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Meldy Brett - a typical Facebook dating scammer

A few years ago, I have been hunting for dating scammer. By this I got in contact with a girl from the Philippines. Her name as been at this time Meldy Canonigo. She has been in a very bad (proved) situation and I decided to help her a little bit.
Around 2 years ago I got the call for help from at one of the platforms, where a Philippina with the name Wilma - living in Austria run into troubles after her husband died by an accident. She did not speak German and did not know the steps which should be done at the government offices. She even could not know it, because they have been only married for less than 6 months. A few months they have been living at the Philippines. At this time I stopped my scammer war and helped her personally. Make the paperwork for her and supported her in getting her heritage. At this time I deleted my Facebook account too.
Last Sunday I got a message from the woman I helped before. Her name changed already from Cononigo to Brett. Read it by yourself:
As I'm living in a relationship I have only chatted without any personal interests with Meldy Brett. As she tried to keep me busy the whole day by chatting, I have been looking at her Facebook profile. You find a printout of her profile in the attached pdf document, If you take a look at her profile you'll see some comments of her actual husband Don Brett. During she has been eating by chatting with me, I liked his messages, You see it in the following chat protocoll:
Seen Thu 6:38am
That is the end of the chat. She even did not try to get in contact with me any more.
Why do I classify this as scam?
Very simple, if she has really only interest in being friend with me, which got lost 2 years ago, than it would not be any problem if she is married, has a boy friend or living in another relationship. I have a girl friend and living with her in a relationship too. Why we should avoid to have some friends?
I think that she likes to have more support and have been searching for victims at Facebook. I had deleted my Facebook account during the time I helped Wilma, the stranded Philippina in Austria. I made a new Facebook account during the year 2014.
I think that she only got it from my help, that it is easier to get money by scamming others than by doing some work, That can be the negative site if you are helping someone,
As you never know before how they people will develop their own personality with the time, I'll continue helping others. I'll be happy if someone says thank you and will forward the help he received to others when ever it is possible for him. This can make the world a little bit better.

Meldy Brett.pdf (12.88 mb)


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