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Outsourcer decide which quality level you need

Like everywhere in business you get for what you pay for. For this an outsourcer need to know what is in his budget and what he can get for this budget. As better the quality should be as higher the budget need to be.

You like to reach as many people as possible for a low budget?
Why are you not sending out mass mailings, mass emails and short text messages in this case? You can even record some messages and send it to the caller by using a full automated system. You need no human agents in this case. You can send out millions of emails or short text messages during a short time. If you have not the infrastructure for short text messages or calling with voice recordings, we have it. You need only provide the data, the content and you need to tell us how many we shall send per hour.

You like agents, which are working like robots - Take robots?
Why do you not use an IVR system with speech recognition in this case? There you can play recordings done by professional speakers. You need no human agents in this case. The system is able to run 100 000 simultaneous outbound calls. That is not really a problem. Are you able to pay the phone bill in such a case? Are you able to handle the responses and the flames if you are using such a system? Will your own phone system not break down in such a case?

You like to have an accent free professional speaking agent for low cost?
Use the Avatar technology with professional recordings. But think that the called one will remember the sound of the voice. For the case you are calling the same number a second time you have to change the recordings. An agent can handle multiple calls by using the Avatar technology. But he has to listen to the caller for selecting the correct sound file played in answer to the called one.

You like human agents which are calling, but the costs should be very low?
No problem, search for one or more of the many call centers, which are working with using the technology like dialer and queues.

You like to have a quality call center, where the agents are taking time and handle each called one like a king?
Even that is possible, but in this case you cannot expect, that such a center is working on a per sale base. There are a lot of quality centers with high qualified agents available. All this centers have something in common: They are working only on an hourly base and you have to provide them good quality data with more information than only phone numbers. The call volume per hour and agent will be lower than from the other choices above, but the success rate will be much higher.


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