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Outbound sales - products and promised earnings

The most of these products, which are getting offered in the outbound campaigns, are well known products from the formerly email spam (Pharmacy, Weight Loss, Enhancers, Casino, etc.). Since email spam filter are coming better with the time the email spamming does already not make any sense. For this the formerly email spammers try to hire call centers. 

All this products are useless, completely overpriced and for this reason very bad to sell. As the spammers don’t like to lose money, they are only offering a commission based contract. A hourly based contract or a hourly based contract in combination with a commission is too expensive for them, because they know their sales rate already from the email spam.

For this the call center should provide even the data for the people, which are getting called and dialer for reaching very much people in a short time. The called people get it too and are giving wrong data (address, email address, credit card numbers, etc.) to the call center, if they know the products already. This data are getting rejected by the client and the call center does not get paid for this sales.

I recommend to all call centers: 

  • Take a look at the product and not only at the promised earning per sale

  • Turn on your brain and think about the product if you would buy it by yourself

  • Speak with your agents and ask them about their opinion of the product. Even good salespeople can only sell products from which they are convinced. 

  • As higher the proposed winnings per sale is as lower is the sales rate will be

  • Compare the price of the product with normal and comparable offers at the normal market.  You will be able to sell a product where you get a commission of $50 if a comparable product can bought in the shop for $10

  • Let your client provide data for calling. Your client knows better which customer group will buy the product. If you cannot sell the product, then your call center or your data are bad. In any case you’ll be guilty for not fulfilling the sales rate and you are working for free.

  • If you got data from the client and you cannot sell something then inform your client early about this and comment why you cannot sell something. You can even provide the recordings for it. For the case the provided data are not good, then let your client decide to continue with this data or not. He is responsible for the provided data in this case.

  • If you like to provide quality services, then not use dialer. As soon as a called person get it, that you are using an automated system, he will hang up and block the provided phone number.

  • Never make anonymous calls. Very much people are blocking anonymous calls already.

  • Provide a phone number, where someone can call you back. There are a lot of people outside there, which are curious who has called them in absence and are calling back.


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