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One more SCAM campaign from Richa Software Solutions - Image to Notepad conversion

Richa Software SolutionsAs one SCAM campaign is not enough, Richa Software Solutions - Ambuj Sahoo likes to get rich by inventing campaigns and taking huge upfront fees instead of doing a regular work. I know that inventing campaigns is much more easier then doing some work and a scammer is normally very lazy and by working it could happen that he gets sweaty.

Let us take first a look at the email from Richa Software Solution:

From: Priti Das []
Sent: Wednesday, July 08, 2015 5:51 PM
Subject: Image To Notepad Reading Process For 5 Ids


Dear Sir,

As per your interest regarding the BPO process inquiry,Kindly see the attached  "IMAGE TO NOTEPAD READING PROCESS FOR 5 IDS" and do the needful.

In the attachment you will get the below documents:-

  1. Process Details.
    2. Sample SLA.
    3. Software Snap Shot.
    4.Center Details Form(CDF).

About Process:-

The below points are notify in the attached process. 

  • The training and service will be conduct by the Direct Clientonly.
  • The center will receive both Image file and as well as converted notepad file.
  • The process is to only make checking of the Notepad file to correspoding image file
  • The center will getiing billing as per the accuracy criteria
  • Monthly billing for the center will be very high.

For more details please free to contact us (Sales Dept.):-

Thanks & Regards
Priti Das.
(Richa Software Solutions)

India Tel-(+91) 9040014055
[M-S- 10.00 am to 6.00 pm IST]

Process Details.pdf (187.51 kb)

Sample SLA.pdf (361.13 kb)

Center Details Form.pdf (175.86 kb)

Sample Data.rar (884.75 kb)

Here is a screenshot from the relevant part of the campaign description:

Richa Software Solutions - Image to Notepad conversion

The monthly workload is the same. The difference in the payment is only depending on the "Application Fee" for the scammer Richa Software Solutions - Ambuj Sahoo. For this reason is even the payment of the accuracy parameters different. Such a rule is only in interest of a scammer and never the interest of a real client. A workload of 300 pages done during 15 days = workload of 600 pages done during 30 days. This proves already the scam.

The accuracy parameter does not make any sense if there is not at least one more center making the same work and the result can get compared. Such a method is too expensive even by using the way offshore outsourcing.

Additional has a book around 400 pages. The offered workload for one center is 600 pages per month for 11 months! That means one center is typing 6,600 pages or 16.5 books in this time. Word processors exist since 35 years and their storage format can get still imported into Microsoft Word. Not one client has been sleeping since 35 years and got now the idea to convert existing and not digitaliced books copied by typing them new. The most books got already 25 years ago scanned and converted by using OCR software. There is no need for any client to trash money - especially on a simple computer print-out.

If we take a look at the "high confidential" sample then we see that it is a simple printout. So there is normally no reason to do some manual work if the client is owner of the content (copyright). If the client is not the owner of the content then the center, which does the work, is helping by breaking the copyright law. Thie center as an accomplice of the client can even get fined in an higher amount than the client itself, because the center is breaking the law and the client is only animating the center.

A copy of the high confidential example page:

Richa Software Solutions - Sample Data


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