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How to identify scammer by using free tools from the Internet

You’ll get scammed if you have to trust to someone met over the internet. Make in each case a background check.

Start with the picture search. It is easy if you are using Google Chrome for browsing.  Put your mouse pointer over their profile picture and by doing a right click chose “Search Google for this image”.  Don’t let yourself get fooled from the result set, because you will also get the same picture with the name from their followers on the social networks and even from similar pictures (googles computers are thinking that the picture is looking similar).

If you get a domain name from them by email or as a link, then you can check their domain by using Just open and enter their domain name or website name and press enter. You get a list of risks in the resultset.

Learn how to get the email headers from your mail client and to read email headers. There you get the route which the email has taken. You can for analyzing the use the free online tool at Just copy the content of the email header into the form there. You get a route list, which the email has taken on it way with the ip addresses.

You can check the location of this ip addresses by using the free site The location shall match the promoted location and country of your communication partner. Be aware, that the location can be the next larger city next to the address of your communication partner.

If you have did not find something negative about your new business partner, then you should continue with Using Google for making a background check of your business partner


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