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A Scammer likes to reinvent the Slavery: Samad Gour - CEO at CS Live Solution Pvt.Ltd

Samad GourSamad GourAt LinkedIn Pulse appeared yesterday a posting from Samad Gour with an offer that sounds really unbelievable – but from the negative sites view. Samad  Gour posted the following offer, which got found on Facebook in the groups BPO PROJECTS WITHOUT ANY CHARGES, (India’s First Online Mall) and USA – CANADA Business Development Group:


The posting from LinkedIn Pulse:

Hi, USA Non-Voice Call Reviews Campaign Earning 30,000 Approx/month

USA Non-Voice Call Reviews Campaign Earning 30,000 Approx/month

Please find the below Job Descriptions.

The Client Portal has Inbound Recorded Calls & Outbound Recorded Calls, Here Agents need to Login and Listen to the Calls and Need to Answer that Either call has Connected to Employee or Call is not Connected or Call Connected to Voice Mail etc., Agent just need to Tick mark on the Options provided. But Agent need to listen to the call carefully and need to mark correct option. For wrong answer there is penalty of -0.01$. So, you get paid for only correct answer marked by the agent.

6:00 PM to 6:00 AM [IST]

0.012$ for Inbound and 0.008$ for outbound call review

Here agent can do 2 calls in 1 minute,
12 Hours x 2 calls / Minute x 60 Minutes = 1440 calls one agent can do
1440 x 0.012 = 17.28$ (Approx.) / Day / Agent.

Here one agent can earn 17.28$ x 25 days = 432$ / Month / Agent.



Registration Charges : for one ID it's 10,000 Rs but if you are serious enough to go for work ..We can negotiate depending on numbers of seat but not on 5 seats.

This is really unique process where in pay out will come in your account from clients account. It will be daily payout by default in your PayPal account and then you can withdraw from your bank account. No mediator will involve in this pay out all. You will see flow of dollar after every call you will listen. This process can be run in 24×7 shift and for trail purpose you can go for one seat also.

In attachment you will find one video clip of how we can do this work and how you can see dollar after every call.


call -8750051552 (if interested only)

This offer is only a SCAM, because he asks for an upfront in form of Registration Charges : for one ID it's 10,000 Rs. With this offer the scammer confirms, that he has no contract with the client. If he has a contract with the client, then the client will pay him and he has to search for the best center for the client and not for one, which pays him.

The scammer Samad Gour is even not able to read the caption of the group where he posted: BPO PROJECTS WITHOUT ANY CHARGES

The offer is  an SLAVERY offer because:


  • Even in India are 12 hours working time for an agent illegal
  • If you take the offered US$ 432 and substract the pro rata costs for the office rent, the amortization value of the investments into the center, electricity and Internet connection then you'll have to divide the remaining money for two agents, because you have to keep yourself conform to the employment law. For this the provided calculation of the scammer is irrational and from this money nobody is able to survive even in India.
  • Additional you have to keep yourself conform to the rules of the US FTC (US Federal Trade Commission warning: ROBOCALLS)
  • The promoted earnings are the maximum earnings when we add the time how long someone needs to pick up the phone are per call 15 - 20 seconds gone before a human or an answering machine picks up. To get it if there is a human or an answering machine answering you have to be online at the time of picking up the phone.


The scammer Samad Gour has even made a mistake by inventing this campaign. The fixed working time from IST 6:00pm until 6:00am is during the time at the US East Coast from 08:30am until US West Coast 05:30pm. At 05:30pm is rush hour and you will reach mostly answering machines. For this even the working time does not make any sense. Maybe his education exists only in his profile or he has been missing all geography lessons.

The scammer Samad Gour is proving with this offer, that he has no idea about the local law of employment in his country and that he has no idea how call center work is functioning. He thinks that call center agents are robots, which are able to work without any break.

It seems that a scammer needs to make urgently some money. For this he likes to make money from centers. That he shows with the upfront and the fines. 

Facebook Profile of Samad Gour - pdf (1.87 mb)

LinkedIn Profile of Samad Gour - pdf (3.38 mb)

Facebook offer Samad Gour.pdf (492.90 kb)


Slavery offer: Virtual Voice Technologies (VVT) Cruise campaign

Recently I got again a real slavery offer. As the company, which is offering it does not expect to pay something to the center they have even forgotten to add any earnings in their offer. Read first the offer and my explanations afterwards:

Thank you for your interest in the Virtual Voice Technologies (VVT) Cruise campaign where you will have direct access to the cloud VVT system from the Clients servers in Florida, US, this campaign is only available to Pvt. Ltd companies that are registreded with the Minestry.
This is the system and man power requirements to get this campaign for 2 logins per agent, each agent will handle dual systems, minimum 10 agents. NO EXCEPTIONS and you will get 2 free agents login so please use them from day one so you have 12 agents working from start.
It’s important for you to start with all the required emplyees from day one, if not you will not be profitable and you will be terminated right away. we do not accept call center with bad working habits, all required conditions need to be meet from 1st day of dialing such as man power, working hours, working days.
  • 10-12 agents.
  • 20-24 PC’s
  • 20-24 Monitors,
  • 20-24 Mouse
  • 10-12 Split headset (Mobile headset)
  • Min 3Mps up/down
  • TeamViewer installed on 1 PC
  • 2 logins per agent (20-24 total)
  • Logins should be used 9 am – 9 pm Est Mon – Fri and 10 am – 5 pm Est on Saturday.
  • 200+ calls per agent each hour (2,400 in an 12 hour day)
  • Mandatory recordings must be played and the appropriate responses obtained from the customer prior to transferring the call
  • At least 1+ >60 transfers per agent/hour
  • You will need to provide the following items (per agent) on before we can start:  Video Skype, 2 computers (total 20), 2 monitors (total 20), Split Headset, 300k bandwidth (per agent) and Windows XP or newer operating system.

Agreements will be send from end client after there final approval.
Campaign Charges:

  • VoIP, weekly around $300- $375 weekly for unlimited VoIP dialing for 10 agents.
  • VVT Login for 10 agents, 10 x 2 X $10.00 = $250.00 weekly, deducted from commissions.

To get started please send me a copy of your company registartion and a full email signature with all your company information such as , full name, title, company email, web site.
If you have any questions to any of the information, please contact me right away for clarifications.
If you wish to proceed please let me know and I will set it up right away.

if you take a look at the world largest cruise ships at Wikipedia then you see that the average capacity of such a cruise ship is around 4000 passengers. 

Why this offer is a slavery offer?

  • Ship cruises are expensive. The last minute discounted prices around US$ 100/night/person. The promoter of such tours have the problem to sell the beds at a normal way. For this they are offering last minute tickets with discounts up to 75%. Think about how many cold calls you have to make

  • You see in their offer, that an agent has to handle two calls at the same time. That means they don't have already enough money to make a lead generation on a normal way.

  • The center has to rent their technology
    Sorry, but if someone likes that you use their technology, than they have to provide it for free and they have to pay for the time the agents get their training!

  • The center has to pay for the VoIP minutes
    Sorry, but for whom they agents are calling? This one, which likes to earn has to pay for the VoIP minutes!
    They even like to reduce their phone bill, because the transferred call will run on the call centers bill!!!

  • An agent has to make 200+ calls each hour
    That are 100 calls per line and hour. In average speaking time (sorry playback time - they like to use Avatar) is 36 seconds for each call. if I get such a call then I'll hang up immediately. With such a system is a sale not possible. In this case we can use speech recognition too and don't need agents for it. The caller cannot say more than Hello, yes and no in this time.

I would not buy or accept such leads. In such a case I can buy phone directory data too! They are even cheaper.

In summary is this offer more worse then a SCAM. The client likes even to earn from the call center!!!