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Fake emails which seems to be from Rudolf Faix - -

It seems that a scammer is sending out fake emails using my name and my gmail address. Please report such emails to your provider that they can take legal action against the sender.

The same is valid for my other email addresses. Your mail server should check the SPI (Sender Permit From) DNS entries for avoiding such spam and fake emails.

It seems that the emails are getting sent out by a member of Richa Software Solutions. At least Sumanta Kumar Pradhan Facebook profile found at He likes to use such fakes against me in revenge for the articles Scammer: Richa Software Solutions - - Ambuj Sahoo - Priti Das and A Scammer tries to bark: Ambuj Sahoo - Richa Software Solutions -


One of the emails, which he has published on Facebook is looking like this:

Screenshot of the fake email

Screenshot of the fake email


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