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Scammer: Peter Bragansa is overestimating himself

The scammer Peter Bragansa thinks, that everybody has nothing else to do as waiting that he gets a call from him. The first call I got today on my mobile phone, but for some technical reasons, connection problems or he has been using some suspicious VoIP provider, I could not hear him. He dialed immediately again, but the call dropped before I could pick it up.

Afterwards he tried to call my US number, but his problem has been that I have been out and the phone has been ringing at my home.

It does even not make any sense, that someone calls me in anger, because I'm not fighting using the phone. I'm even not discussing on the phone some serious facts. If someone likes to discuss something serious with me, he has to use email, because I prefer the written words, which can get used as a proof.

His LinkedIn invitation, which he has sent to me, says already enough about the character of Peter Bragansa:

He has written in this invitation shown above:

hey buddy why are you blocking me? don't you want to be friends?
you want some nasty surprises? you're a scammer, really and truly,
as google shows. and now i'm going to expose you. however, as a bonafide
sociopath, you have a habit of trying to make others seem like scammers. kisses .

For a first contact are the words not very friendly, but anyway I'll accept his request at LinkedIn, but I'm not a homosexual, who likes to get kisses from him.

Anyway I have accepted his invitation. He sent one message and before I could answer it, he blocked me at LinkedIn. Here is a screenshot:

Why he asks me "Ok, who are you and why are you going around badmouthing me?", if he does not like to get an answer?

Peter Bragansa is the one who is blocking, because he has sent me on Facebook the following message too:

where are you?
i need you.
don't u love me anymore?
i'm so horny for you.
don't hide from me.
i had a good laugh today with all your insanity

I even cannot send him an answer, because he is blocking me:

In such a case he can be, as he has written in his message "i'm so horny for you" as much as he likes, if he blocks it by himself, he would never be successful. What else can get expected from a scammer who is a janitor at a truck stop? Low level primitive language, endless stupidity, missing intelligence and much more negatives.

By commenting to my postings he shows additional his missing intelligence:

WARNING: RUDOLF FAIX OF WWPA IS A SCAMMER. check out his google results rap sheet. just type " rudolf faix scammer" in google. just the first page has ten results of people complaining about him. he has a blog where he libels people and doesn't allow comments. plus, he deletes the comments from the conversations where he calls you a scammer. we have never worked with him or have any dealings at all and he started posting libelous posts on his blog. He may be trying to extort money all around.He may not even be a real person but a fictitious profile. DO NOT WORK OR BELIEVE THIS “PERSON”.

Hi, first of all I don't know Mrs. Faix. However, after googling her name and the word "scammer" I have found numerous scam alerts on Google about her! Here is a list of the first ten results:

As far as her posts on her blog, since there is no way to answer or comment on there, I made these annotations, and If you want to have a good laugh, like I did in annotating them, take a look.

Now, this is serious however, since reputation must be guarded at all costs and since I am an honest person, if anyone wants to contact me directly at my email address (which I have had since April 2004) and receive copies of the $10 million receipts of wires I have to sent to India, please do so. to be clear: MY COMPANY AND I HAVE PAID OUT MORE THAN $10 MILLION TO INDIAN CALL CENTERS IN THE TECH SUPPORT INDUSTRY and we don't scam customers or vendors.

Yes, there have been times when banks closed accounts and centers lost money; but is less than 3 % of the total paid to centers. I am not the only person in the industry, banks are involved, payment processors etc. Thank you.

Does Peter Bragansa really think that someone, who is running such a site like me, where he is presenting the results of scams, is able to run any business?

Does he think that he is the first one, which has the idea of a revenge posting and hiding himself afterwards by blocking his opponent?

I think already this facts are enough proof of the missing intelligence from Peter Bragansa.

It does not matter how much money he has paid to someone in India. It is enough what it is written in the complaints found at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) about AllFixTech, where Peter Bragansa even did not have enough money available for refunding a customer the enormous sum of $50 in time. Such a person likes to brag with $10 Million dollars paid since 2004? Will even his sick grandmother believe him such a fairy tale?

Forwarding money, earned from a scam, is never a genuine business. It is only supporting scammers by participating at their criminal action. It is the same business like Peter Bragansa is doing with his partner Manuel Rubindecelis. Maybe Peter Bragansa is thinking the end justifies the means. By taking a look into the Internet archives, you'll see that the websites, and had all the same content and have been differing only by the pictures, phone numbers and addresses. Scammer are lazy. They are even too lazy to use their own brain. Aguard, Web Of Trust, Malwarebytes and hphosts are not warning of scammer sites for the reason they don't have nothing better to do than defaming serious sites. If one of these services is warning from some websites, then it is a real warning from some Computer Crime! Such facts are even idiots like Peter Bragansa able to discuss away!

The Better Business Bureau is not an invention from me. If someone likes to know more about the BBB organisation then I'll recommend him to read the short version of their history at WikiPedia.

Scam gets prosecuted in India too. For example there gets found an article at IndiaOnAir: Delhi Police arrested desperate cheater.

In such a case are even not helping some threats. People who are living in glass houses should not throw stones:

Peter Bragansa even don't know what he likes. At the following email he even likes to visit me and bring me milk and cookies. He even don't know, that the next farm is not far away from my place, only 2 minutes to walk. There you can get milk directly from the source:

Some people would understand these words in another way, but I think every time about the best possible interpretation. We even have in German language a proverb: "Dogs, that bark, don't bite".

Peter Bragansa is so stupid, that he thinks that some center from India have hired me for destroying his reputation. He even does not recognize it, that I'm writing about the scam where his hired centers are fixing problems, which don't exist (screenshot):

I have $10 million in wire receipts to India.
What do you have ? A blog. someone hired
you to bad mouth me; and there's MORE
complaints about you (and not from people that you've
tried to extort, just victims of your business ineptitude)
than there are of me or my company.

Some indian center didn't get paid; it's not my fault.
They got high chargebacks etc.

anyway, it's funny how presumptous you are,
that I can't make demands, really quite funny,
I will warn you again; you are going into a bad place
and when you go there, there's no turning back.

Turn back now because I have faced much bigger
enemies than you. I am having a laugh here
and your extortion won't work except to ruin
you. Be extremely careful, I am warning you again.
You are not safe on the internet or physically
if you choose to fuck with us.

I think you're in denial that you're just a corrupt
person and that your attitude of being the
"justice bringer" is just a cover for your
ineptitude in business and bad character.
But hey, I'm not a psychiatrist.

It is nice that Peter Bragansa admits in his own emails, that he is not only scamming computer users. He is scamming centers too. A professional fraudster makes no difference in the choice of his victims.

Again he is bragging with the 10 million dollars that he likes to have paid to centers since 2004 - in the last 13 years. If we divide the 10 million by 13 years, then we have in average $769,230/year, what he likes to have paid to centers. If we are looking at his offer, then we know that he is earning in average 25%. In this case the $769,230 are the 75% he has paid and 25% make in sum 256,410/year. Hardly to believe, but like it gets shown at the Better Business Bureau, he could not refund $50 to one of his victims just in time? Maybe the tax office will be very interested in his statement?

Intelligence is not commercially available.


Tech Support Scam - German state attorney working together with Indian authorities

Tech Support ScamThe following press release shows that the Indian justice system is working together with foreign authorities for stopping Tech Support Scammers. For call centers has it coming more difficult to run such sham campaigns. On the one site they are getting scammed by buying he calls and on the other site the prosecutors are taking action against them. The case shows that victims of such a scam get at least the satisfaction that the scammers are ending up together with their landlords in jail.

Press release of the Prosecutor Osnabrück/Germany from September 5, 2016:

The Osnabrück Prosecutor's Office and the state criminal police in Hannover determine for some time against a group of online fraudsters who apparently operate from India.

The perpetrators explain in English that the user's computer is infected with a virus, the license expired, or the computer other problems having, and they provide the repair of the computer, the renewal of the license or the purchase of a security program to. Certain data from the computer are received from the callers, so that the victim believes that his PC was infected tat neuter. The perpetrators cause then the called one to download a remote control program that allows access to the computer. After allegedly made repairs, the alleged renewal of the license or the alleged uploading of a security program, the offender require a relatively small amount of money via online bank transfer. Once the called one has entered its financial data in a mask, increase the perpetrators the amount of money unnoticed. Victims are asked to pay before the repair amounts between € 180 and 250 by specifying the credit card number or bank transfer via Western Union. In a number of cases it is to get such payments.

In fact, the computer was never infected and in no case the license has been expired.

Refused the called one to pay at all or so much money, the perpetrators delete numerous data on the computer. In some cases, the computer got locked with a password.

The group opering this scam, the so-called Microsoft Technical Support calls, is a global player. In Niedersachsen, Germany, previously could 779 victims got determined. In whole of Germany at least 7647 people got scammed. This is however only to the so-called bright-field. The real figures will be much higher.

Very fast it became clear that the perpetrators are operating from call centers in India.  A international search order took place in May 2016 due to a search warrant of the District Court Osnabrück/Germany and Calcutta in India. At this search was attended by a prosecutor of the Prosecutor Osnabrück from the central office the fight against cybercrime three very experienced officers from the fields of investigation of the State Criminal Office Hannover, legal assistance and technology part. Cooperation with the police officers in India has been very successful. The Cybercrime special police in Calcutta and the Cybercrime nationality-violence in Calcutta supported the German colleagues intensively and competently through international legal assistance. In one of the searched during Operation Call Center 250 work places were found, from which the fraudulent calls got carried out.

According to the investigators fraudulent calls from all workplaces got carried out. The individual call centers were put out of service, all computers got seized. This had an impact on the number of noticeably cases: Immediately after the search, the criminal charges were very noticeably reduced and they have since not significantly risen since this time. According to the investigators, the call centers have been an important base of operations for the fraudulent calls.

7 accused are in India in prison. From these are 2 persons landlords of call centers and the other 5 are their operators. Prosecutors in Calcutta has opened a so-called mirror case and charged based on the information from the German authorities before an Indian court against the perpetrators.


Scammer: ACE Infosys - - Viral Pithadiya - - Niraj Shah

A company where the staff members are all hiding themselves behind symbols instead of real portrait pictures is every time very suspect. Such people don't like to provide manhunt pictures for the authorities by themselves. This may have other reasons in the case of Ace Infosys, because these people made in their drug intoxication of an online shoe and apparel retailer an airline. Normally you can recognize idiots already by looking at their profile picture and for this reason they are not providing pictures of themselves at their LinkedIn profiles.

Already the LinkedIn Company page from Ace Infosys shows discrepancies and makes the company not really trustfully:

LinkedIn company page from Ace Infosys

Discrepancies at the above information are getting found at:

  1. There are nowhere any information about outsourcing any call center processes getting found. All information provided are showing a normal hard and software support.

  2. Ace Infosys tells about themselves that they have between 1 and 10 employees, but you'll find 38 from their employees at LinkedIn. Not one of them is able to show their face.

  3. The provided website does not exits. The domain is registered but the provider deleted already the DNS entry from their servers. Hosting providers are doing this at the time the monthly fees are not getting paid. The domain registration data from are:
    Domain name:
    Registrant: Niraj Shah
    Registrant type: Unknown
    Registrant's address: 13, Madingley
    St. Peters Road, Kingston upon Thames Surrey
    KT1 3JG United Kingdom

    Data validation: Nominet was able to match the registrant's name and address against a 3rd party data source on 10-Dec-2012

    Registrar: A/S [Tag = TJNF-DK]

    Relevant dates:
    Registered on: 26-Jun-2008
    Expiry date: 26-Jun-2016
    Last updated: 18-Jun-2015
    Registration status: Registered until expiry date.

    Name servers:

What can you expect from someone, which is even not able to pay his Internet provider? Does someone think that he will get something for the asked up-front fees? You only can be sure that you'll get scammed if you buy something from such a creature.

You can also be sure that not one outsourcing company will search for a broker or consultant abroad and not one outsourcing company will make with such untrustworthy people any business. As soon as a businessman has any doubt about a service provider this service provider will not be able to make any business. It seems that only call center start-ups are the stupid ones, which trust to the promises of such scammers.

One from the scammer staff of Ace Infosys is someone with the LinkedIn profile Chhaya Sharma:


New LinkedIn Profile Picture from Chhaya SharmaOld LinkedIn Profile Picture from Chhaya Sharmachhaya sharma
Business Development Executive at ACE Infosys
Ahmedabad Area, India | Outsourcing/Offshoring
Current: Business Development Executive at ACE Infosys

Phone: +91-7043338817
Skype: chhaya.sharma68

His posts at LinkedIn are full of scam (.pdf-file). The same scam can get found at his recent activities (.pdf-file). Here are a few examples listed from the scam offers:

Zappos Airlines Inbound Voice Process

Travel data are protected by the data protection law. For the case that one airline violates the law the landing rights for this airline will get revoked. Does anyone think that any airlines will take such a risk?

Take a look at the picture. The scammer did even not search for a real picture from an not existing Zappos airplane for his promotion. Does someone believe that the marketing department from any airline will hire such an amateur, where even the windows in front of the airplane will get covered from the logo?

If someone is interested about Zappos than he can find at and the information: " was established in 1999 to offer the best possible online shopping experience for footwear". Only a scammer under drugs can make from a joint promotion of jetBlue and Zappos, an online retailer, an airline (Article from Market Wired - JetBlue and Deliver Happiest Travel Day to Customers at JFK International Airport).

Barcode shipping process

The scammer Ace Infosys - Chhaya Sharma confirms with this offer that he even does not understand how transport companies are working and how the documents are getting created. I think he has never visited a cargo port. There is no time to scan some documents, send them somewhere and wait for any returns. Documents are getting created at the source station where the goods are loaded into the shipping container. Barcodes are getting printed and fixed on the goods and on the container immediately for avoiding mistakes in routing of the container.

Form Filling Process with NO TARGET

The scam gets found in the offer above in the words "no target". If there is no target than there is no work available. Nobody pays you for doing nothing.

Axis Bank - Non Voice Process

I think that even banks in India need to be in competition with others for not losing any customers. For this they will not give any information out of their office about their customers. Such customer lists can get sold for a high price to their competitors. Why any bank on the world shall give you access to their customer database? Everbody, included the people from India, knows about the fraud coming from India. Why one bank should take such a risk? - advance billing

The average income of an Australian agent has been 2015 AU$21.05. Why shall take one company the risk by going offshore for saving only AU$3 (US$2.13) per hour and per agent? Does really someone think that an advance billing results into an advance payment? Some big companies need the advance billing time for getting the approval of the contract from their management. The payment will get done as soon as the work is done and confirmed from the for the project responsible company staff. Using such a phrase in a campaign offer is a negative promotion because it means that the client has very strong approval rules and you'll get paid very late. This offer confirms that the scammer Chhaya Sharma and his company Ace Infosys has never been working in international business and he does even not understand the business terms.

An article from December 19, 2015 about the scam from ACE Infosys can get found at Scammer: Sandeep Yadav - Viral Pithadiya - - does even not know what legal services are. Other scam complaints about Ace Infosys are getting found at:

Facebook page ACE Infosys from September 30, 2015 has Solvier Research written:

Hello people, Do not trust this company for any kind of business, they take money in advance from people and by promising many things and do all the required formalities just to make you believe that they are genuine company, even give a fake reference too and till the time you do not pay any advance to them which they demands for the business they calls it a consulting charges and for 24/7 support services they being very nice to you chase you all the time but once they receive the money from you their real face comes up. They are sitting just to make a fool out of people. We as a company believed them and picked up a project from them (AD posting), we paid a good amount of money in advance, initially they were like it is an very easy process just copy paste of details which we will be providing on the websites which we will be giving apart from that they don't tell you anything when you try to ask they just say nothing else is there and their payment mode would be daily basis and promises the moment we receive the advance this project will be live straight away with in half an hour. So we paid them a good amount of advance and then after we had to chase them for more then a week (at least 10 calls a day), then after they sent the details saying websites you need to find out by yourself which they never told us before, Secondly after chasing them for almost 2 weeks our project went live and when we sent them a billing of everyday's work consistently for 3 days, they just disappeared stopped answering calls, no email reply . We had mode of conversation with DEV their so called project taker, DEEPAK RAJPUT their so called sales manager and eventually AJAY RAJPUT the Owner of the company. Beaware of this Company, dont get fooled by them .Just stay away from them.

Consumer Complaints Forum India from October 14, 2015:

Ace Infosys — Freelance job
This company has cheated me of 1, 50, 000 for three seats in freelance adposting job saying daily payments. its been over months n i have recieved just bits and pieces of payment, there is a problem while posting, no body is there to provide a solution.

Consumer Complaints Forum India from January 11, 2016:

Ace Infosys — Ace infosys from ahmedabad are fraud people
Hi Friends, Please be carefull with these SCAMMERS “ ACE INFOSYS” from AHEMEDABAD and their website is and what ever the projects they outsource it’s all fake projects, they just charge money too much and they will rotate that money for payments by 10% in the amount what we paid and they won’t respond at all.
People called Sandeep yadav his number 07043338821 And deepak his number 07043338822
And company director name Debashish Gosh 07202033394
All these people are frauds and they outsource meaning less porjects for high amount which does not exist . They have copy paste project and Ad posting project and form filling and many others fake projects
Copy paste project they are getting it from mumbai people for just 15000 rs and Ad posting posting for 12000 rs from Infinite solutions, which are fake projects. They just rotate our money for couple of payments and they stop responding to our calls and NO REPORTS and NO PAYMENT.

Consumer Complaints Forum India from January 13, 2016:

Ace Infosys Ahmedabad — Fraud company and fraud people

Hi Friends, Please be careful with these SCAMMERS “ACE INFOSYS” AHEMEDABAD and their website is and whatever the projects they outsource it’s all fake projects, they charge money too much and they will rotate that money for payments by 10% in the amount what we paid and they won’t respond at all. Company main director Ajay Rajput his number 09898515471, and employees Sandeep Yadav his number 07043338821 And Deepak his number 07043338822 and company manager name Debashish Gosh 07202033394 All these people are frauds and they outsource meaning less porjects for high amount which does not exist . They have copy paste project and Ad posting project and form filling and many others fake projects Copy paste project they are getting it from mumbai people for just 15000 rs and Ad posting posting for 12000 rs from Infinite solutions, which are fake projects. They just rotate our money for couple of payments and they stop responding to our calls and NO REPORTS and NO PAYMENT. They have taken 1, 50, 000 rupees and they won’t and not responding and disconnecting the calls. I have attached fraud people photos and also updating about them in CRIME TODAY channel.

Consumer Complaints Forum India from January 30, 2016:



All above person of ACE Infosys are 100% fraud & cheating persons. This is gift of Mr. Narendra Modi to all of us by the blessing of Modi sir all doing fraud in Ahmadabad. May be Gujarat Police is sleeping always. Lets see how long they will be away from cyber crime trap. For more information against their work call me . Please dont reply thses person with thses numbers & names : Arun Pandey 7043338818, Deepak Rajput7043338822, Sandeep Yadav7043338821, Ajay Rajput (owner), Aman Singh-7226004021 and many more involved. All are illiterate from IT Industry but doing fraud in this Industry by promising high earning IT Projects. Requesting not to reply mt all.
Most of Ahmadabad based BPO are black listed & fraud, don't follow them. They promise you to provide all 11 month contract for work like Add Posting, Copy Paste, SEO Copy paste, Captcha, Telecom companies call center etc. Their rate may be 25k- 30k & for one slot (10)seats 2.5 to 3 lacks.
I have paid Rs. 125000/- by ICICI online NEFT to ACE Infosys current HDFC Account No 502000007561256 on Nov-2015 & from that day they are not answering to our calls.Their office address Head Office
303, 3rd floor kansas investment corporation, nr ghodasar highway, Ahmedabad-380050
Web site:

Call me for more details
Milind 9422124915

Consumer Complaints Forum India from February 10, 2016:

I took a project from Aceinfosys from ahamedabad.
I have paid 125000 rs for work.
They took my money and they are not responding to my calls.They have not paid the billing Amount and no response to calls, Please take some legal action against them. Below are the main persons who are working in this company.

Dibish - 07202-033394
Arun Pandey - 07043-338818
Ankush - 07043-338822

Below company address for your reference.
Head Office
303, 3rd floor kansas investment corporation, nr ghodasar highway, Ahmedabad-380050

23rd, 2nd Floor Sapnay Complex, Opp Suvidha Shopping Center, Paldi Ahmedabad-380007.

There are so many people suffering like me .


If we take a look at the employees of Ace Infosys (LinkedIn search) than we see that not one can show their face at their profile picture. Such people have something to hide. I think you'll escape in real life from a shop too where the sales staff hides themselves behind a mask. Why should you trust someone which cannot show his face on the Internet?

Here you'll find some other staff from Ace Infosys - from the members in my network only (.pdf-file. More you can find at a LinkedIn search):

jyotsana patel

Business Development Executive at Ace infosys

Ahmedabad Area, India | Outsourcing/Offshoring

Current: Business Development Executive at ACE INFOSYS at ACE INFOSYS

Sanaya Patel

BDE (Business Development Executive) at ACE Infosy

Ahmedabad Area, India | Computer & Network Security

Current: BDE (Business Development Executive) at ACE Infosy

We are from ACE Infosys , a Govt. registered Outsourcing company, who do outsource all sort of BPO...

My comment: It seems that this scammer likes to be a little girl, which cannot get prosecuted in front of the law court. For this purpose she is using a picture, which gets found 607 times at the Google picture search.

It seems that every criminal (scammers are criminals) is able to register a company in India. The problem is that a company registration does not make them trustful in this case. It makes it only easier for the authorities to prosecute the company owner.

The problem is only that a company with the name Ace Infosys is not getting found at the Indian Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Dipak Rajput

Sr. BDM at ACE Infosys

Ahmedabad Area, India | Outsourcing/Offshoring

Current: Sr. BDM at ACE Infosys

Chauhan PritviSingh S

BDM at Ace Infosys

Bhavnagar Area, India | Business Supplies and Equipment

Current: BDM at Ace Infosys at Ace Infosys

Ajay Chandel

Business Development Executive at Ace Infosys

Ahmedabad Area, India | Computer & Network Security

Current: Business Development Executive at Ace Infosys

Nidhi Acharya

Business Development Executive at Ace Infosys

Ahmedabad Area, India | Management Consulting

Current: Business Development Manager at Ace Infosys

Shah Rukh KhanParesh sharma


Ahmedabad Area, India | Management Consulting

Current: Paresh at Ace Infosys

My comment: This scammer seems to have an identity problem because he is using the picture from the Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan.

Ankur Singh

Business Associate at MNC

Ahmedabad Area, India | Outsourcing/Offshoring

Summary: ACE Group, a company that specializes in providing various commercial services. Prior to ACE Group...

Jaimin Shah

Business Development Manager at Ace Infosys

Ahmedabad Area, India | Outsourcing/Offshoring

Current: Business Development Manager at Ace Infosys

Deepak Singh

BDE at ACE Infosys

Ahmedabad Area, India | Outsourcing/Offshoring

Current: BDE at ACE Infosys

Jannat Khan

Business Development Executive at ACE Infosys

Ahmedabad Area, India | Outsourcing/Offshoring

Current: Business Development Executive at ACE Infosys

chhaya sharma

BDE at ACE Infosys

Ahmedabad Area, India | Outsourcing/Offshoring

Current: BDM at ACE Infosys

merzina kapadia

bde at ace infosys

Ahmedabad Area, India | Outsourcing/Offshoring

Current: bde at ace infosys

Ajay Singh

BDE at Ace Infosys

Ahmedabad Area, India | Business Supplies and Equipment

Current: BDE at Ace Infosys

Saumya sharma

BDM at Ace Infosys

Ahmedabad Area, India | Computer & Network Security

Current: BDM at Ace Infosys

sadhna singh

Business Development executive at Ace Infosys

Ahmedabad Area, India | Computer & Network Security

Current: Business Development executive at Ace Infosys

mayank diamond

php programer at Ace Infosys

Meerut Area, India | Computer & Network Security

Current: php programer at Ace Infosys

Rahul Shamani

Sr. BDM at ACE Infosys at ACE Infosys

Ahmedabad Area, India | Outsourcing/Offshoring

Current: Sr. BDM at ACE Infosys at ACE Infosys

Dhruvya Patel

BDE at ACE Infosys

Ahmedabad Area, India | Outsourcing/Offshoring

Current: BDE at ACE Infosys

Chauhan Ajay S


Ahmedabad Area, India | Business Supplies and Equipment

Current: Outsource Manager at Ace Infosys

Dhruv Patel

Business Development Manager at Ace Infosys

Ahmedabad Area, India | Computer & Network Security

Current: Business Development Manager at Ace Infosys

Gaurav Singh

Verification Specialist at airtel

Ahmedabad Area, India | Computer & Network Security

Current: Team Leader at Ace Infosys

ritesh shah


Ahmedabad Area, India | Broadcast Media

Current: bpo at ace infosys

Krishna Barot


Ahmedabad Area, India | Outsourcing/Offshoring

Current: BDE at Ace Infosys

Bhaskar Trivedi

MD at Ace Infosys

Ahmedabad Area, India | Outsourcing/Offshoring

Current: MD at Ace Infosys

LinkedIn - pankaj patelpankaj patel


India | Outsourcing/Offshoring


At some of their LinkedIn profiles they have provided the webpage of The domain registration data of are:

Registry Domain ID: 1911043583_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Update Date: 2015-03-18T14:05:50Z
Creation Date: 2015-03-18T14:05:50Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2016-03-18T14:05:50Z
Registrar:, LLC
Registrar IANA ID: 146
Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.4806242505
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Domain Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Domain Status: clientRenewProhibited
Domain Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Name: Viral Pithadiya
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: B/ 118 Rajmandir,Isanpur,Ahmedabad
Registrant City: Ahmedabad
Registrant State/Province: Gujarat
Registrant Postal Code: 382443
Registrant Country: IN
Registrant Phone: +91.9725912900
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email:
Registry Admin ID:
Admin Name: Viral Pithadiya
Admin Organization:
Admin Street: B/ 118 Rajmandir,Isanpur,Ahmedabad
Admin City: Ahmedabad
Admin State/Province: Gujarat
Admin Postal Code: 382443
Admin Country: IN
Admin Phone: +91.9725912900
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax:
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email:
Registry Tech ID:
Tech Name: Viral Pithadiya
Tech Organization:
Tech Street: B/ 118 Rajmandir,Isanpur,Ahmedabad
Tech City: Ahmedabad
Tech State/Province: Gujarat
Tech Postal Code: 382443
Tech Country: IN
Tech Phone: +91.9725912900
Tech Phone Ext:
Tech Fax:
Tech Fax Ext:
Tech Email:
DNSSEC: unsigned
URL of the ICANN WHOIS Data Problem Reporting System:
>>> Last update of WHOIS database: 2016-02-11T8:00:00Z <<<


The red herring and/or deception around Wesley Jon Pollard

A person with the Facebook profile calling himself Bruce Young shared on September 11,  2015 06:16pm (GMT+2) with Christopher Claude my LinkedIn posting where I had in the comments section a communication with Wesley Jon Pollard and explained him that hiding himself in anonymity is not good base for making business. I also explained him my motivation for hunting scammers.

The content from Bruce Young:

Check this out

The big investigator, police man (Sargent) and Sherlock Holmes from Eynsham did even not follow the link and posted his flames against me into the comment, because he has been thinking that Bruce Young sent him the link with the article “Is Christopher Caudle more than just a friend of the alleged scammer Wesley Jon Pollard?”.

By taking a look at the Facebook profile of Bruce Young I find the first 17 postings done on August 22, 2015. On the same day he has created a page with the name “Scammers Beware”, which has until now only 8 likes and two postings – the self-promotion of the page - done on August 22, 2015.

August 23, 2015: Bruce Young started his Facebook campaign where he is searching for Wesley Jon Pollard.

On September 10, 2015 Bruce Young published the first time a transcript of the Skype communication with Wesley Jon Poilard. This communication is dated from August 21, 2015.

Christopher Claude reported Wesley Jon Pollard in a forwarded email to me on August 26, 2015 as missing since July 7, 2015 – the email is dated with July 30, 2015. A copy of the email gets found in the updates from August 26, 2015 at the article “Scammer Wesley Jon Pollard - - -

My opinion about the rumors around Wesley Jon Pollards disappearance is nothing else than a red herring or a deception:

  • Someone, who communicated per Skype on August 21 will not get searched two days later already.

  • Someone, who needs to hide, will not get in contact by using Skype with people from which he is hiding.

  • Someone, who needs to hide, will not use his old and existing accounts for offers of his new company ( for the case he did it not by a mistake.

  • Someone, who has nothing to hide, does not need to block me at LinkedIn
    Here a screenshot from Wesley Jon Pollards public profile when I'm logged in as Rudolf Faix at LinkedIn:
    Screenshot shows that Wesley Jon Pollard has blocked me on LinkedIn

    And here a screeshot from the same time, using another browser, without beeing logged in:
    Screenshot of the public LinkedIn profile without loginBlocking someone on LinkedIn does not really help. It makes the person only more suspicious. Everybody has a lot of friends and sometimes others are giving you access for searching some information. In such a case the blocking gets dismantled easily.

It is also my opinion that if somebody is searching for Wesley Jon Pollard he will find him at the place of the people whose name should get removed from the publicity or which are making the most rumors. For me it looks like that the profile from Bruce Young with the picture from the wrestler and actor “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson, got only created for helping Wesley Jon Pollard. I think that even the published pictures from Wesley Jon Pollard are only a fake and are showing in reality someone else.

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Bruce-Young-Chris-Caudle-message.pdf (231.25 kb)

Facebook-profile-Bruce-Young.pdf (6.39 mb)

LinkedIn-posting-Call-center-owners-dont-start-working-without-a-security-deposit-given-by-the-client.pdf (152.52 kb)

Update Jan. 18, 2017:
Link from the Facebook profile Christopher Claude ( removed as it returns error 404 - not found.


Is Christopher Caudle more than just a friend of the alleged scammer Wesley Jon Pollard?

Christopher CaudleIt seems that Christopher Caudle does not understand the difference of a presumption ( “can be”, “seems to be”) and a fact (“is a”). It doesn’t matter what he understands and what not. Interesting is his actual connection to the disappeared and putative scammer Wesley Jon Pollard.

He expressed himself in an email July 30, 2015 (found in the update from August 26, 2015), which he has forwarded to me on August 26, 2015:

I have known Wesley Jon Pollard for many years. He lives in the Philippines and owns the company mentioned, which has a large number of important clients on his books. He arranges call centres for his clients, and makes a point of visiting each one to vet the company and ensure their procedures match their application.

Christopher CaudleWe find in the LinkedIn profile “Lord Caudle” (Lord-Caudle-LinkedIn.pdf (459.36 kb)) that he is CEO of Chat Network Plc since March 2011 and Chairman from Surecall Telecoms Ltd since the year 2010. He got for both jobs recommendations, one from a Turkish and one from an Indian LinkedIn member. The recommendations got given in exchange.

Praveen George from India got a recommendation from “Lord Caudle” on March 26, 2014 and has written a recommendation for “Lord Caudle” on March 27, 2014.

Riz Balloch from Turkey has gotten a recommendation from “Lord Caudle” on April 13, 2012 and got a recommendation from “Lord Caudle” back on the same day. In this case cannot get determined which recommendation was written first.

Coincidentally Wesley Jon Pollard has published yesterday (September 9, 2015) a post in LinkedIn Pulse (Wesley-Jon-Pollard-Addressing-what-needs-are-required-for-a-successful-sales-website.pdf (206.19 kb)). In this article he offers 24 hour live chat services of – a site registered in the high risk country (ScamAdviser) Pakistan with an U.S. phone number:

So this is the final and fifth part in our post episode on what a successful 24 hour support service such as ourselves can do for your websites sales and customers service side, since we are 100% committed to delivering a successful outcome month in and months out, 365 days a week for all our clients.

At a page gets found with the title “lord chris caudle's Page” (.pdf (197.20 kb)). The page has the first entry from February 2, 2012 (.pdf (180.64 kb)) and the last entry from September 10, 2014.

In my view, are here occurring too many coincidences. Each normal thinking person will ask the following questions:

  • Are Christopher Caudle and Wesley Jon Pollard more than friends?

  • Why is Wesley Jon Pollard offering the same kind of business at the same time like Christopher Caudle?

  • Which role takes Ma Eliza Reyes Reburiano that Christopher Caudle likes to get her name from the article "Scammer Wesley Jon Pollard - - -" removed? This article was merely quoted from LinkedIn profiles parts which Maria herself has accepted or written. Others may probably have similar considerations when they are reading the profiles carefully.

  • Is the whole case, not just a red herring? Especially if taking a look which countries are all involved in this case: Philippines (ROLLINGDICE PHILIPPINES), India (ROLLINGDICE PUNE), Pakistan (domain, UK, USA (actual profile and phone number used in advertisings), etc.

  • If Wesley Jon Pollard is on a escape he would not be so stupid and use his old accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest) and his own name for making money to finance his escape. For the case that the authorities are searching for him would it be very easily to locate him by his IP address using for posting the articles. Why should he give the hints to the authorities by himself if he is on escape? I think that Wesley Jon Pollard has helpers, which are publishing his articles. Who are these helpers in this case?

  • Christopher Caudle writes by himself in his mail from July 29, 2015 (found in the update from August 26, 2015 of the article "Scammer Wesley Jon Pollard - - -"): “I wish to report Wesley Jon Pollard owner of Out of the Box solutions, as missing presumed kidnaped, since 7th July 2015”. Who should kidnap him and for which reason? The offshore outsourcing business is down, there is not much to earn. Who shall pay in this case the ransom?

    Another statement from Christopher Caudle:
    It is my opinion having served for 10 years with the British Police (now retired) that Wesley Jon Pollard was not in India and never arrived there, I do not believe he was in Malaysia either, and that he is somewhere in the Philippines possibly kidnapped.
    I think that each one knows that the Philipines are an island state. You can leave the Philippines only by using a ship or an airplane. In both cases you'll be listed as crew member or as a passenger if you are leaving the Philippines on a legal way. The authorities would check this database. The opinion from Christopher Caudle shows only his missing geographical knowledge and his missing talent in investigating.

  • Wesley Jon Pollard has been looking today (September 10, 2015) at 10:35am (Manila time) - 3:35am UK time at my LinkedIn profile.

  • If Wesley Jon Pollard disappeared on July 7, 2015 like Christopher Caudle has written it, how can it be that Bruce Young had a communication with Wesley Jon Pollard on August 21, 2015 (Facebook posting of Bruce Young.pdf (150.80 kb))?
    A transcript of a conversation between my two friends;

    21/08/2015 00:03:40] Wesley Pollard: Mate payment will be at the end of the month
    [21/08/2015 00:03:41] FRIEND1: I plea to you Wes to understand my fears and my apprehension. I look up to you.
    [21/08/2015 00:06:43] FRIEND1: to be completely honest and open, here's my fear Wes; that I will no longer hear from you after today, no date has been set as when I can received it, meaning there is no projection as to when the money is coming in, if indeed there was a need to wait on...that's my fear Wes, and it is my fault that I trusted you too early despite advises from friends
    [21/08/2015 00:07:13] FRIEND1: please understand
    [21/08/2015 00:07:51] Wesley Pollard: You will have it by the end of the month ok

    SO WHERE IS IT NOW? NON PAYMENT. end of month of what year?
    If Bruce Young has chatted on August 21, 2015 with Wesley Jon Pollard, why sends me Christopher Caudle on August 26, 2015 the message that Wesley Jon Pollard "disappeared, properly kidnapped on July 7"?

Exactly all this facts are making the full story for me very supicious. I think that it is nothing else than red herring.

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Lord-Caudle-LinkedIn.pdf (459.36 kb)

Wesley-Jon-Pollard-Addressing-what-needs-are-required-for-a-successful-sales-website.pdf (206.19 kb)

lord-chris-caudle's-Page-CampaignProvider.pdf (197.20 kb)

Lord-Chris-Caudle-(NEW)-UK-PPI-Personal-Injury-Sales-Process.pdf (180.64 kb)

Facebook-Bruce-Young-A-transcript-of-a-conversation.pdf (150.80 kb)