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Are not all scammer from "....." and "........"?

Recently I got a message, where I got asked: "Are not all scammer from ..... and ........?"

My answer has been very simple: You’ll find in each country good and bad people. Each country has jails with prisoners in it. The only difference is that countries with bad economics have a higher criminal rate. Depending on the size, the population and the economic situation of the country, you’ll find more or less scammers in it. In every life, whether animal or human, the survival instinct is the strongest one. Only some are thinking that they have found an easy way to get what they need by being lazy. You find this kind in the world of humans and animals.

For this reason don’t bash against a country. Be respectful to each other and don’t let some religious differences stand between you. There are some many different rules for showing respect as countries or areas are at the world, that nobody can know them all. For an example are even the greeting procedures different. In Europe is it usable shaking hands. At the Philippines the younger one takes the hand of the older one and leads his hand to his own forehead. Such a behavior is in Thailand impossible, there each one put his palms with their fingers at chest level close to their body and bows slightly. As higher the hands are placed as higher as more respect is shown. To touch the head of another one is in Thailand the worst case. For the Thais is the head considered sacred and must be respected.

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