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Can you suggest me some how should i proceed with outsourcing my processes?

Today Abdul Rab Rawani asked me at LinkedIn: "Can you suggest me some how should i proceed with outsourcing my processes?"

Someone, which likes to offer or sell something over the Internet need to build up trust. In such a case where it shall come to a business relationship the parties need to trust each other. For this purpose both parties need to show that they are trustful. This cannot be done, if one or both are hiding themselves in anonymity. 

For this my answer has been:

Hi Abdul 

You are in a better condition, because a lot of centers are searching for work and don't find a real one. 

The best way for finding a real center: 

  • Describe your project a good as possible 
  • Describe the kind of product 
  • Describe the time frame of the work 
  • Describe the center size you need 
  • Describe what you provide (data, training, script,etc) 
  • Describe the payment for the center (per hour, per sale, a combination of both, weekly payment, monthly payment, etc.) and if you have experience already in selling the product over the phone the average selling per agent 
  • Show that you are a true person. Don't hide yourself in the anonymity of the internet, because you need to build up trust. The same is valid for centers too. Don't give the work to centers, which are hiding themselves. You need to have trust in the work of the center too. 
  • Don't make a long time contract. Listen to the provided recordings. Tell to the center where you think that they made something wrong, that they are able to change it. 


I hope that I have nothing forgotten. 

Best regards 



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