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High Risk getting Scammed: KS Advisors - Jasper Blunt -

For the case that the client exists tries KS Advisors - Jasper Blunt to play to be the man in the middle. I think we all know what happens during the Children's Chinese whispers game. Maybe he has already proven with the client his intelligence and for this the client does not need him. Now he tries it to stay in business over the center. This egghead does not know the work of a center and he does not know the products from the client. For what will you need him - only for unqualified messages? If he would know how center work is done, then he would have his own center. If he would know how sales is done, then he would not make such failures like in his email, which are even not done by absolutely beginners.

His biggest mistake is that he is promising inbound campaigns if the center is working already a few months on their outbound campaigns. This is a promise, which he cannot keep. This promise should lead you to accept his conditions. If you think about it you'll get it clearly: You don't get any access to the customer database of the client because this data are protected by law in the traditional outsourcing countries and the fines are very high - US$ 16,000 per customer record. What can you do with an inbound caller in this case? For offshore and onshore outsourcing are only outbound campaigns possible. Everything else are only dreams.

I have used a simple Google search as in the email is not more then the name KS Advisors and no other provable address. I have only found a company KS Advisors Inc., which is involved in a $10 million Hedge Fund Fraud. I cannot say it, if it is the same company or not. 

Here is the email where Jasper Blunt from KS Advisors confirms that the client did not find him useless for more than only searching a call center:

From: jasper blunt <>
Date: Sun, Jun 21, 2015 at 7:06 PM
Subject: IVA Packout Leads Required

Hello and a very warm greeting from KS Advisors  


We provide your company with superlative Business Advisory /Marketing Consultancy for a permanent solution to a long term issue faced by call centers that have tired taking process from middleman and in turn run into non-profitable campaigns or SCAM like Tech Support and henceforth aren’t generating the required revenues.


Please find the attachment for the criteria


This is how we work:

1.       We work on long-term retainer ship contract basis working as Business Advisor/ Marketing Consultant

2.       We will provide direct business to your center (as many as they can handle in contract duration)

3.       We can only talk about Inbound with a center working successfully for 6 months with proven track record having minimum 15+ seats and after working with me for minimum 3 months

4.       The Advisor would also guide center in implementing and successfully running those campaigns

5.       Center need to follow the advice given by the Business Advisor for successful execution of process and keeping the clients contented. The center needs to cooperate with the Business Advisor for mutual benefits. Centers who only need process and don't wish to seek support need not to contact

6.       Contract between us could be signed online

Please contact after reviewing the above mentioned terms


Please note we don't deal with broker, only business owners or financial decision makers of direct center


Please don't request for process details till you join us online to talk & know each other in detail


For any further queries please feel free to contact the undersigned




Skype: KS.Advisors  


KS Advisors