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Another kind of identity theft - -

In the case of an identity theft of a company the thief has the problem with his contact details. In such a case an offer from a company can get easily proofed by calling the phone number, which is written in the public phone register or at their official website.

A friend from LinkedIn has forwarded me the following message:

Hi Rudolf,

Please see below the company's profile Email which I received to initiate a business setup. Could you please validate this profile and let me know is it a genuine one or not.


Greetings for the day!!!

Thanks for your mail, I appreciate your interest. I would request you to send me your company profile so that I can forward it to my management for the initial screening and if it is short-listed we will get back to you and I will schedule a meeting online with my management and will take it further to the next level. For more details please visit

If need any legal details, Please verify the details on the Federal UK government website of Companies house UK.

Company Incorporation no.- 02679414
look forward to your reply. 

Samar Kanuajia
+44-750-975-7530 (Off.)
+44-793-746-7159 (Mob.)
Skype ID-

The given website has been at this time 7 days old. The public registry UK Companies House has given the information that the company got founded January 21, 1992. The given office phone number in the LinkedIn message (+44-750-9757530) is a mobile phone number and not a fixed line. Such a phone number can get registered for free by using the FWCall service for free.

The phone number +44-750-9757530 is nowhere listed. Wether on the website or on any other register. Even the phonebook of BT did only list their official phone number.

There is no reason for such a company like to have a mobile phone number for their office and another mobile phone number for private use. Confusing has been that the domain has been only 7 days old. Their main domain is already nearly 19 years old.


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