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Jailbreak via e-mail Scams

JailFile and carved soap gun are past: Modern Fugitive obtained his release by social engineering, as the case of a British prisoner shows.

A prisoner in London succeeded via an e-mail fraud his release.  He smuggled according to the BBC report a smartphone into the jail. He used the smartphone to create a similar sounding domain of the court with a registration of the investigating officer. In e-mails with this TLD he pretended to be a senior official and sent instructions to his dismissal to the prison administration. He got released without difficulty on the 10th of March.

Just three days later, when his defenders wanted to talk to him, the prison staff noticed that M. has been unlawfully removed from the jail. A few days after, M. handed himself later.  So much ingenuity obviously made an impression: both judge and prosecutor M. classified as "brilliant" criminal one, as the BBC writes.

The verdict on the talented social engineer M. is expected in April; he is said to have operated investment fraud under false identities and swindled about more than 1.8 million pounds.


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