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Do you like to know why the offshore call center industry is going down?

law hammerIf we take a look at the European Data Protection Directive from 1995, followed by the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation from 2012 then you’ll find out that personal data are not allowed to get stored as absolutely necessary. The company, which stores personal data, is full responsible for the usage a misusage of the data. A similar law is in the United States available too. There are even the fines for a misusage of personal data higher. 

In any case is the company, which has stored the data, in front of the law court responsible for the correct usage of the stored data and this one will get prosecuted first. If the company cannot guarantee that their data are protected then they cannot give it offshore for processing them in any way.

As we see in the following example taken from Facebook how this data are getting traded, nobody will take the risk and outsource some of his data processing where personal data are involved. This is an actual offer from Facebook. I have copied the content and marked the important sentence red. A screenshot gets found at the end of this article:

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The source of a data set, which is offered like above, can easily found by comparing the credit card data. You need only to compare the data with the data of the credit card companies. In such a case you’ll find out at which shop or company all this credit cards got used in common.

So for what reason a company shall outsource offshore if this industry is not trustful? They have to pay the fine for something what they are not feeling themselves guilty. The fine is higher than processing the data inside their own company.

Such black sheep in the offshore outsourcing industry have destroyed the whole industry. Nobody has done something against them, because everybody has been looking only at his earning. Now you get presented the bill for your greed and laziness.

Only offshore partner, which can prove that they are trustful, will have a chance to survive - all others will perish.



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