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Are the bpo center owners the stupidest people of the world?

Star TechnologiesFor me it look like that the bpo center owners are the stupidest people of the world, because in another case the following spam email offer from the scammer "Star Technologies" would not have any chance to get accepted by one of them.


Let us first take a look at the spam email from the scammer:

From: Star Technologies []
Sent: Monday, October 05, 2015 8:16 PM
Subject: Non-Voice Process (Without Accuracy)‏‏‏


We are very happy to introduce you with our company Star Technologies which has been in the business of Outsourcing to Centers looking to run Process / Campaigns.

This E-mail received by you is regarding a simple Campaign.



Campaign name: Commercial Loan Form Filling process (Data Entry Non Voice process)

Commercial Loan Form Filling process

Payout: $1400 USD Per agent / Per Month (The Payout offered from the Client end will be fixed for Each Employee / Agent every month.)

Contract: The Fixed Pay would be payable to the Center from the Client until the Ongoing Contract

Valid for the time period mentioned, also the Contract can be renewed for next 3 years after renegotiation based on the quality and productivity offered by the Center.

Security: The Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee will be provided from the Client end for the purpose of the Centers Security.

Payout Structure: The Monthly Payments to the Center will done through International Wire Transfer, there will be no deduction or Hold of any payments carried, but do Inform us of your mistakes so that they are not repeated. If needed, the data will Send back for rework.


Info For Centers

Agents require to work on Online URL

URL & Data Provided from the Client end

Demo Form and Demo Data for the Campaign will be provided to Center on their request.


Requirements of the Client to be fulfilled by the Center:

Client wants each Employee / Agent to Fill 22 Forms Per Day, Per Agent.
The Working Hours will be of 8 hours per day.
Working days will be Monday to Friday (Weekdays) Saturday & Sunday (Weekends) will be Granted off.
Working Times will be 07am to 03pm (IST) for the Day Shift.
The Training and the instruction sheets will be Provided by the Client.
The Training of the Center provided from the Client will be ongoing for 5 Working days.
The training period won’t be counted in the Billing.
The training which will be provided by the Client will be nothing but a Dummy Training.


Commercial Involved

Business Procurement Charges

Royalty Not Charged


Please feel free to communicate with us and avail Consultation.

You may Email us at /

or Add us on Skype at :- getintouch.startechnologies to discuss further regarding the process as per your convenience.

Warm Regards

Star Technologies

This email is confidential and may contain legally privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient you should not read, copy, distribute, disclose or otherwise use the information in this email. Please also email, telephone or fax us immediately and delete the message from your system.Email may be susceptible to data corruption, interception and unauthorized amendment, and we do not accept liability for any such corruption, interception or amendment or the consequences thereof. You should carry out your own virus check before opening any attachment.

** Please consider the environment before printing this email **

The above email is nothing else than spam from a scammer. The offer is for the following reasons nothing else than anadvanced fee scam:

  1. Not one company uses free email addresses for sending their offers

  2. Not one company is sending emails only by using their company name. The staff of the company is sending emails. The name of the person, which sent this email, is missing.

  3. Typical for a scammer is that he writes everything in bold letters. He is afraid that something can get overseen.

  4. It seems that the scammer does not have any education and have never seen a bank (loan department) from inside. In such a case he would know that such forms are getting filled directly at the front desk from the bank staff. The customer needs only to sign the printout. How can such a process get outsourced?

  5. The missing education and knowledge of the scammer gets found in the fact that loan form data are highly protected by the law in the traditional outsourcing countries (Australia, European Union, USA). Such data are not allowed to leave the bank office. Rejected loan forms and data need to get destroyed immediately as soon the case is closed. Not one bank will take the risk and outsource such a kind of data processing.

  6. Borrowers are normally taking loans from the bank where they are already well known. The success rate for getting the loan is much higher than trying to get the loan from another bank. In such a case the full and relevant business history is already stored in the bank computer and no manual action (form filling) is necessary.

  7. With the words "Commercial Involved" and "Business Procurement Charges" confirms the scammer that he has no contract with any client and for this no income. With other words are the requested fees or charges are nothing else than invention fees or scammer surviving fees.

  8. A search for "Star Technologies" at the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in India returned the results Star Technologies and Systems Private Limited from Patna, Bihar and Star Technologies Private Limited from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Both locations are far away from the place where I have located the scammer today with the IP addresses (Skype resolver) and Both IP addresses are locate in the area of Gugal Pimpari - southwest of Washim - far away from the companies found at the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

  9. Not one outsourcing client will search for a broker or consultant in a low wage country. A broker or consultant get searched local at the place of the the client. The broker or consultant will get paid from the client directly. If some client is searching abroad then he will search for center doing his work directly and save in this case the money for the broker or consultant.

A BPO center owner who wants to have such an offer, can only blame himself if he is gets cheated. My compassion is very limited in such a case. Some people need to learn their business by using the hard way.


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