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Don’t make business with Rohit Khatri and Navdeep Bhagia - both are liars

Someone, who is posting fake messages about others and wrong proves for destroying the reputation of others, is a criminal and not trustworthy for making any business. It seems it is a fight between scammers. For this all involved parties are very suspect. I'll suggest to Ashish Chettri to start legal actions against Rohit Khatri and Navdeep Bhagia. Character assassination is a crime. Maybe the prosecutor has the opinion that there is an organized crime, as several people were involved.

It got proven that the posting of Rohit Khatri has been a big lie, because he needed to remove it yesterday. Nobody removes a posting if the content is without any harm for him or the content has expired.

Rohit Khatri posted yesterday in Facebook in the group Inbound Tech Support at Cheap Price (the posting is already removed):

Rohit Khatri

Rohit Khatri - Inbound Tech Support Calls at Cheap Price
Guys once again i have blasted the scammer plan. This guy named Ashish Chettri basically from Rana Ghat West Bengal involved in many online scam like western union blocking and pop up calls. He never route any call to anyone neither transfer any cash after blocking the payment. See his bad luck ye mere hatthe chad gaya. "WARNING FOR ALL SCAMMERS I AM AFTER YOU" Seriously yahi haal karunga sabka jo scam karega. If this guy has scamm anyone do let me know this guy is in custody till monday then he will appear at court.




Navdeep Bhagla



Navdeep Bhagia added the video from YouTube, published August 13, 2014, for proving their allegations:




@Ashish Chettri: I'm sorry, that I believed to the posting from yesterday and that I shared the the posting of this big liars. What seems too good to be true is mostly not true.

Facebook Navdeep Bhagla.pdf (960.81 kb)

Facebook Rohit Khatri.pdf (1.39 mb)

Update Jan. 18, 2017:
Link to the Facebook profiles of Rohit Khatri ( and Navdeep Bhagia ( removed as they are returning error 404 - not found.


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