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Avoiding to get scammed

Since I have started my private war against the scammer, I have noticed that a lot of people at LinkedIn have changed their profile picture. Some of them have put their real picture at their profile and some have removed their pictures. This one, which have removed their pictures are trying to hide something from you.

Every scammer likes to hide his identity, because he likes to disappear as soon as he received your money. For this you should ignore offers, which are coming with the following fails:

  • Profiles without pictures

  • Profiles with pictures from celebrities, photo models, animals, flowers, arts, company logos, etc. Use Google image search for finding out such pictures.

  • Domains, where the domain owner is hidden by an anonymization service

  • Domains, where the domain owner is named like “Domain Admin”, “Domain Owner”, etc.

  • Domains, where the email address of the domain owner is an address of a freemail service. They have needed a real email address too for registering their freemail address.

  • People, which like to communicate with you only by using a service from a freemailer. It is ok, if the first contact is done by a freemailer, but afterwards they should use their own email address.

  • People, which have no other contact possibility then skype. They are only wasting your high valued time

  • Offers, which sounding too good to be true (like get thousands of dollars for doing nearly nothing). Nobody can give you money as a gift

  • Offers, which suggest you that you need to be fast to get it. Take a look how many times such offers are getting repeated. You have all time of the world to prove the offer and for making a background check

  • Offers, where you have to pay any fees like upfront, consulting, etc. for getting it. Even they are a fake if they are promising it that you get it back after a few months.


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