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Fake Scam Alerts - Is it only a revenge?

From time to time someone sends out some scam alerts without any proves. If this happens then your alarm bells should ring.

The last scam alert I got, has been:

From: Name of the Scammer [] 
Sent: Sunday, April 26, 2015 10:26 PM
To: Name of the Scammer
Subject: Scam Alert! Beware of Company name of the Scammer Name of the scammer, Partner of the scammer, Spoofed LinkedIn Account Name of an Author
Content of the email in big red letters without any proof

My answer to the sender of the email is very simple:

  • If you got really scammed from this guy’s then you are guilty by yourself, because in Ripoff-Report exists already since 2011 an entry about this scammer. We have now 2015!!! To believe to the promises, not making any research or background check shows only your own greediness.

  • If you are sending out an email without any proves about your complaint and this email gets even sent from a one way email address, then you are even afraid from some follow ups. That makes the complete content obsolete. You have only uses some Internet bandwidth, which could get used for something better.

  • You even did not provide any link to the fake profile or to an offer of the scammer, which could get reviewed. A search at LinkedIn, Facebook and on Google did not bring up any offer from the involved parties. So what do you like to complain? With such an email you have documented only your own stupidity.

  • I see in your email only that you try to defame someone or you like to have a revenge for something. For this you are hiding yourself. This does not make you better than a scammer.


If you got scammed, then you should be able to prove it in your complaint. Simple write something without any prove and hiding yourself does not really help others.  Your intentions can get misinterpreted.


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