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One of the "brokers/consultants" is already afraid about his business

A few days ago, I got at LinkedIn a comment from Richard T. at my post about making fair business between campaign brokers and call centers. Richard T. seems to be such a broker or consultant, which feels himself attacked by my posts. He seems to be afraid about losing his golden business. He calls himself to be a "Senior Accounts Executive at BlueStar Marketing".

He has written: "Fair Business" LOL,what planet are you from? Your evaluation of risk is shallowly determined.It only takes into consideration finance.The biggest risk I take in my dealings goes far beyond immediate financial risk.When brokering a deal I am risking reputation as well.My reputation is priceless.Whats fair is what ever you contractually agreed to.The word FAIR is very subjective Sir.When we negotiate a contract we are evaluating risk to reward and trying to find a settlement that works for both parties.Some times it just doesnt work.Trying to create a universal agreement based from your bias perspective is very cute but very naive in the real world.For what its worth,I do find your posts entertaining.I also think your proposal can be fair but you must remember that fair is subjective and unfortunately an oxymoron when placed besides business......."

It seems that he has a reason to hide himself in the anonymity of the internet. His domain is hidden by a proxy service and his toll free phone number 1-855-328-2317, written at the homepage cannot get found by a reverse lookup. says about the We don't have enough data to rank this website. gives a value of $102 for the domain
google gives for a pagerank: 0/10
Google lists only 12 links to the site All of this links are only about valuing the site ranking in a different way. There is not one relevant link, which can be used for a reputation.

I did not find one positive or negative comment about Richard T. and his website Only his comment at my post here at LinkedIn destroys his own reputation and makes him untrustworthy.

The only question is now: About which reputation is he writing in his post? I did not find any reputation about him. The one recommendation, which is listed in his profile, can be coming from a good friend too.

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