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Lexicon Technologies - Kavitha Kavi - a scammer, which cannot show her/his face

During a few weeks I commented each posting from Kavitha Kavi with a scammer warning. It seems to me that some people did not believe it and have been thinking that it is for a revenge or some other reason. Sorry, but I even don't know Kavitha Kavi and I have never made any business with Lexicon Technologies. 

Their advertisements have been already suspect:

  • Not one broker, which has real campaigns, need to advertise them every few hours.

  • Good campaigns are getting taken very fast from the centers.

  • Only scammer cannot show their face in public. They need to be afraid that they can get identified, listed and cannot be lazy any more. In such a case they need to do a real work if they like to survive. For real work they are too lazy.
    Real people and business owners are able to show their own face, because they don't cheat someone.

  • Only scammer are praising (liking) themselves. All others know that self praising is not a reputation.

  • Only scammer are using phrases like "Last Chance", "Limited Slots", "Limited Seats" and "HURRY". As they are lazy they are using the same advertising during a few months.
    Real and good business partners give you enough time for making a good deal.

  • Real business partners are interested in having a long term business relationship and promote their products.
    Scammer are only behind the money. You can identify them already by reading their advertisements - there is every time the money what you can earn the main topic, because they even don't know the product and are to lazy informing themselves. 


Remember: As more somebody is promoting (spamming)  as higher is the risk to get scammed.


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    Rudolf Faix

    Rudolf Faix Whenever I have seen the posts from Kavitha Kavi, I have written a warning message in the comment.vor 11 Stunde/n

  • Rudolf Faix

    Rudolf Faix There are not so many different campaigns available as such scammer are advertising. It can only be a fraud. Real campaigns don't have any upfronts and are very fast given away. There is no need to advertise them daily or every few hours.vor 10 Stunde/n

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    Subramanian kanniah She name is Nancy be alertVor 47 Sekunde/n




Some people are not reading the warnings from others. Their own greediness is driving them into making business in the hope to earn. I certainly do not feel sorry for the deceived - they were even warned by my comments. Everybody needs to make his own experiences.

An Austrian proverb says: It is cheaper to learn from the mistakes of others than from our own. But the will of man is his heaven


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