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Business and scammer

I think that everybody has joined LinkedIn for the same reason, because LinkedIn promotes themselves in the career and business network. Where is business, there you can earn money. Where you can earn money there you’ll find criminals too. Money attracts the scammers like moths to a flame.

Networking means coming closer and make something together. In the case of LinkedIn should it be managing careers and/or making business together. In the human nature is it programmed, that everyone is first thinking about their own interests and not about others. This greediness makes it difficult bringing people together. LinkedIn is not able to check each subscriber. The most of them are only entering as less data as possible by signing up. Once they have their account they will change their data as needed. They even change their names and pictures like they enjoy it. They are able to do this even during a communication.

Every business man/woman knows:

  • Offers, which are sounding too good to be true are coming from criminals

  • Nobody can give money as a gift in business. Everyone likes to earn more than he can give as the sum from the purchase price of the product and the given commission.

  • As higher the promised commission per sale is, as more difficult will it be to sell the product

  • Products, which are not able to sell, are getting bundled with the argument of social work or a charitable purpose like children hospital, help for the 3rd world, etc.

If you are thinking logically, then you would find out already the criminals on their offer on observing the above rules. In every case you should make a background check of your contact before you get in business with him. If you find out something negative, then give him the chance for an explanation.  If the explanation is unbelievable and makes him more untrustworthy, then push him into the public and publish what is your opinion. This will help others in making their own decisions.

If everybody works this way, the scammer and other criminals will not have any chance in betraying others.


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