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Is Christopher Caudle more than just a friend of the alleged scammer Wesley Jon Pollard?

Christopher CaudleIt seems that Christopher Caudle does not understand the difference of a presumption ( “can be”, “seems to be”) and a fact (“is a”). It doesn’t matter what he understands and what not. Interesting is his actual connection to the disappeared and putative scammer Wesley Jon Pollard.

He expressed himself in an email July 30, 2015 (found in the update from August 26, 2015), which he has forwarded to me on August 26, 2015:

I have known Wesley Jon Pollard for many years. He lives in the Philippines and owns the company mentioned, which has a large number of important clients on his books. He arranges call centres for his clients, and makes a point of visiting each one to vet the company and ensure their procedures match their application.

Christopher CaudleWe find in the LinkedIn profile “Lord Caudle” (Lord-Caudle-LinkedIn.pdf (459.36 kb)) that he is CEO of Chat Network Plc since March 2011 and Chairman from Surecall Telecoms Ltd since the year 2010. He got for both jobs recommendations, one from a Turkish and one from an Indian LinkedIn member. The recommendations got given in exchange.

Praveen George from India got a recommendation from “Lord Caudle” on March 26, 2014 and has written a recommendation for “Lord Caudle” on March 27, 2014.

Riz Balloch from Turkey has gotten a recommendation from “Lord Caudle” on April 13, 2012 and got a recommendation from “Lord Caudle” back on the same day. In this case cannot get determined which recommendation was written first.

Coincidentally Wesley Jon Pollard has published yesterday (September 9, 2015) a post in LinkedIn Pulse (Wesley-Jon-Pollard-Addressing-what-needs-are-required-for-a-successful-sales-website.pdf (206.19 kb)). In this article he offers 24 hour live chat services of – a site registered in the high risk country (ScamAdviser) Pakistan with an U.S. phone number:

So this is the final and fifth part in our post episode on what a successful 24 hour support service such as ourselves can do for your websites sales and customers service side, since we are 100% committed to delivering a successful outcome month in and months out, 365 days a week for all our clients.

At a page gets found with the title “lord chris caudle's Page” (.pdf (197.20 kb)). The page has the first entry from February 2, 2012 (.pdf (180.64 kb)) and the last entry from September 10, 2014.

In my view, are here occurring too many coincidences. Each normal thinking person will ask the following questions:

  • Are Christopher Caudle and Wesley Jon Pollard more than friends?

  • Why is Wesley Jon Pollard offering the same kind of business at the same time like Christopher Caudle?

  • Which role takes Ma Eliza Reyes Reburiano that Christopher Caudle likes to get her name from the article "Scammer Wesley Jon Pollard - - -" removed? This article was merely quoted from LinkedIn profiles parts which Maria herself has accepted or written. Others may probably have similar considerations when they are reading the profiles carefully.

  • Is the whole case, not just a red herring? Especially if taking a look which countries are all involved in this case: Philippines (ROLLINGDICE PHILIPPINES), India (ROLLINGDICE PUNE), Pakistan (domain, UK, USA (actual profile and phone number used in advertisings), etc.

  • If Wesley Jon Pollard is on a escape he would not be so stupid and use his old accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest) and his own name for making money to finance his escape. For the case that the authorities are searching for him would it be very easily to locate him by his IP address using for posting the articles. Why should he give the hints to the authorities by himself if he is on escape? I think that Wesley Jon Pollard has helpers, which are publishing his articles. Who are these helpers in this case?

  • Christopher Caudle writes by himself in his mail from July 29, 2015 (found in the update from August 26, 2015 of the article "Scammer Wesley Jon Pollard - - -"): “I wish to report Wesley Jon Pollard owner of Out of the Box solutions, as missing presumed kidnaped, since 7th July 2015”. Who should kidnap him and for which reason? The offshore outsourcing business is down, there is not much to earn. Who shall pay in this case the ransom?

    Another statement from Christopher Caudle:
    It is my opinion having served for 10 years with the British Police (now retired) that Wesley Jon Pollard was not in India and never arrived there, I do not believe he was in Malaysia either, and that he is somewhere in the Philippines possibly kidnapped.
    I think that each one knows that the Philipines are an island state. You can leave the Philippines only by using a ship or an airplane. In both cases you'll be listed as crew member or as a passenger if you are leaving the Philippines on a legal way. The authorities would check this database. The opinion from Christopher Caudle shows only his missing geographical knowledge and his missing talent in investigating.

  • Wesley Jon Pollard has been looking today (September 10, 2015) at 10:35am (Manila time) - 3:35am UK time at my LinkedIn profile.

  • If Wesley Jon Pollard disappeared on July 7, 2015 like Christopher Caudle has written it, how can it be that Bruce Young had a communication with Wesley Jon Pollard on August 21, 2015 (Facebook posting of Bruce Young.pdf (150.80 kb))?
    A transcript of a conversation between my two friends;

    21/08/2015 00:03:40] Wesley Pollard: Mate payment will be at the end of the month
    [21/08/2015 00:03:41] FRIEND1: I plea to you Wes to understand my fears and my apprehension. I look up to you.
    [21/08/2015 00:06:43] FRIEND1: to be completely honest and open, here's my fear Wes; that I will no longer hear from you after today, no date has been set as when I can received it, meaning there is no projection as to when the money is coming in, if indeed there was a need to wait on...that's my fear Wes, and it is my fault that I trusted you too early despite advises from friends
    [21/08/2015 00:07:13] FRIEND1: please understand
    [21/08/2015 00:07:51] Wesley Pollard: You will have it by the end of the month ok

    SO WHERE IS IT NOW? NON PAYMENT. end of month of what year?
    If Bruce Young has chatted on August 21, 2015 with Wesley Jon Pollard, why sends me Christopher Caudle on August 26, 2015 the message that Wesley Jon Pollard "disappeared, properly kidnapped on July 7"?

Exactly all this facts are making the full story for me very supicious. I think that it is nothing else than red herring.

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Lord-Caudle-LinkedIn.pdf (459.36 kb)

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lord-chris-caudle's-Page-CampaignProvider.pdf (197.20 kb)

Lord-Chris-Caudle-(NEW)-UK-PPI-Personal-Injury-Sales-Process.pdf (180.64 kb)

Facebook-Bruce-Young-A-transcript-of-a-conversation.pdf (150.80 kb)


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