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Christopher Caudle likes to get more publicity for Ma Eliza Reyes Reburiano

Christopher Caudle does not understand until now that the article "Scammer Wesley Jon Pollard - - -" is a free expression of my opinion and not an accusation. The difference gets found in the expression "can be". My opinion in this case is based on Ma Eliza Reyes Reburiano's accepted and confirmed recommandation from Wesley Jon Pollard at her LinkedIn profile. This recommendation got found on August 25, 2015 on both LinkedIn profiles - Ma Eliza Reyes Reburiano and Wesley Jon Pollard. With other words I have only used something to build my opinion what both had written and published in their own profile. If they had published some wrong information then they are guilty by themselves.

Here get the part cited, which Christopher Caudle likes to have removed from my blog. I have made only the "can be" bold to show that it only my opinion and I have added in the brackets the pdf download of the LinkedIn profile from Ma Eliza Reyes Reburiano to show that this part is only a copy and paste):

Another partner in crime can be Ma Eliza Reyes Reburiano (LinkedIn profile Ma Eliza Reyes Reburiano.pdf (686.21 kb)). Wesley Jon Pollard has given her a recommendation beginning with the words “Maria was recently appointed Director with us due to certain qualities she can bring on board that benefit our clients from all around the world ….”. This shows that she has been a director and a decision maker in the organization of Wesley Jon Pollard.

Maria was recently appointed Director with us due to certain qualities she can bring on board that benefit our clients from all around the world. She came highly recommended by a present client who had previously worked very closely with her.

She is very detailed orientated, committed and hard working when it comes to getting clients what they need and always places their first, addressing areas that other brokers cannot offer.

Very unique in many ways, we are very delighted to have Maria on board as a director and look forward to seeing her career being even more successful with us.

Here is a screenshot from the received and accepted recommendations at Ma Eliza Reyes Reburiano's LinkedIn profile (content from August 25, 2015):

Screenshot showing recommendations Ma Eliza Reyes Reburiano received at LinkedIn

My opinion is that someone is not trustful if he accepts a recommendation because he is thinking it helps in business and if it comes to problems then he is rejecting the content of the recommendation. The reader has in this case the free choice in which part the lie gets found – the recommendation or the reject of the recommendation. Such a behavior can get compared with a flag spinning in the wind.

Christopher Caudle likes to impress in the following letter with a maudlin story and false interpretation of the law. He even addressed the letter wrong to the registrar Network Solutions, LLC. Already this fact shows his misunderstanding of the Internet structures and law interpretation.

Network Solutions, LLC can only take action with respect to a particular domain registration pursuant to (i) a request from the current domain name registrant; (ii) the terms of the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (“UDRP”) issued by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”), the international regulatory body that oversees the administration of domain names; or (iii) an order from a court or arbitral tribunal of competent jurisdiction.

Additional is the fact that under the U.S. Communications and Decency Act, an Internet Service Provider or Web host is immune from liability for the content posted on a website by a customer and therefore, neither a registrar nor its affiliates would be a party to any potential court, arbitral or regulatory proceedings. This fact shows his misunderstanding of the law situation too.

The next failure he made is that he is writing that he is "representing Ma Eliza Reyes Reburiano" and there is no additional power-of-attorney document attached. Something like that can get written from everybody and everybody can value the content how he likes.

At the beginning of this article I have already explained that the content is only cited from the LinkedIn profiles of Ma Eliza Reyes Reburiano and Wesley Jon Pollard. My opinion about the content of the citation with “can be” is nothing else than something "it may be" or "it maybe not". There is nothing where I have written that it is a fact. The fact is only the cited content of the LinkedIn profiles.

One of the fundamental rights in the civilized world is the freedom of expression. There are also countries available where the Internet gets censored. If someone prefers such a living would it be better for him to relocate to such a country. But I'm not sure if he will be able to help in censoring the opinion of others and the Internet.

The letter from Christopher Caudle to Network Solutions, LLC:

Screenshot letter from Christopher Caudle to Network Solutions, LLC page 1

Screenshot letter from Christopher Caudle to Network Solutions, LLC page 2

Other articles about the case around Wesley Jon Pollard:


A new idea from a broker or a scammer - only $250 for a security deposit (refundable)

The broker/scammer are learning and thinking that $250 getting paid easier and without some requests than the fantasy sums from before.

Only the arguments have not changed:

"im not sure with that. thats always been the SOP. even our center here made the same arrangement to the client. the client has been with us for 3 years now and so happaned they are expanding. we tried to get centers before without the reservation fee but we were just burned. we made all trainings, installations of dialers etc and then on the first day or second day, center will just inform us that they cant push through. I understand your hesitation/s about the reservation fee, if your are not comfortable or okay with it its ok. once we have probjects that wont require reservation especially inbound, i will inform you both. "

My argument in this case:

  • A real client, which like to outsource is giving everything for free, because he knows that he will save a lot  For this he even makes the training by himself or pays someone which makes the training.

  • A customer needs to be happy that a center owner informs him that his campaign does not perform. That he needs to change the data or something else. If he has own staff it would be more expensive! 


We have in German a proverb: "Just as the rogue is so he thinks". In such a case think that you'll get scammed and ask for a security deposit for your own expenses.

See how a minimum security deposit gets calculated:

  • The salary for the agents
    that is easily calculated. Simple add the gross sum of the salary including taxes and fees of all your agents together

  • The place of the center
    If you pay rent than take a monthly rent of the place. If you own the place than you need to take the price of the building divided by 360 (30 years deduction of the value)

  • The electricity
    That is simple to calculate. You know how much is the monthly energy bill

  • The internet connection
    You know how much you pay for the Internet connection each month

  • The investments of their technical equipment
    The technical equipment has an average financial life time of 3 years. So divide the value by 36 to get the value for one month

  • The investments into their furniture
    Furniture and other investments are deducted to a zero value in 7 years, So you have to divide the value by 84

If you have calculated your own monthly costs, than you divide this costs by the count of seats you have to get the costs of one seat per month. This value you can easily use for all such offers. You simply need to multiply it with the count of requested seats in this case and add the value for the "up front", "security deposit" or however the fee to get the contract gets called. You can ask in such a case for an irrevocable bank guarantee about the resulting sum to reduce your own risks.

Alternative you can ask for a contract with the power of attorney, which has to get legalized if more than one country is involved. The fees for this process is carried in each country by the citizen of the country. Such a contract is able to get executed in front of the law court too.,

Account General Info -real state inbound- - word format(1).pdf (113.85 kb)



Documents and contracts confirmed by a notary (powers-of-attorney)

I see my posting are getting read and my recommendations are not getting ignored. Some people like make themselves more important, than they are. They use some ideas, which they have read from my blog or postings and try to use it.

One of them is "leading"  a "big" call center with more than 1000 seats. By chatting with such a person, you get it immediately that have only a basic education (they are not guilty for it) and try to copy the ideas of other without trying to get the full knowledge.

They are calling themselves business man or business woman, but they even not know the requirements and the law situation in their own business. They have been even too lazy, to inform themselves about the requirements and result of such an idea. For this it has been coming to the following funny situation:


This is a part of a communication by using Skype:

He/she: we always notarize every document to be secure.

Me:  I'll search here notary office and let it certify

He/she: no need Rudolf. We will do it as one of my partners in our Firm is a Lawyer. 

Me: I don't know how they can certify there my signature. A notary confirmed signature has to be given in front of a notary. There you need to show a valid ID too. Otherwise you don't get a certification.

He/she: let me consult that with my partner and let you know about it.


Together with the schedule of the meeting, which should be 2 days later, I got the message:

He/she: Please send back the signed NDA that I have sent you as the document to be notarized and Client will not approve the meeting without the signed NDA. This is to meet the expectation. Thank you.


There are a lot of mistakes and misunderstandings:

  • A notary’s office is not a law firm.

  • Compare it by yourself. The definition of a public notary is found at The definition of a lawyer is found at

  • A notary can only confirm in such a case a given signature. The signature has to  be done in front of the notary and the signer needs to authenticate himself. For this the signer has to go to the notary’s office by himself. A document or contract will even get registered from the notary including his confirmation in the public register, which makes it viewable to all, which are interested in it.

  • A document, which should be kept secret, cannot get confirmed by a notary, because the notary needs to publish it for the case that someone needs to verify it. For this it does not make any sense to sign a NDA in front of a notary. The content of the NDA and the maybe possible contract will get published by the notary and lose by doing this his secret!

  • Such a document has to get transmitted in original. A copy sent by email does not help. I think a lot of people know how to use Photoshop. The snail mail (traditional post) will not be so fast transmitted from one province to another in 2 days. So the appointment of the given date cannot get fulfilled, because the recipient will not receive it in time.

  • In this case are companies from other countries involved. Documents, which need to get the power of attorney need to get legalized too. The legalizing process needs a lot of time, especially if the contractor is not living in the capital of his country. You need to go through all instances of your country for confirming the previous instance until you have reached the ministry of foreign affairs of your country. After this you have to go to the embassy of the country where the document should be valid. This embassy confirms the signature of the ministry of foreign affairs. After this you can send the document to your business partner. Your business partner has to take this document to the ministry of foreign affairs of his country. There he gets the confirmation of the signature of the embassy in your country. The document is not valid before all this steps are done. The document will be valid only for these countries, for which it got legalized. Don’t forget that each confirmation will cost you some money and a lot of time.


A full description of legalizing documents will get found here:


The best is coming at the end, where I said NO to the project:

I asked: Maybe you tell us the promotion for the project before everybody needs to run to a notary office. I think the country, the kind of sale, commission, payment terms, inbound/outbound and if data, scripts, etc will get provided or not will not be top secret.

The answer has been: Hi Rudolf, all info is in the SOW. NDA's purpose is to make sure that you will not disclose any information to other parties that might mislead. We protect the interest of the Client and the information it self. Hope you understand. Just sign the NDA and send it to me. See you later. Thank you.

I dropped the call center campaign as I don't waste time for any unknown business, where I even don't know the surroundings like inbound or outbound work, payment terms, data and scripts provided by client, kind of product, etc. With other words, everything what you get on information from a broker.

if such an information is already top secret, then can it be only a crime.