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Is esperanzaconsultancy com a scammer or not?

Yesterday I got a call from Esperanza Consultancy. They have been calling my New York phone number by using a dialer, which even did not work correct. I have already picked up the phone and their dialer continued dialing. They have tried to open 17 lines at the same time.

Anyway, they asked me to remove my negative comment (I called them to be a scammer) from LinkedIn. They even offered me a project cheaper or for free if I do what they like. I’m not for sale, but I have reviewed their offer.

For the unbelievable case if they are really not a scammer by themselves, then they are getting scammed by themselves. I try to explain my result in detail now.

Someone, who has a real offer or is thinking that he got misunderstood, will not offer something for free or with a big discount. Such a person will explain why he/she feels herself misunderstood and try to solve the issues. On the other side Esperanza Consultancy is a young company. Maybe they have no experience in business and are learning by doing. In any case they have chosen the wrong way.

I’m coming from the technical and programming side to the call center business. For this I made a technical review about their offer. I have attached their offer at the end of this posting that everybody is able to comprehend my review.

The demo data, which Esperanza Consultancy has submitted, are machine readable and have 5 different datasets. Such a dataset can get transformed with tools into a complete resultset for the destination system.

The “Housing Loan Application Form”, which should be the destination, is a simple form consisting of 5 forms, which have a lot of fields. With another tool, the same which is used from forum spammers, you are able to fill out this form with the prepared dataset from the input in less than a second.  The open question is only how many forms can get submitted during one second without flooding the destination system. I have enough Internet bandwidth available, that I’m able to make a destination system unreachable. So I have to build in some waits for not flooding the destination system. We are directly connected to the international Internet backbone in Austria with our systems.

For this I need not waste manual power. I can use machine power, which can make around 10 complete conversions per second and per computer, if their own capacity able to handle this. In compare, they are saying that one agent needs 15 minutes for filling out one destination form set and the full process is planned for 3 years. Additional is an automatized transcoding error free and repeatable.

As the computer based process is up to 9000 times faster than the manual process, the work of an agent from 3 years can be done by using 2.9 machine hours. I have offered them this solution. A few days later I have seen the offer in the groups from LinkedIn again.

So make your own decision if Esperanza Consulting or their client is the scammer?


Demo data.html (524.98 kb)

email from esperanza consulting com.txt (5.16 kb)

Housing_Loan_Form_Details.pdf (62.73 kb)

Sample Form (Open in Firefox Browser).html (275.68 kb)


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