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“Don’t try to make business with spammers, you’ll get scammed“ is the golden rule at the Internet

All this “genuine campaigns”, where the offer gets repeated here everyday (spam) are nothing else then spam. I have made the experience that the offers are made only for collecting email addresses. Since I have started for asking for more information, the spam filter from google and my own mail servers have more than the double of work. For me it looks like that the email data are getting sold.

What have all this spams together? All of them are hiding their own identity on the internet. They are not using their own picture, their domain is newly registered (less than 2 years), they are using to hide their domain by using anonymization services and they are hiding their website location by proxy/frame services.

Only criminals need to hide themselves. Real companies are proud of their products and brand. They are not hiding themselves because their name is their reputation.

The members of the group “Customer Service Champions” have already kicked my posts about scamming. The champions are thinking that they know already everything and have called me to be a spammer.

A spammer promotes only his own services or services where he can earn. I’m only a user of the posted links and have not more than work for forwarding my knowledge. The services are running somewhere at the internet. I even don’t promote my own services while I’m fighting against scammers. Maybe the group “Customer Service Champions” is the group of the scammers and for this they have kicked the posts.

How to identify scammer by using free tools

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