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Facebook profiles in danger: Beware of fake warnings

FacebookOnce more Facebook users must be careful that their account does not fall into the hands of fraudsters. The warning of a friend turns out to be dangerous gateway.

Spam, viruses and Trojans on Facebook are already on the agenda for a long time. Many users have got it already. This increased the alertness at the present.  Scammers are taking advance of this alertness for taking over user accounts in masses. There are currently fake warnings of real Facebook friends in circulation, indicating the user that a copied second profile of themselves and other images are to be found in other sections on Facebook.

Phishing attack

In some cases, the scammers even have added a screenshot of the copied second profile page (not logged in). In any case, the user will be prompted to enter the link to the alleged fake profile. However, this does not lead to Facebook, but to a well-camouflaged Facebook phishing page. Who logs in on this page will tell his username and password to the scammers.

This thus have access to the entire Facebook profile and all the friends. The scammers take advantage of the fact apparently immediately to move more potential victims with the same mesh for getting their login information. Despite the fact that the news are coming from actual Facebook friends (whose accounts have already been affected), there is something what should let your alarm bells ringing.

Check URL

That is the phishing link is not pointing to, it is in the current pointing to the URL Such links should better even not get clicked. The attack also targets in other countries. Some grammatical errors, however, point out that the scammers have obviously not perfect knowledge of the language.

Who gets suspicious, you should report the relevant user profiles and alert the Facebook friends through other channels (email, phone) that presumably with their account something is not right. Who has the suspicion that the own account was hacked, be sure to change the password on Facebook and for other services, where the same log-in information is used. To impede unauthorized access to your own Facebook profile from the outset, Facebook offers a range of security settings such as two-way authentication and notifications.


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