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Offshore outsourcing - You get what you pay for

It is like everywhere in the world you get for what you pay for. The agents are the capital of the call centers. Like it is everywhere usable are getting better agents a higher monthly salary than not so good agents.

Call centers at the Philippines are usually paying for their agents around US$ 1.20 (rural area) and US$ 3.80 (metro area). Quality centers have agents, which are earning an hourly wage between US$ 3.65 and US$ 6.80 depending on their performance.

Agents, who are earning too less money, are taking a second job to survive. The result is that they are coming already tired to their work and are not able to give their best. Everybody needs even at the Philippines at least US$ 455 per month for living (that is an income of around US$ 3/hour).


Think about it, which quality you’ll get, when you are reading some unbelievable offers. Think too, that the broker or the consultant, which you have hired, likes to earn money. You can be sure, that you are not hiring the best agents for a very low price.


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