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A seldom stupid scammer: Sagar Gupta - Webourney Consulting Services

Sagar GuptaThe very stupid scammer Sagar Gupta has tried to scam my LinkedIn friends to get campaigns. He writes that he even has experience in “banking” campaigns. I hope that all are already knowing already that a bank will never outsource any campaign because their customer data are high protected by the law. For the case a bank staff forwards any information about a customer to someone else outside of the bank he will end up in jail and the bank needs to pay a high fine for the security breach. For this reason the Scammer Sagar Gupta can only have any experience on his own banking account for the case he has one.

The scammer Sagar Gupta is from India and seems to use a call forwarding service from Canada. If he would be really located in Canada, then he would know where he need to search for clients and campaigns. His behavior shows only that he is a big liar.

As I have in sum more than 2,000 “friends” at the social networks, mostly call centers and scammers, will it be a hard job for a scammer to find out exactly the three trusted campaign-broker friends which are offering campaigns without any upfront. Not one of the three will allow others trading their campaigns. For this is there no chance for a scammer in getting rich by using this way.

The LinkedIn email from the scammer Sagar Gupta:

On 8/20/15, 12:21 PM, Sagar Gupta wrote:
Hello Mr. Kothari,

As per our telephonic conversation, I am sending you this email containing overview of my profile and details of company. I got your reference and details from Mr. Rudolf Faix for the BPO campaigns.

My name is Sagar Gupta. I am CEO | Co-founder of Weboitte company which is located in the region of Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. I just started a call center business in India with the name of Webourney Consulting Services Pvt Ltd. I am expecting a lot from this company, everything has been done just seeking for some clients as the first step. My level of expertise in this business is sales, telecommunication, marketing, banking and many more. As a start-up I am looking for genuine clients and projects. Me and my company are good for inbound/outbound and back-end services and also we are specialist in chat support field.

Moving forward I want to make good relation in the market of a call center. I will look forward for your reply.

Thanks and Regards’
Sagar Gupta
CEO | Webourney Consulting Services
+1 5199983030

If you get some campaigns offered from the scammer Sagar Gupta or from Webourney Consulting Services you should put the email into the trash box. It is only a waste of time and money to deal with such a scammer. You can also be sure that I don't support and campaign trader which are asking for any fees or deposits from the centers. Please ask me for a confirmation for the case that someone use my name for any recommendation in making business with you. It is for your own security.


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