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Farukh Shah - Niftel Communication LTD - one year after the last report - compulsory strike-off

Farukh ShahThe story about Farukh Shah and his unsuccessful companies continues. This Farukh Shah, who liked at his first contact with me to dig a hole into my head, has been so stupid to bring himself into my attention again. It seems that he is so perverse and desperately looking for any attention.

Screenshot with the full posting

A short check at his filings at the UK Companies House shows his fails - the company for which Farukh Shah has been so proud got "compulsory striked-off".

By taking a look at the above screenshot from the filings history, then we see that the company Niftel Communication LTD has lost 90% of their capital within one day - from the Incorporation date (February 9, 2016), where the capital has been £ 100, until filing the opening balance sheet for the date February 10, 2016 (filed April 20, 2016). That shows that Farukh Shah had as this time even not £ 100 in his pocket. A company cannot get operated without any capital or investment.

The filing overview shows us something more. Farukh Shah has been thinking, that he has found a victim in Miss Shareen Zaman, who is responsible for his shell company. For this reason he tried to make her two months after incorporation date to a director starting from the incorporation date. Did he not know it at the incorporation date, that he has a director for the company? Maybe he has been boozed or under drugs at this time?

The appointment of Miss Shareen Zaman got filed on April 19, 2016 and the termination of appointment got filed on June 6, 2016. For each European it looks like that Miss Shareen Zaman has been a hired staff and did not get paid. Who should pay her? The company Niftel Communication LTD had at this time a value of £ 10. Where should the money come from? How someone can be so stupid to hire some staff if he does even not have more than £ 10 in his pocket. How he likes to pay the social security fees and the wage for the staff? Is Farukh Shah thinking that the expenses are getting carried by others and he can take only the earnings? Or is he thinking that the staff is paying for working at his company? A person thinking something like this is only stupid.

In any case this facts are showing how good the company NIFTEL COMMUNICATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED located in Lucknow, India is running as Farukh Shah, who is together with Nida Parveen the owner of this company. Especially if a company owner does not have more than £ 10 in his pockets. If he would had have more than £ 10 in his pockets, then he would not have filed a balance sheet where he shows that he had lost 90% from the capital of his company. If a company loses more than 50% from their capital, the company needs to file a profit warning, which has negative effects for the credit-worthiness of the issuing company. Nobody can reach into the pockets of a naked one.

Here the remaining registration data from Niftel Communication LTD found at the UK Companies House:

UK Companies House - Niftel Communication LTD


UK Companies House - Niftel Communications - Directors

Everybody can make his own opinion about the character of Farukh Shah. He had his first contact with me in a comment about a fake news issued in India:

Fake News from India: Email Was Invented By A 14 Year Old Indian Boy 32 Years Ago.....
How it comes that Gary Turk from DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) could send out 1978 already the first spam email in the ARPANET if the email got invented from the Indian boy Shiva Ayyadurai 5 years later. How can it be that the Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP protocol) has become a standard one year before the email got invented? That can happen only in typical fake news from India.

Someone, who likes to kill me for a simple blog entry is very suspect and I have been looking around who this guy in reality is. I found out that he is nothing else than a criminal, who liked to use viruses and malware to enrich himself on the expenses from others:

Warning: Prachi Solutions - - Vasudev Bhat - Farukh Shah
It seems that Farukh Shah tries to generate data by using malware, which gets distributed from his website. Which value have data, which are getting collected by malware? I think not one business owner will use such data.

The website from Prachi Solutions got cancelled in the meantime. It looks like everything what Farukh Shah starts, will crash at the earliest possible time. What can get expected from someone, who is even not able to remember himself in which age he has entered some school. Such and other fake dates got found in the LinkedIn profile from Farukh Shah. The contradictions got listed in the article:

Farukh Shah - NIFTEL COMMUNICATION LTD - the lies are continuing ...
The creation of a shell company is every time very suspect. Especially if the real owner likes to hide his real location. In this case India. The actual case about the Panama Papers and Mossack Fonseca shows how such constructions are working and for which purpose they got done. Farukh Shah likes to hide his own source country about which he is so proud for making business. For this purpose he has only chosen the cheapest instead of the best service. The result gets shown at Google street view.

Everybody needs to make his own decision if he likes to make some business with such a deadbeat like Farukh Shah. As we see here at his past behavior is a long term business relationship not possible because the castles in the air from Farukh Shah are crashing too fast. It even looks like that Farukh Shah is nothing else than a liar, who is already not able to recognize the difference between his lies and real life by himself.


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