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TechSai Solutions is hiding their identity on the web completely. They are using the free hosting service from, a free email address from and a reply address to They don’t have any contact address at their website. Scammers like to have the possibility to disappear easily.

As TechSai Solutions has not enough money for an own domain is their offer nothing else than scam. Every real company takes the comfort of having a real domain and is using their real address for registering it. 

The offered Form Filling process without any accuracy is a dream. Not one client will give you any work without any quality parameters. Don’t forget that the personal computer is nearly 40 years old and for this you’ll not get any form filling process. Millions of data are getting converted every day. This data are getting converted by using programs with 100% accuracy in seconds and not by manual entering them.  Conversation programs are available for a price of under $100 if they are not already included in the toolset of the database. Why shall in this case a company spend thousands of dollars if they can get it for less than $100 and done it within a few minutes?

This is the scam email only for the purpose to scam for an upfront fee (One-Time Consultancy Fees) - If you have paid the scammer will simple disappear:

From: [] On Behalf Of TechSai Solutions
Sent: Wednesday, August 26, 2015 8:18 AM
Subject: Data Form Filling Process with Fixed Payout (Without Accuracy)‏‏‏‏‏‏




 We TechSai Solutions are looking for Call Centers who are interested in working on a Data Form Filling Process which is having a Fixed Payout.

For this process / campaign mentioned , the Client will provide an Online Portal to work on and the Agents need to fill the data which would be provided from the Client end on daily basis and submit the same. The demo form & demo data will be provided to the Center if required. The agents need to achieve a Target of 20 forms / agent / day. 

If we have to estimate, approximately 15 minutes are taken on an average by an agent to fill 1 form; if the Calculation is taken further the agents can approximately Fill 25 – 30 Forms very easily on each day basis.


Requirements to be fulfilled by the Centre for Client  


Working Hours

As per Indian Hours


Maximum working hours- 08 Hours / day



Working Days

Monday – Friday



Working Timings

09:00 Am – 05:00 Pm ( Indian Standard Time)




20 Forms / per agent / per day




Demo Training provided from Client End.


05 Days Training.


Training provided would be a Dummy Training.


Training period not counted in Billing.



The process is a Fixed Payout Process. Client would be paying $1100 USD for each employee per month. The Fixed pay would be payable by the Client to the Center until the ongoing Contract is Valid as per the Time Period mentioned.

Also the Contract can be further renewed for following 3 Years, depending on the quality and productivity of the Agents and the renegotiation.

The Client will be providing a Bank Guarantee of $10500 USD from their Respective Bank and would be confirmed payable at any Nationalized Bank. The Bank Guarantee is provided for Security of the Center working on the process.

Where-as the Monthly Payout payment would be carried via Wire Transfer. There would be No Deduction or Hold of any payment.

One-Time Consultancy Fees

Royalty Not Charged

Centers interested in the Process can contact us via E-mail or Skype to discuss regarding the process.



TechSai Solutions


Website: -

Skype: - TechSaiSupport

Everybody is stupid and guilty by himself if he pays anything to them. He will get nothing in return!