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Scammer: Ravi Bhojane - data extraction from resumes

Ravi BhojaneYesterday I got forwarded an unbelievable offer – converting data from resumes to Excel. Each agent shall convert 950 resumes per week and 30 agents are needed for doing the work. These are 28,500 resumes per week or 114,000 resumes per month. At least is not written in the email how long the work will last.

The scammer is calling this in his email “data mining”. I think the scammer Ravi Bhojane does not know the work of data mining and he does not know the work of a recruiting agency. It shows that he has been even too lazy to inform himself about the requirements of data mining and recruiting before he has invented this campaign.

Let us first take a look at the email and the campaign offer:

From: Ravi Bhojane <>
Date: Sat, Jul 12, 2014 at 3:28 PM
Subject: Ref: LinkedIn communication

Hi Bushaditya
Hope you are doing great. Thanks a lot for inviting me to connecting on LinkedIn.
I'm Ravi Bhojane, a professional freelance consultant, business strategist. With an experience of 10 years and an extensive background in different business functions, I have served several industries both in IT and Non - IT sectors. Lately I have been working with 5 different Midsized BPO companies (40 to 120 seaters) as Business consultant.
I recently started a small BPO company (60 Seater) based in Mumbai. I'm working on a non voice data mining project.
The project is quite large and at current state with my limited resources I'm unable to deliver the project as simply I do not have the required resources or a center large enough to accommodate required resources to execute the project.Also with my current finances it is not possible for me to grow at same speed with the project requirements
The end client does not wish to go shopping for more vendors by themselves, however they are ok with me outsourcing the work to established companies on my responsibility. Therefore I was shopping around for associations with other established companies to share the workload on 'no commissions' (for me) basis.
In case you are interested, please do give me a call, so we can discuss the possibilities in length and breath.
I have attached a document herewith for your reference.
Ravi Bhojane
Strategist​ | Consultant​ 
Skype - ravi.bhojane
​Mobile - ​+91 9920​ ​88 ​ ​9006 

Resumes to Excel project.pdf (311.80 kb)

That he has "opened a small BPO company" and that he does not have enough capacity is nothing else than a bite, which the victim center shall take.  The most important part of the attachment:


Nature of Project : Locate & Copy 6 key Data fields from Resumes (.doc) & Paste into Excel (.xls). Plus create 1 link. Work load : 950 Resumes per ID per Week Number entries : 7 (6 + 1 link)

Pay Out : Rs 12 INR per Resume

Slot : 30 Ids (Number of seats)

Registration Fees : Rs. 5,000 INR per ID (Rs. 150,000 INR for 1 slot)

TAT : 6 Days Max

Monthly Billing : Rs. 1,368,000 INR (Thirteen Lakh, Sixty Eight Thousand)

Software Requirement(s) : MS Office

PROCESS DETAILS Resume to Excel conversion project Data entry operator is expected to locate, copy & paste or type required details from resume (.doc) in to the excel sheet (.xls). Fields to be captured

  1. Name of the candidate
  2. Mobile/contact number of the candidate
  3. Email ID of the candidate
  4. Educational qualifications
  5. Professional Educational qualifications
  6. Total work experience of the candidate
  7. Create link to the resume file

A screenshot of the Excel table should show how the data should get collected:

data extraction from resumes - sample data

If a recruiter is collecting data in the amount of 114,000 records per month then he is not using Excel – such a company will use a database. As there are no recruiters available at the world, which get 114,000 resumes per month I’m missing a very important field in the list: the date of the resume! Without this field the experience field is useless as there is getting collected the count of years or months.  As people are collecting different qualifications during their life does it not make any sense to collect this data in one line with the address. Not one recruiter would spend around US$ 21,500 for such a useless data collection. For this the offered work is nothing else than SCAM.

Even a blind man with a cane sees in the data structure is no way for a Data Mining because for this are getting too less data collected. This proves that the scammer Ravi Bhojane is even too lazy to use his brain by inventing scam campaigns.

The fact that Ravi Bhojane likes to get money from the center confirms that he does not have any contract with a client, which pays him. That is only one more confirmation for his SCAM.

Facebook profile of Ravi Bhojane

LinkedIn profile of Ravi Bhojane


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