2015 23:32:36] Christine Wisner: if you follow the discussion that has been shared in the group along with the buyer Hope you will understand that you are wrong

[20.03.2015 23:33:13] Rudolf Faix: I have made already the screen shots from this discussion

[20.03.2015 23:33:50] Christine Wisner: somebody said you something and you made a judgement without knowing the fact?

[20.03.2015 23:35:10] Rudolf Faix: I have only listed his "writing" together with his name and I have made some background check and there I have found the two profiles. The two profiles are a fact

[20.03.2015 23:36:09] Christine Wisner: how can you say something about without knowing the fact or working with me?

[20.03.2015 23:36:53] Christine Wisner: I am there in the contact in skype you could have atleast for the truth and proof before you do anything

[20.03.2015 23:37:37] Christine Wisner: you should have some commonsense before you state anything without knowing the fact!

[20.03.2015 23:38:17] Rudolf Faix: Very simple it fit everything together. You blocked me on LinkedIn, you have ther two profiles with different informations which are excluding each other, a company which does not exist and a complaint where you hide yourself instead of trying to solve the conflict. What do I need more for making my opinion?

[20.03.2015 23:39:25] Rudolf Faix: You have been online and you did not respond to my skype invitation.

[20.03.2015 23:40:26] Christine Wisner: once you comment without knowing anything about me we are not genuine thats why I blocked you

[20.03.2015 23:40:48] Rudolf Faix: That says each scammer about himself.

[20.03.2015 23:43:01] Christine Wisner: I will bring centres commenting on the post that you uploaded saying that they all got paid showing their payment proof and proving that you are commenting on someone without knowing the fact and if you can bring other centres who are not paid by Us

[20.03.2015 23:43:38] Christine Wisner: Being an elderly person I should be respecting you and you should also at the same time respect others with their work

[20.03.2015 23:43:47] Rudolf Faix: You are even publishing phone and faxnumbers, which don't ring. What is the sense of it?

[20.03.2015 23:45:46] Christine Wisner: call me accordin to our time zome 10 am -5pm

[20.03.2015 23:45:54] Christine Wisner: you will get hold of me

[20.03.2015 23:46:23] Rudolf Faix: I'm at the Philippines. Only my laptop is showing the Austrian time.

[20.03.2015 23:46:59] Christine Wisner:  but at the end of the day the same question comes !! how can you be judgemental with out knowing the fact ?

[20.03.2015 23:47:47] Rudolf Faix: I have enough facts together for my comment. I only add the communications from the night and this one now

[20.03.2015 23:47:51] Christine Wisner: i say you mr. xxx didnot paid me , will that be the truth

[20.03.2015 23:48:21] Rudolf Faix: That is only a comment. The other facts are showing already enough

[20.03.2015 23:49:05] Christine Wisner: you are mr.all knowing

[20.03.2015 23:49:08] Christine Wisner: TY

[20.03.2015 23:49:40] Rudolf Faix: If you think so, then will it be like this.

[20.03.2015 23:49:46] Christine Wisner: even after showing you the proof , you are arguing with me !

[20.03.2015 23:51:19] Christine Wisner: OK ,i am a fraud for you fine ! please get the facts from :

[20.03.2015 23:51:24] Christine Wisner: wendy.reinhardt33 and chad.saddoris

[20.03.2015 23:51:33] Rudolf Faix: Sorry, but you did not show me anything or give me any explaination about the fact, which I have written. I don't mean the part of Willpower Infotech Limited. I mean that about the 2 profiles, the different education, the missing company, the missing phone book entry of a "company"

[20.03.2015 23:53:01] Rudolf Faix: The Western Wood Co., Wildwood Co., Westwood Co, West Wood Pvt. Ltd.

[20.03.2015 23:53:40] Rudolf Faix: This are the facts and not the information of Willpower Infotech Limited

[20.03.2015 23:55:30] Rudolf Faix: The phone numbers +63-2-371 1478 and +63-2-371 1479, which have not been ringing yesterday during the day. I have called with different phones.

[20.03.2015 23:56:16] Rudolf Faix: Even your friends cannot help you against this facts.

[00:00:50] Rudolf Faix: Both pictures at the profiles are from the same original. They are only mirrored and have another cut. That is a fact too

[00:13:12] Rudolf Faix: I give you until 12 noon time to send me a copy from your registration of the company. You have written that you are in the office from 10am until 6pm. I'll verify it and publish my next article afterwards.


Christine Wisner Skype ChatChristine Wisner Skype ChatChristine Wisner Skype ChatChristine Wisner Skype ChatChristine Wisner Skype ChatChristine Wisner Skype ChatChristine Wisner Skype ChatChristine Wisner Skype Chat



Meldy Brett - a typical Facebook dating scammer

A few years ago, I have been hunting for dating scammer. By this I got in contact with a girl from the Philippines. Her name as been at this time Meldy Canonigo. She has been in a very bad (proved) situation and I decided to help her a little bit.
Around 2 years ago I got the call for help from at one of the platforms, where a Philippina with the name Wilma - living in Austria run into troubles after her husband died by an accident. She did not speak German and did not know the steps which should be done at the government offices. She even could not know it, because they have been only married for less than 6 months. A few months they have been living at the Philippines. At this time I stopped my scammer war and helped her personally. Make the paperwork for her and supported her in getting her heritage. At this time I deleted my Facebook account too.
Last Sunday I got a message from the woman I helped before. Her name changed already from Cononigo to Brett. Read it by yourself:
As I'm living in a relationship I have only chatted without any personal interests with Meldy Brett. As she tried to keep me busy the whole day by chatting, I have been looking at her Facebook profile. You find a printout of her profile in the attached pdf document, If you take a look at her profile you'll see some comments of her actual husband Don Brett. During she has been eating by chatting with me, I liked his messages, You see it in the following chat protocoll:
Seen Thu 6:38am
That is the end of the chat. She even did not try to get in contact with me any more.
Why do I classify this as scam?
Very simple, if she has really only interest in being friend with me, which got lost 2 years ago, than it would not be any problem if she is married, has a boy friend or living in another relationship. I have a girl friend and living with her in a relationship too. Why we should avoid to have some friends?
I think that she likes to have more support and have been searching for victims at Facebook. I had deleted my Facebook account during the time I helped Wilma, the stranded Philippina in Austria. I made a new Facebook account during the year 2014.
I think that she only got it from my help, that it is easier to get money by scamming others than by doing some work, That can be the negative site if you are helping someone,
As you never know before how they people will develop their own personality with the time, I'll continue helping others. I'll be happy if someone says thank you and will forward the help he received to others when ever it is possible for him. This can make the world a little bit better.

Meldy Brett.pdf (12.88 mb)


The Business Advisor Kaushik Ganguly, with "16 years experience", does not know for whom he is working

In the night I got a LinkedIn message from Kaushik Ganguly, Business Advisor and Management Consultant for ITES - Call Center industry with 16 years experience A part of this email is:

"what if center fails to perform? what if center fails to retain campaign? what if center do not work seriously? what if center do not have financial strength to run center? what if center close down for other reasons? AND most importantly ... what if center choose not to pay consultant/broker after getting payment from client?? Those all happened in real life with many people

If center talks about giving monthly payment to consultant ... why they can't pay the way they pay to Chartered Accountant, VOIP provider, Dialer company, Lead provider and many others? Why always they make a big issue of paying to consultant ... when they know getting a good profitable campaign is 500% more important then getting audit, voip, dialer or leads!! "

It seems that this "Business Advisor" does not know for whom he is working and who is paying the bill! He did not learn in "16 years" of experience how business is done. That is the same way like you pay for an attorney to bring you into jail.

If he get's paid from the outsourcing company, then he is in need to verify the center to which he suggest to outsource. This cannot only be done by verifying the business register and the credit-worthiness of the center. That has nothing to do with any upfront fee or any other similar fee, however it would get called. As soon as he takes from the chosen center some money he is running into a conflict of his and his customers interest.

If he get's paid from the center, which takes the outsourcing contract, then he is responsible for the credit-worthiness of the outsourcing company and that this company is a real company. Here he has to do the same inspections and researches about the outsourcing company.

If his client, there is no difference if his client is the outsourcing company or the center which is doing the outsourced work, is a fake, he is in a very bad situation, because he is liable to his client and has to compensate his clients damage, because it his fault if he did his research not in full. In this case the "broker" or however he likes to get called, has to show his identity too. Hiding themselves in the anonymity of the internet show only that the is not real and nobody shall do any business with him. Everybody should know that you cannot reach into pocket of a naked one.

What he has written is true, but the word "center" need to get replaced with the phrase "all participating parties".

In any case his explanations are showing only that he is promoting not existing services or campaigns to get new centers, because he stated in his email that he is starting his work for a center not before he gets the order. This is called betraying and is a criminal action, which will get prosecuted.

Even his company iNanoSoft Outsourcing has no domain. The only result found in Googles history is It has be a software company from Germany, which is already closed.

The LinkedIn Mail communication:

RE:The “genuine campaigns” from the brokers

Kaushik Ganguly Business Advisor and Management Consultant for ITES - Call Center industry with 16 years experience


12. Februar 2015, 17:10 Uhr


Sie und Kaushik Ganguly sind beide in einem Netzwerk oder einer Gruppe.

There are many misunderstanding and misconceptions around about call center business development ... as well as too much hypocrisy and foolishness. Let's analyse one by one - 

1) someone is making a call center ... without knowledge and experience about this industry? If they have experience ... then why they can't arrange business on their own? If they don't have experience ... then how they expect to get on their terms? 

2) It is demand and supply. If getting business is very easy ... no one will ask for a penny! If very tough ... you have to pay to get. It again depends on center's profile ... if they are big ... all will come to them ... if small center ... they have to try a lot and experiment 

3) People talking about consultant's role should not end with client SLA. Fine, then give him a proper role. Make him your advisor! Don't expect that you will treat someone as broker and he will give A-Z service ... don't demand like a kid! 

4) People expect that consultant (or broker ... whatever you call them) should give a direct client, give unlimited support and should not ask for money ... till center makes money!! Great .... but few questions ... what if center fails to perform? what if center fails to retain campaign? what if center do not work seriously? what if center do not have financial strength to run center? what if center close down for other reasons? AND most importantly ... what if center choose not to pay consultant/ broker after getting payment from client?? Those all happened in real life with many people 

5) If center talks about giving monthly payment to consultant ... why they can't pay the way they pay to Chartered Accountant, VOIP provider, Dialer company, Lead provider and many others? Why always they make a big issue of paying to consultant ... when they know getting a good profitable campaign is 500% more important then getting audit, voip, dialer or leads!! 

Only solution is to build a long term relationship between genuine center and genuine consultant ... based on mutual trust and confidence. Else one can go on bashing consultants/ brokers and end up being cry baby with no progress at all



Found at

There are so many unscrupulous so called brokers, sharks and predators out there ready to pounce on the poor unexpected call centers these days, who are desperate in some cases to expand and once they have been conned by the already above mentioned, feel disgruntled and apprehensive about using campaign brokers, especially if they had been shafted with a upfront fee!

When selecting a campaign broker, first test then, ask why are would they be asking for a upfront fee to start with? How do they justify it, what will your center get out of it? Press and push them and never ever take on a project in hast! If they don’t like this, walk away!

I always advise all my clients when it comes to selecting a campaign broker, to ask the broker to put their money where their mouth is! If they want a fee, thats fine as long as it based on the performance that a center is getting. Never ever pay a fee up front, as you are the one that is doing the campaign broker a favor, not the other way round.

Also test the campaign broker on how knowledgeable they are about the campaign, is the broker so knowledgeable about what they are providing they could actually be an agent on the campaign as well, if not walk away.

Also ask the campaign broker what happens after the campaign is running, do they walk away or offer help, advice and free consulting, if not walk away because this crucial and sometimes even through your best efforts, a campaign can start to go south, a great campaign broker should be able to show you how to turn it round for you.

If you run a call center and require free help and advice, my door is always open and I hope this article has been of help. After all an excellent campaign broker should not be there to grab your money and run, or only look after their clients interest, they should be protecting the call centers interest too.