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Phishing e-mails with instructions of the boss often successfully

PhishingPhishing emails are becoming more sophisticated. Thus, there are camouflaged mails from the boss to his employees, to transfer funds, which are highly successful.

Phishing emails are not only getting better disguised, but the attackers also always use bolder methods to reach their destination. Bosses are often pushed to reach the goal.

In the well-camouflaged phishing e-mails employees will be asked to transfer money because certain contracts have not yet been settled financially. Many employees would transfer the money instead of asking the boss once again if there everything is all right - or to look at the header of the mail more in detail.

Because is immediately visible in the header of the e-mail that the mail was not sent by the boss himself, but by a "non-corporate" e-mail address. But even these email addresses are now better camouflage than before and are similar to those of the bosses in most cases. The domains linked in the e-mail body and lead to the transfer portal, mostly resemble those of the real company address very strong. Who does not look exactly could really fall for this trick.


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