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Scammer: Dylan McMasters - - NEW IBO Birch Program for Safe Link......

A special deadbeat seems to be the scammer, who is presenting himself at LinkedIn with the name Dylan McMasters and is using a picture from the british Folk Rock singer Roy Harper for his profile. Before he has been using a picture from Anchorman 2. The stupid guy like thinks that he is a chameleon or others are more stupid than him. He likes to be the president at Lamb Consulting, a one person marketing company where the owner is Debbie Lamb. The company is based at Vallejo, California in Solano County. The self promoted president of this company provides at LinkedIn his location from Savannah, Georgia. The distance between these two points is only 6.5 hours by taking an airplane, because Savannah, Georgia is located at the east cost and Vallejo, California at the west coast.

Which company will use any free email address service, like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc. if they have an own domain and an own mail server?

Which impression makes a business man, who cannot show his own face at his profile picture?

Such an amateur, who is even too stupid to fake a believable profile, offers at LinkedIn Pulse and in email spam his scam campaign:

From: []
Sent: Sunday, February 05, 2017 11:23 PM
Subject: NEW IBO Birch Program for Safe Link......

Additionally there are some exciting developments with this Safe Link campaign:

  1. On-boarding is usually $35 per rep and is now free until the end of February 2017.
  2. Tablets which come with tech support and a free data plan have gone down from $150 to $90
  3. There is a Market Development fund of $3000-$5000 for an office and at least 5 reps on-boarded and productive.
  4. Production bonus of $1500 for reaching 300 orders in a week.

Please review this info and respond when you have the chance so we can set up a follow up call to get started with your contract etc.

Most Professional Regards,

Dylan McMasters

President of Lamb Consulting, LLC.

IBO Birch (Tempo) Campaign Summary.pdf (957.54 kb)

The criminal even fakes an online store, where he likes to get credit card information for his fraud. For this reason he has created at an online store, which should make the impression that it is a store from Immerge. His problem is only, that he has been even too lazy for testing the links at the front page and to think that a company like Immerge would use their own domain name for their online store.

The brainless scammer, who is calling himself Dylan McMasters, is even not able to show his own face and likes to verify someone others identity by using inappropriate methods:

IBO Onboarding

All IBOs must be vetted and approved by IMMERGE prior to being able to onboard agents. Birch does not have to approve IBO subcontractors. Here is the process:

  1. IBOs must complete:
    1. Agency/Subcontractor Information Form
    2. A vetting call to determine the launch date, agent headcount, training plan and past experience.
  2. IBO must provide and/or have:
    1. Physical office with a video
    2. Proof of good standing for entity
    3. Government issued ID for Principal
    4. W9
    5. Business bank account
    6. Business logo
    7. Website
  3. IBO Principal must complete background check

If a company likes to make a background check get done, then is it a problem of the company itself. The one who pays such a background check will have the possibility influence the result. So the possible client will have to hire an independent investigator, who is making the background check including collecting information from the local authorities of the suspect. In such a case is even the point 2 complete useless. Videos can get done from everywhere and are proving nothing. I think that the scammer Dylan McMasters will even not get it, if I create an "Government issued ID" by myself and send it to him as a scanned copy.

Another proof for the scam is, that the scammer Dylan McMasters even don't know that a W9 form is only issued in the US, but he sends the email all over the world. So he will even not recognize it, if someone will send him a similar form to the W9 from his own tax office.

The scammer seems even trying to use the submitted data for a future scams, like the same way he is doing now the scam by using the company names from Lamb Consulting, Birch Communications, Tempo Wireless, Immerge and T-Mobile in his scam.

The deceiver closes from himself to others, because he even likes to verify the agents from the company to get hired. He seems to be by himself a drug addict:

Agent Onboarding

IMMERGE works with Birch to facilitate the onboarding process for our IBOs. Below are the requirements for onboarding new sales representatives and the respective costs for the processes. The IBOs are responsible for covering these costs. Agents will not be onboarded without completing these steps. There will be no exceptions.

  1. National Criminal Check, Sex Offender Registry, SSN Trace, and Terrorist Watch List check - $3
  2. A five panel mouth swab drug test. A picture of the test will be uploaded to IMMERGE with the agent’s completed background consent form. IMMERGE will internally validate the results and approve the agent. Each drug test costs $5 and can be purchased in packs of 5 for $25 total from the IMMERGE store.
  3. IMMERGE will submit agents to Birch for approval once the agents complete the onboarding steps above AND they’ve completed all required training documents.
  4. IMMERGE will submit each agents that passes the onboarding process to Birch. Birch will assign them an agent ID and IMMERGE will then send them a temporary then hard badge upon approval. Agent IDs and badges will be issued 24 hours (business days only) after IMMERGE submits them to Birch.

In the above lines the scammer Dylan McMasters shows that he is missing any intelligence. He likes to make drug tests from agents, where the result needs to get uploaded somewhere. Who will check it, that the agent has done the test by himself?

The whole campaign offer from Dylan McMasters is nothing else than a fake. He likes to get as much information as possible and making money using his fake online store and selling fake articles to centers.

If someone likes to work for Birch Communications, than he can sign up at their company directly as Channel Partner, Platform Partner, Business Referral Partner or Birch Customer Referral. Nobody need to get in such a case in contact with such a scammer like Dylan McMasters, who is even not able show his own face.

The same way everybody can sign up at Tempo Wireless. They have an opportunity at their website to become an agent for them.

Update February 12, 2017: The scammer has not only changed his profile picture at LinkedIn, he has also a new scam offer:

From: []
Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2017 11:48 PM

If you have an existing energy sales company or you’re looking to get started as a new broker company in the energy industry, this is for you.

Are you tired of losing pricing battles or accepting minuscule margins just to win a customer? Are your monthly residual commissions too small to help you grow? Two of the biggest problems facing new energy brokers are a lack of suppliers to choose from and slow paying commissions.

We have the suppliers you need and we can help put money in your pocket sooner.

We are Lamb Consulting Group, LLC and we are part of the largest marketer of energy supply and related services in the U.S. We are a full service energy brokerage firm with over 40 of the top suppliers in the industry available to price your customers. Most of those suppliers offer upfront annualized payment opportunities. We are backed by over 13 years of experience and last year alone, we helped over 70,000 American business customers save money on their electricity costs. As a broker partner with Lamb Consulting Group, you can truly help your customers save money while increasing your own bottom line and expanding your own book of business.

We are not an MLM, so there are no start-up fees, no monthly dues and no down-line to hire or manage. Our broker partners receive:

  • Industry training materials
  • Market based info to keep you in the know
  • Residual Income
  • Customer retention assistance
  • Full support from the best admin team around

According to billionaire Warren Buffet, “the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of America will be due to the deregulation of energy.” You can add to your income by helping your current book of customers save money and use the available savings potential to increase your customer base.

Compensation is commission based with residuals and advance payment opportunities.......

Yours In Success,

Dylan McMasters
President Of Lamb Consulting Group, LLC.

The idiot is still not able to show his own face. For this reason you should put his offers where it needs to end up - into the recycle bin. His name and even his company is the same fake like his profile picture.