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Outbound sales - products and promised earnings

The most of these products, which are getting offered in the outbound campaigns, are well known products from the formerly email spam (Pharmacy, Weight Loss, Enhancers, Casino, etc.). Since email spam filter are coming better with the time the email spamming does already not make any sense. For this the formerly email spammers try to hire call centers. 

All this products are useless, completely overpriced and for this reason very bad to sell. As the spammers don’t like to lose money, they are only offering a commission based contract. A hourly based contract or a hourly based contract in combination with a commission is too expensive for them, because they know their sales rate already from the email spam.

For this the call center should provide even the data for the people, which are getting called and dialer for reaching very much people in a short time. The called people get it too and are giving wrong data (address, email address, credit card numbers, etc.) to the call center, if they know the products already. This data are getting rejected by the client and the call center does not get paid for this sales.

I recommend to all call centers: 

  • Take a look at the product and not only at the promised earning per sale

  • Turn on your brain and think about the product if you would buy it by yourself

  • Speak with your agents and ask them about their opinion of the product. Even good salespeople can only sell products from which they are convinced. 

  • As higher the proposed winnings per sale is as lower is the sales rate will be

  • Compare the price of the product with normal and comparable offers at the normal market.  You will be able to sell a product where you get a commission of $50 if a comparable product can bought in the shop for $10

  • Let your client provide data for calling. Your client knows better which customer group will buy the product. If you cannot sell the product, then your call center or your data are bad. In any case you’ll be guilty for not fulfilling the sales rate and you are working for free.

  • If you got data from the client and you cannot sell something then inform your client early about this and comment why you cannot sell something. You can even provide the recordings for it. For the case the provided data are not good, then let your client decide to continue with this data or not. He is responsible for the provided data in this case.

  • If you like to provide quality services, then not use dialer. As soon as a called person get it, that you are using an automated system, he will hang up and block the provided phone number.

  • Never make anonymous calls. Very much people are blocking anonymous calls already.

  • Provide a phone number, where someone can call you back. There are a lot of people outside there, which are curious who has called them in absence and are calling back.


A translation of a promoted call center campaign at LinkedIn

Recently I found a call center campaign at LinkedIn, which has been looking good at the first view:


5 year old Tech Support Company based in Texas looking for "experienced" call centers to outsource our outbound tech support sales. We have centers in India working for us from more then 4 years and generating good profits.

Pay-out from $50 to $185 for per sale.


Analyzing the product:

The product is not really a bad idea. As the company is based in in a small city, with a population of around 40000 people, called Hurst in Texas, the local possibility for offering a computer service has not really a big chance. Remote service and support can be a possible income.

Negative aspects:

  • A remote service works only if the computer is still running and has a connection to the internet

  • It can be only a software service for optimization of the performance, virus removal (as long the virus is not blocking the Internet connection), spyware scan and malware removal.

  • The service is limited to Windows and Office

  • The offered service "Setup a new system" cannot get done from remote. A transport of the computer can result that the computer does not work when it arrives back to the customer. The reason is very simple: From the vibrations during the transport a card or a plug can lose the correct contact. For this is it better for the customer to visit a computer repair center locally.

  • The company exists already nearly 5 years. They are offering 4 different plans for home users and 2 different plans for business use. The monthly rate is with $15.95 the same for all plans. The initial price for home users varies from $195.95 until $349.95 only the contract time is different. At the website is no reason written why someone should make a contract for 3 years for $349.95 initial with additional $15.95 per month instead of a contract for 6 months for $109.95 + $15.95 monthly. The only difference is the initial price. What the benefits of the higher price and the longer contract time are is missing. Maybe they don't know it by themselves. In this case the telemarketer has no arguments to sell a higher priced plan.

  • Compare at Amazon the price of a new computer in the USA with the maintenance plan what the telemarketer should sell: a complete computer set including monitor, keyboard, mouse and Windows 7 is actually at Amazon for $160 (Dell) available. The setup can get done with the help of the Dell Hotline. An argument for the price is in this case really missing.

In sum is the product not really a runner. In the USA is it normally that the monthly price is coming less as longer as the contract is running.


I try now to translate this advertisement for you:

You need to know that the average call center agent in the USA gets $27000/year ($2250/month or $15/hour)..I have simple divided the yearly salary by 12 and the monthly salary by 150 hours like it is in Europe usable. This company is located in Texas, There is the average income for a call center agent even lower. It is there $26000/year, which makes a hourly rate of $14.45

The offered pay out from $50 - $150 per sale is looking at the first view good, but only on the first view.

Let's take the lowest offered commission per sale, which is $50. A one is not really realistic, because for this the arguments for selling it are already missing.

The company would be positive in labor costs if she would sell each 3 hours and 33 minutes one product per agent by having own telemarketers. The company itself does not believe in their own sales possibilities at such a rate. For this they try to find a call center from a low wage country, which even takes the risk of the product. Maybe the call center should even provide the data for the sales.

My opinion is that very good and very experienced agents will be able to sell in average one product per day as long as the marketing of the product will not get improved. If the marketing will reduce the sales price, the pay out per sale will go down too or the company will not be able to survive and pay you.

So centers think about how long can you work for $50. Maybe you sell one product per 10 hours per agent in average. Are you able to survive with this income?

The sentence "We have centers in India working for us from more than 4 years and generating good profits" is only promotion and for this I can say only: "Never trust a statistic which you did not fake by yourself"


Source offer: LinkedIn offer

Source product:


An repeated question from call center owners: How we can find business opportunities?

From time to time, I get the question: "How we can find business opportunities?" or "Do you have a genuine campaign for me?".

My answer is every time the same:

I'm not a campaign broker. It is easy to wait for a campaign broker rings you up and ask if you like to make some work for one of his customers. This is the way, where you get scammed too.

You own a call center and you have agents, which are only partly busy with work. Why do you not use your agents, which are not busy, for selling and promoting your own center? In such a case you need not pay a high broker fee, because your own agents are cheaper working.

Use the Internet and search at the job platforms like craigslist, elance, indeed, etc. Sell your own services by calling such companies, which are searching for telemarketers. Promote your own services by putting advertisments at such platforms. All that is called marketing. You are doing this for your customers too, do you not trust your own services? Don't wait until the brokers are knocking at your door. is one of the oldest Internet platforms for advertising Hire great frelancers Click here to find millions of jobs from thousands of company web sites, job boards and newspapers. one search. all jobs.

You can find a lot more at Google.


Offshore outsourcing - You get what you pay for

It is like everywhere in the world you get for what you pay for. The agents are the capital of the call centers. Like it is everywhere usable are getting better agents a higher monthly salary than not so good agents.

Call centers at the Philippines are usually paying for their agents around US$ 1.20 (rural area) and US$ 3.80 (metro area). Quality centers have agents, which are earning an hourly wage between US$ 3.65 and US$ 6.80 depending on their performance.

Agents, who are earning too less money, are taking a second job to survive. The result is that they are coming already tired to their work and are not able to give their best. Everybody needs even at the Philippines at least US$ 455 per month for living (that is an income of around US$ 3/hour).


Think about it, which quality you’ll get, when you are reading some unbelievable offers. Think too, that the broker or the consultant, which you have hired, likes to earn money. You can be sure, that you are not hiring the best agents for a very low price.



Found at

There are so many unscrupulous so called brokers, sharks and predators out there ready to pounce on the poor unexpected call centers these days, who are desperate in some cases to expand and once they have been conned by the already above mentioned, feel disgruntled and apprehensive about using campaign brokers, especially if they had been shafted with a upfront fee!

When selecting a campaign broker, first test then, ask why are would they be asking for a upfront fee to start with? How do they justify it, what will your center get out of it? Press and push them and never ever take on a project in hast! If they don’t like this, walk away!

I always advise all my clients when it comes to selecting a campaign broker, to ask the broker to put their money where their mouth is! If they want a fee, thats fine as long as it based on the performance that a center is getting. Never ever pay a fee up front, as you are the one that is doing the campaign broker a favor, not the other way round.

Also test the campaign broker on how knowledgeable they are about the campaign, is the broker so knowledgeable about what they are providing they could actually be an agent on the campaign as well, if not walk away.

Also ask the campaign broker what happens after the campaign is running, do they walk away or offer help, advice and free consulting, if not walk away because this crucial and sometimes even through your best efforts, a campaign can start to go south, a great campaign broker should be able to show you how to turn it round for you.

If you run a call center and require free help and advice, my door is always open and I hope this article has been of help. After all an excellent campaign broker should not be there to grab your money and run, or only look after their clients interest, they should be protecting the call centers interest too.